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Tek Level 6 (Before Collapse)
parts of Mozorov region, Gold Sector.
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Trion Empire
45th Union
Peacheneg Armata Coalition
Galacian Imperiya
Chernarussian Star Federation
Notable People
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The subject matter of this article is considered to no longer be canonical, but is kept for both the purposes of historical record and curiosity, as well as a template for future pages. Feel free to use parts of this page to build your own if you see a layout you like
Cherhovna Bryhada, Circa R2017


The Chervona bryhada is a far right ultranationalist group operating in the western systems of the Gold Sector, specifically the self proclaimed Star Republik of Varyag. The group was created shortly after current Galacian leader J. Lahey began his rule, The previous president, Stepan Tesarik had remained in the government as a regional governor, But after a few months had become increasingly paranoid and obsessed with fighting the "peach threat" in the sector and was unhappy with the current government and military's neglect of what he thought was a serious threat. Tesarik's hate and paranoia overtook him and eventually he abandoned his title of governor and fled west, The mostly lawless Ruby subsector had become a breeding ground of gangs, mercenaries and paramilitary groups. His celebrity garnered a lot of attention, and when he began propagating hardline, anti peach ultranationalist rhetoric, others took notice. Eventually like minded followers began to grow, and the movement became armed, and then militarized.

Eventually, when reconciliation and became impossible, with fighters and civilians alike in the Bryhada controlled territories were effectively declared stateless and banned from returning to Galacia, the region became the self proclaimed Star Republik of Varyag. A rogue, unrecognized state, with the elites of the Cherhovna Bryhada acting as the self declared government of this terrorist state. Varyag would become locked in a gruesome war against both the Kopachy system, and the Peacheneg Armata Coalition. Eventually they were declared an enemy of the Imperiya as well after rogue elements from the system started attackign Imperiya ships.

Bryhada Units

Cherhovna Bryhada forces usually deploy a few platoons of troops and vehicles at most in a conflict, They are not equipped for combat across a long front, They specialize in the taking and holding of key positions through sheer determination, violence, and reckless abandon in combat.

  • Line - Regular frontal combat troops
  • Recon- Indirect combat troops who are called on to do things like spotting and sniping rather than fight in the trenches
  • Anti-Tank- Any unit that's primary purpose is to destroy enemy tanks and vehicles
  • Support - Any unit that's purpose is to improve or assist other units, whether by directley assisting allies, or indirectley assisting them in combat by providing fire support against the enemy for others.
  • Commando- Units that's sole purpose is to excel in killing other infantry and other minifigs
  • Commander - Command officers who are given responsibilities over Units and Territory during a battle

  • Regular - Units that recieve basic training for war, but really aren't expected to do anything but trade casualties with the enemy
  • Shock - Units that recieve assault oriented training, Usually superior to regulars and used to punch holes in enemy lines.
  • Elite - Top tier units that have great experience and skill in battle. Normally too valuable to waste in frontal combat but exceptions are sometimes made
  • Special - Not necessarily superior to Elite units, although they sometimes do, Special class infantry are units that defy categorization. They are often some of the most dangerous the Armiya has to offer.

Conglomerate Infantry

Unit Notes
Zcb6.jpg Titushky
Titushky, meaning "Thug" are the tracksuit wearing, vodka chugging armed gopniks that are considered the Varayngians light infantry
Zcb7.jpg RPG
Tracksuit Gopniks with RPGs
Zcb1.jpg Shturmovik
Professional battle hardened paramilitaries with kinetic rifles and machine guns.
Zcb3.jpg Raketi
Specialist RPG troops with Tibinium tipped rockets
Zcb4.jpg Snayperskaya

Motor Pool

Cherhovna Bryhada is not a standing army that recieves government funding, so much of their equipment is either black market, salvaged, or stolen. However they follow a doctrine of heavy armor and overwhelming firepower, making them a very serious threat. Most of their vehicles are heavily armored and those that are not, are fast and nimble

Trucks - Bryhada troops make heavy use of modified civilian vehicles as general transport
Katalazhka - Meaning "Slammer" in Galacian Slavonik, this is a heavy APC and general purpose truck that gets it's name for the Bryhada's tendancy to smash them right into enemy lines before disembarking to do battle
Boyova Tochka - Meaning "Battleaxe" in Galacian Slavonik, this is a twin barreled medium tank with heavy armor plating, high speed and two independent machineguns, arguably more powerful than the Gold Sector Staple, the "Kodiak II" Used by Loyalist and Southern Rebel forces


  • Supplementary Video
  • Cherhovna Bryhada is based on the Ukrainian Right sector, while the self proclaimed state of Varyag is in essence, based on Rhodesia, except with a tracksuit gopnik twist.