BRIKWARS is the plastic-brick tabletop wargame that throws the peaceful worlds of construction toys into wanton chaos and destruction!

Bring and build your own armies, vehicles, and monsters in an all-out war for construction toy glory, with a robust system to incorporate whatever you create. If you can build it, you can bring it to battle in BRIKWARS!
The drummer as viewed from backstage, powering forth on FjordHammer's mobile Battle Stage.
Bricks - January 23, 2008

Following Evil Tobbacconist’s call for the forum community to join together and develop the greatest army ever devised, events took a metalocalyptic turn when resident genius Almighty Benny commandeered the reins.

Skipping the lubricating preamble of an opening act (we can only assume that if there was a lead-in band, it arrived pre-slaughtered by the metalness of what was about to occur), the members of FjordHammer burst forth from their Battle Stage to wreak destruction over all lesser forms of warfare.

Almighty Benny introduces FjordHammer in the Community Built Army thread on the forums
Skitzo’s FjordHammer gallery on BrickShelf
- posted by Mike