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The Dread Pirate Two-By-Two, icon of BrikWars, is not a reference to the products of any specific company and will fight anyone who says otherwise.

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General Ebus of the Imperial Magikstrate, veteran of a dozen hard-fought campaigns, braves interdimensional travel to face off against his most brutal adversary: the Novomir customs officer.
Photo: Matt "Kastrenzo" Ryan
From "First Contact: Novomir"
Elements shown: LEGO

Unauthorizations and Unsanctionednesses

The concepts, rules, information, and general philosophy presented or referred to in this text (which material shall hereafter be referred to as "This Stuff") are completely unauthorized and unsanctioned by anyone, anywhere, with the possible exception of Mike Rayhawk, who, in the event that he can ever be proven to authorize and/or sanction This Stuff, pledges to authorize and/or sanction it only half-heartedly and on a very occasional basis. This Stuff is especially unauthorized by the LEGO Group of companies, Mega Bloks Inc., Best-Lock, or by any of the other dozens of producers of plastic construction toys, or in fact by any producer of any type of toys, plastic or construction or otherwise. Furthermore, if there is anyone else out there we somehow missed, we apologize and preemptively disclaim any apparent or implicit authorization or sanctioning from said parties. In the unlikely event that some presently unspecified party attempts to sanction or authorize This Stuff at some point in the future, we reserve the right to acknowledge or disavow their sanctioning or authorization at our discretion.


The cover image "The Dread Pirate Two-By-Two" is Copyright ©2005 Mike Rayhawk. Except where noted otherwise, all rulebook images are created and copyrighted by Mike Rayhawk. These images may be construed by hostile parties as bearing some superficial resemblance to products that are trademarks of the LEGO Group or some other producer of plastic construction toys. This does not represent any kind of endorsement or approval by the LEGO Group. BrikWars is not specifically geared towards the "LEGO®" product line, nor towards any specific product line of any producer of plastic construction toys, or towards any other type of toys. In the unlikely event that it can be proven that these pictures are intended to portray products in a particular company's product line, then that portrayal should be interpreted as representing the artists' and photographers' personal, subjective, and unsolicited preference for that product line. These images are provided only as examples - any type of toys, including products from other manufacturers' lines of plastic construction toys, could be used instead.

Many of the example images and photographs in the rulebook are taken from submissions to the BrikWars Forum by the BrikWars Forum community, under the auspices of the well written and not at all legally dubious  BrikWars Forum Terms of Use. All such images are noted with credits to the submitting forum member and a link to the thread or post in which they appeared, and remain the copyright of their respective owners, even when appearing in modified form.

Conceptual Progenitors

Early versions of BrikWars drew great inspiration from the games Lego Wars and Lego Wars II, copyright ©1991, 1995 R. Todd Ogrin and Eric O'Dell. Lego Wars and Lego Wars II were not authorized or sanctioned by the LEGO Group. The word LEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, and its inclusion in the titles of Lego Wars and Lego Wars II was quite specifically protested and prohibited by the LEGO Group, eventually resulting in those games' annihilation.

Todd and Eric are nice people and should not be blamed for the terrible turn this game has taken.

Copyrights and Trademarks

Dual-wielding lethal bureaucracy and cruel logistiks, the Ministry of Economic Affairs oversees corporate regulations for the Imperial Magikstrate.
Photo: Red Rover
From "The Imperial Magikstrate"
Elements shown: LEGO

All trademarks, service marks, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. Where they are mentioned or referred to in this book, they are used for editorial purposes only, and do not imply any endorsement or acknowledgement by their owners. LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of companies. Best-Lock is a trademark of Best-Lock Group Ltd. Mega Bloks is a trademark of Mega Bloks Inc. C3 Construction System is a trademark of The Art Asylum, Inc. Little Armory is a trademark of Little Armory Toys Inc. BrickForge is a trademark of BrickForge AR LLC. BrickArms is a trademark of BrickArms LLC. BrickWarriors is a trademark of BrickWarriors, and is an unrelated entity despite sounding suspiciously similar to BrikWars. SI-DAN TOYS is a trademark of SI-DAN TOYS. BrickTW is a trademark of RCG Toy's Ltd. There have been dozens if not hundreds of toy companies manufacturing plastic construction-bricks and related accessories over the years; these are used as representative samples throughout the book and are not intended as a comprehensive list.

Except where noted in this disclaimer and alongside images throughout this rulebook, all material contained in or related to the BrikWars rulebook is created by and copyright ©1995-2020 Mike Rayhawk.

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