1: Gameplay
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3: Minifig Weapons
Chapter Two: The Mighty Minifig

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.”
- George Orwell
a Fire Lord
Minifigs are available from a number of manufacturers, and in nearly-limitless variety.
Minifigs shown: Best-Lock, LEGO, Mega Bloks

A minifig is a cute and friendly-looking little fellow, but don't let his appearance fool you. Beneath his lovable exterior, a minifig is a vicious and sadistic killer. He’d hack your heart right out of your chest if he thought he could get away with it - his minifig village could live for months off the meat of a good-sized Human heart. Instead, he’s happy to go on massive fratricidal rampages in hopes of gaining favor with his godlike Human overlords.

Despite its horrifying misanthropy, a minifig is a simple creature, defined by four statistics: Skill, Move, Armor, and Cost. (More advanced minifigs in later sections will also have unique Specialties that give them extra abilities.)

(Download the Minifig card)
A minifig's attributes are described on a Minifig Stat Card like the one at right. If you're fielding a large number of different kinds of minifigs, you'll want to photocopy and cut out their cards and keep them on the table for easy reference during battle. In the Core Rules, however, most minifigs are exactly the same, apart from the weapons with which they're equipped.

Skill Skill: 1d6 - see 4.2: Action

Element shown: 1d6

A minifig’s Skill statistic reflects its ability to accomplish goals. It's a composite measurement of natural aptitude, intelligence, training, and luck.

The Skill statistic is always listed as a die roll rather than a number, and a unit rolls that many dice whenever he attempts to use his Skill. This minifig's Skill of 1d6 means he rolls one six-sided die each time he makes a Skill Roll (see 1.4: Rolling Dice).

A minifig's Skill rating is used to determine success or failure whenever it attempts a difficult action, most usually to use an object or weapon to whack another minifig across the skull. These actions are given Use ratings according to difficulty, usually a number between one and six, and the minifig must roll that number or higher on his Skill Roll to succeed.

MoveMove: 5" - see 4.1: Movement
The Move statistic describes how far a minifig can move in a single turn – in this case, five inches.

ArmorArmor: 4 - see 3: Minifig Weapons
A minifig’s Armor statistic tells how much Damage he can withstand from a single attack – in this case, four points. If he’s hit by an attack doing four points of Damage or less, the blow glances harmlessly away and the minifig can continue fighting. If the attack does five points of Damage or more, he’s killed instantly. Knock the minifig over and, if appropriate, sever a couple of body parts.

Minifigs don't have "hit points" like some players might have come to expect from other games - in BrikWars, an attack either kills a minifig or it doesn't. In battles that might involve dozens or even hundreds of minifigs at once, a system of hit points is much too burdensome for players to keep track of from turn to turn.

Cost: 4CP - see 1.1: Overview of Play
The Cost statistic describes a unit’s value in Construction Points (CP), which players can use to ‘buy’ soldiers, weapons, vehicles, and fortifications. Players may decide to set CP budgets in order to ensure that all armies are of equal value, although it's much faster and easier to ignore Construction Points entirely. A minifig unit costs 4CP, not counting weapons and equipment.

The Minifig card, shown above, is an example of a single-sided stat card. Single-sided cards are used for units who, like the Minifig, are simple enough not to need an extra panel for explanatory text. These cards can be printed and cut out individually, but it's also common for players to print or photocopy all of their single-sided cards onto a single sheet of paper for quick reference.

In later chapters, we'll introduce a variety of advanced units with Specialties that grant them extra abilities. These types of units are given a two-sided stat card, so that the descriptions of their Specialties can be printed on the card's backside. While a two-sided cards can be printed out flat in the same way as the single-sided card, its real purpose is to be cut out, folded in half, and glued or taped together.

If you'd like to make the highest-quality stat card, start by color printing the graphic onto photo quality paper. Before you fold it, cut the card out, well outside the lines - you'll be trimming it down later. If the paper is very stiff, you should lightly score the paper along the fold line on the printed side, using a sharp craft knife and straightedge; this will help prevent tearing along the fold later. In a well-ventilated area, spray the back of the printout with spray-mount adhesive, being careful to follow the instructions printed on the can. Depending on the stiffness of your paper, you may choose to fold the card over as soon as the glue is ready (usually one minute after spraying), or you may need to beef it up by lining up a 3x5 index card or some thin cardboard along the fold line against the back of the printout, and folding the paper around it. Once the glue has set, you can use your craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors to trim the card down to its edges. Finally, you should remember to have bandages handy, because making BrikWars cards is very exciting and you may forget to be careful about playing with sharp knives.

Print-resolution graphics of all of BrikWars' stat cards, including blank cards, alternate versions, and graphics templates for making your own custom cards, are all freely available for download on the Supplements page of the BrikWars website, at http://www.brikwars.com/supplements.

1: Gameplay
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3: Minifig Weapons