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Major Events

Forum Battles

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
MoronStudios TTR Wasteland survivors, bandits, and a civil protection unit all vie to steal a mini-nuke launcher off a train gaurded by villainous peaches.
Jifel Project Arena a bunch of armies and fighting. warning: contains some broken pictures.
Project Arena
Natalya Jungle Rampage!!! the Assyrians received word of a weapons deal between the Czechs and the Space Ninjas. To stop the trade from going down, the Assyrians sent in two Commando squads and three infantry squads, supported by a light mecha and two Battle Tanks from the Assyrian Armoured Division. The Space Pirates were jealous of the deal, as they typically traded with the Czechs, so they went in to try to steal whatever they could as well. The Space Pirates were defeated early on, as with much of the Assyrian infantry. However their tanks managed to smash a path through the jungle and the Czech emplacements, crushing the bulk of their forces. The Space Ninjas were defeated and forced to withdraw, along with the Czechs, but it was a Pyrrhic victory for the Assyrians who saw 80% casualties.
Jungle Rampage!!
El Magnifico WWP: Battle of I-75 Gamma corps do battle with megabloks, skeletons, EVIL inc. and the Lego warriors biker gang.
Battle of I-75
TheBlackDog Brikpocalypse In the post-apocalyptic world; there can be only one! Three clans of survivors as well as a zombie horde clash against the walls of a survivor controlled yellow-fort to see who will be the last man standing.
Master Ecabob The Three Front War Chaos ensues as a roving band of soccer players aboard a fire-nation ship sail into a port already being fought over by various factions including magical girls, knights, drones, and skeletons.
The Three Front War
Dilanski Battle for Earth The earth defense force defends earth from trolls and space commandos; Dilanski attempts to introduce rules for orbital bombardment.
Battle for Earth
TheBlackDog Brikspace A small freighter traversing the Delta Quadrant has stopped at a repair station to replace a broken part of its jump drive. Unfortunately for its crew, several pirates have infiltrated the station posing as workers and boarded the freighter with the intention of hijacking it. What the pirates didn't know is that the freighter's cargo is extremely valuable and the ship has several armed guards aboard. Both the pirates and the ship's crew call for reinforcements, and opposing fleets jump in on the edges of the asteroid field.
Pesgores Project Presgore description
Project Presgore
Master Ecabob Operation Weasel Basically, this is a "who done it?" mystery style BrikWar. There are twenty students, and among them lurk a group of terrorists bent on taking over the school and causing mass chaos. It is up to the teachers, police, and the parents to find out who the terrorists are and stop them from going through with their dastardly plan.
Operation Weasel
MoronStudios Siege-of-Vyon description
RDLC Call of Brikthulu description
Call of Brikthulu
Natalya Death Battle Many months have passed since the incident in the Jungle. Señor Palomar has been revived along with the other members of his infamous Space Pirate band. During this time they have been holding out in an old castle on Omicron Persei VIII, a largely abandoned terraforming project at the far reaches of Assyrian space. The planet was originally a dead planet with no atmosphere, so a Moon Base module remains from that period, but now the air is breathable, there is water, and there is some life. Nonetheless, the colony population of the planet was mysteriously exterminated some 300 years ago. Ever since then settlers have generally been afraid to come back, but Space Pirates, Vigilantes, and the like tend to use the planet as a base of operations. Palomar has succeeded in recruiting new members into his band and now he hopes to abandon this hiding base and go attack the space lanes once more, looking for glory, booty, and booze. Unfortunately, for reasons unbeknownst to him 6 other factions just randomly showed up today and they plan to attack... Why are they here? Who are they? Who will win? Only time will tell.
Death Battle
MoronStudios Vehicular Brik Slaughter Minifigs in various vehicles race around the track; and try to kill each other.
Vehicular Brik Slaughter
MoronStudios Dogfight microplanes; FIGHT!
RDLC A Tale of One City description
A Tale of One City
TunaSailor Blood Day description
Blood Day
Jifel Dimmy Purge description
Dimmy Purge
Almighty Benny BoMB description
MasterEcabob Pokemon Battle Royal description
Pokemon Battle Royal
Elmagnifico Project: Reeve description
Project: Reeve
RJ BlockWars: Conflict for the Crown description
BlockWars: Conflict for the Crown
SilentSigfig CTF-Urban description
Rayhawk The Rainbow War: jelly bean Apocalypse description
The Rainbow War: jelly bean Apocalypse
Bragalot Grave Tidings description
Grave Tidings
RJ Blockwars: Battle of the bad guys description
Blockwars: Battle of the bad guys
TunaSailor Postapocalisious description
played by link description
battle name

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
Strana Epic Fleet Engagement in the CAID Sector two space fleets locked horns in one of the early wars for the Caid sector. The two fleets thus engaged were the 45th Union and the Hodgepodgians. To everyone's knowledge, this is the first major engagement between star faring forces, with massive vessels seen on both sides, and a bevy of secondary craft such as shuttles and fighters. Both forces went into battle accompanied by a carrier type vessel. The Hodgepodgians out numbered the 45th Union fleet, their fighters so numerous that they were effective in their anti shipping salvo, but they then had to turn and engage the enemies fighters and d-pods. Early in the battle the Hodgepogeian fleet quickly took the fight to the enemy hiding in the shadow of a derelict terrarium frigate. Fighters, shuttles, and SBM's launched from the Hodgepodgian fleet swept ahead of the fleet with the fighters mainly targeting the left flank and its AF-frigates, while the shuttles charged down the gullet of the enemy's heavy frigate warship. The Union heavy war ships managed to obliterate the shuttles with concentrated fire -- only one survived to deliver its boarding crew and proceeded to take over the ship inch by bloody inch. In a last ditch effort to do damage the enemy fleet, the 45th Union's heavy frigate rammed the terrarium frigate before they lost control to the enemy boarding party. With the Hodgepodge and Kirkoland now locked head to head with their center and left flank, the Hodgepodgians turned their fire upon the two AF-frigates downing both in a spectacular hail of strobing energy. Then all guns were turned upon the Union's heavily shielded mother ship. Sensing imminent defeat the 45th Union's Mothership fled into the warp carrying within its gutted bowels a few D-Pods and a fighter or two.
battle name
played by link description
battle name

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