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Brittanian League
Tek Level 6
Controls the central Brikverse, trade routes and colonies. Owns 700 star systems.
Immortal Alliance
Anti-Immortal Alliance
Notable People
Queen Elizabeth V

Elizabeth Halifax Northbrook Captain Alexandria

Lieutenant Francis


Brittanian League

The Brittanian League is one of the biggest and most prevalent monarchies in the Brikverse, mostly thanks to its control over major trade routes and the control of many colonies that are key to its economy. The Brittanian League is marked by its stereotypical 'Britishness', which includes an overbearing sense of nationalistic loyalty towards the Royal Family, 'King and country'... in most cases, most of the time.

Recent times saw the League take a bit of a beating as they got engaged in more and more conflicts and it was generally assumed they were becoming a victim of their lacking technology

The Britanian Homeworld is known as Winchester and it's capital city is Pendragon


Over the course of their history, the Brittanian League has almost constantly been slowly expanding their territories, trade routes and colonies through a combination of diplomacy and force. Their endless Imperial ambitions gained them a lot of power, but also a large score of enemies and empires that are wary of them, and recent times saw the League's growth begin to stagnate, even crumble, though efforts were immediately made to turn the tide.


Technologically, the Brittanian League is largely lagging behind on the more advanced factions, specifically in relation to their space navy. Even though recent times saw them adopt their contacts and influence in the Brikverse to gain access to more advanced technologies, the vastness of the League makes it difficult to implement these changes effectively, and a lot of Brittanian forces still rely on steampunk technology. The League is renown for their use of electrified steel.


The Brittanian League employs various kinds of infantry that supplement each other's qualities in battle, and are most well-known for their solid use of light infantry. The infantry is often supported by light, often steampunk vehicles, or infantry units wielding intricate steampunk devices to aid them. The steam gatling would be one such example. Larger and more imposing vehicles exist, but the sheer size of the League restricts the use of these impressive, if somewhat outdated machines mostly to the core worlds.

Brittanian armed forces

One of the many Brittanian divisions.

There are so many various troop types in the vastness of the League that even the Brittanian government has difficulties keeping track of them all. Brittanian light infantry are the most prevalent units and there are many types, including the Anzacs. Rocketeer units are often employed as support, and sometimes they are supported by Heavies or special units such as the All-Rounders.

Brittanians still utilise cavalry.

Gatling walkers are the most prevalent combat support unit. Larger units such as the Brittanian Hardsuits also exist.

The navy relies mostly on large, outdated capital ships that are often supported by gunboats.


The Royal Family bears the highest authority, but the commanders of the fringe worlds and colonies can usually rule with a great deal of autonomy, rarely receiving The nationalistic feeling that houses within every Brittanian actually makes this a pretty effective system, as most Brittanian leaders are able to put the well-being of the League before any personal desire. In fact, becoming a renown historical figure in the history of the League through loyalty to the Crown is probably their most important personal desire.

The Britannian League is divided into seven sectors currently, each around the size of an average star empire.

Recent History

For years, the League had been stagnating. Things only grew worse during the events of Zombie Zulu Dawn, during which an entire planet was lost to the Peach Virus and the seeds for a war with the mighty Assyrian Empire were planted. Weary of aggression from their neighbors, the Brittanian League joined the Immortal Alliance.

The Brittanian League partook in the Prussian-Monarchial Conflict, which they didn't manage to get much profit from.

Apart from the Immortal War, the League was also pushed into a conflict with the Third Alliance.

Notable Leaders

Character name Played by Description Thumbnail
Admiral Blackdog TheBlackDog description
charecter name
Admiral Byron DeSilva silverdream description
character name
Admiral White Nun Played by description
charecter name
Admiral Grim played by description
character name
Admiral Charlotte Wilkinson Played by description
charecter name
High Lord Cromwell played by description
character name
Lady Juliette DuFonce Played by description
charecter name
Lord Harry Paget Flasheart played by One of the most renowned Heroes, rogues and all round dashing scoundrels of the entire Britannian Empire, as well as a trusted suitor to Lady Juliette DuFonce.
character name
Sir Martin Starr Elmagnifico As the sole Brittanian in the sector, Captain Starr is tasked with exploring and mapping the area for the glory of the Empire! His exploits are well known among the Colonies, and rumor has it that Her Undying Majesty has singled him out to marry one of the younger princesses. He gets about by hiring himself out to charming and important young ladies as an "escort". However, his "conquests" are almost as well known as his escapades with that Assyrian laser rifle of his.
Martin Starr
Commodore von Pompous Warhead Commander of the HMS Boadicea and captain of the black watch
Von Pompus
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