Dread Pirate Two-By-Two

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The Warring Dread Pirate 2-By-2 is a religion believed by many aggressive countries. The holy book the Dreaddeath is a tome containing the Creation of all minifig-kind and also containing the instruction to war

Extract of the Book of Deadly Creation:

In the beginning, The Dread Pirate 2x2 created the Baseplates. Now the Baseplates were flat and empty, and forged of the finest ABS plastic. And the Dread Pirate 2x2 said, "Let there be studs!" And there were studs. And the Dread Pirate 2x2 saw that they were good.

And the Dread Pirate 2x2 said "Let there be Space! And let there also be Castle, and let Space and Castle be the greatest of the themes! Let each of them bear Minifigs, so that one day brave Heroes will arise that they may wage glorious battle on the Baseplates that I have made!" And it was so.

And The Dread Pirate 2x2 made the multitudes of Minifigs that would roam the Baseplates, and He made vast kingdoms for them to live in. And they were awesome. And He saw that they were awesome, and there was much rejoicing.

And He said "I will take all of my creations and separate them according to their kinds, and place them in bags. And the bags I will place in cardboard boxes, and the boxes I will call Sets. And the Sets will be far too expensive, and no Wal Mart from this day forth shall have them." And He cursed the Wal Marts, and the ground shook their very foundations, and the Wal Mart customers trembled with fear, and there was terror in their hearts, and the sentence continued to run on.

And finally, the Dread Pirate 2x2 said "Let there be the Deadly Spacemen. And it is he that shall rule over the Baseplates and the Sets and the great armies of Minifigs that I have made, and never shall there be a Stat Card of him." And the Dread Pirate 2x2 saw what He had made. And it was good.

He then created two Leaders: Cayne and Aible. Cayne was one of the original rulers of the Castle theme. Aible was an original Leader of the DSM. Cayne and Aible were good friends. Our Creator was bored. Did he miss watching the Season Finale of Lost just to see unity and Bromance? He was angry. Using his uber awesomeness, he turned Canye's mind into his bitch. Using Cayne, he struck down Aible while Aible was in the fields taking a dump. Conflicts soon were created and fighting broke out. He was pleased.