Elkoss Dominion

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Fascist Republik
Tek Level 4.5 (Formerly 6)
Central Region of Elkoss Major, Capital:Sunnyvale
None listed
New Republic, MOTA, Trianglists, Techons, Tree People, Peaches
Notable People
Zennek, Radek, Dominion Council, Dominion Army Command


Centered at it's capital of Sunnyvale, The Dominion occupies the central territories of Elkoss Major, the planet's largest Continent. Few Citizens of Elkoss even remember the name of their shattered world, and thus the name "Elkoss, or Elkossian" is very Seldom used, Elkossian Dominion is simply the Faction's Formal name, It is Usually referred to as simply the Dominion. Other known abbreviations of the faction are the EKD and EKDM, *Elkossian Dominion

The Dominion Contins much of the old country's Military heritage it is Effectively the Remnants of the Elkossian Government. However in the new post-collapse world. The Dominion and it's Leadership is obsessed with Control, Order, and Military Expansionism, Outsiders dismiss the Dominion as nothing more than a Bloated harem. As when it was founded, it functioned with a number of Councillors, But Now it has a single self proclaimed Chancellor at the head of it which often renders the Council useless. They aim to create a post-collapse Utopia, But will use every asset of Authoritarian Brutality at it's disposal to repel it's enemies, and keep it's minifig populace productive and obedient.

Every fig has a duty to the Dominion and it's leadership, Figs work long hours in various extraction and production facilities, whether it be food, fuel, weapons, or luxuries. And are constantly Scavenging and Salvaging the badlands. Religion is looked down upon and in some cases outright banned as the Government claims "There are no Gods, No Triangle Gods, No Humans, No Brikthulus, and certainly no Aliens or Otherworldly figs in the Brikverse, if there was a God, he was atomized when this world killed itself*

The Dominion is run by Zennek, Or Chancellor Zennek as his people call him. While the Dominion's Council is technically Second in Command, Colonel Radek of the Dominion Army is considered the Chancellor's Right hand and subsequently his Fist. The Dominion Council consists of Zennek, Radek, and four Others. The Civics Director, Industrial and Economical Director, Research and Development Director, and the High General of the Army. While the EDAC *Army Command* Consists of roughly a dozen Officers and Commanders. Some Carrying over from the High Council.


The Dominion maintains a fierce Rivalry with it's northern neighbors, The Elkossian New Republic, Both claim to be the successor to the old government, both maintain sizeable armies, And both have very different views on goverance. If not for both States constantly being at war with their other neighbors, the EKD and EKNR Would be in a constant state of war.

The Anarchist Savage Cultists of the Minifigs of the Apocalpse on the EKDA's northeast borders Constantly harass and raid Dominion Fringe communities, But tend to target the ENR more.

The Religious Fanatics of the Great Triangle Society to the south have also been a thorn in the side *or arse* of the Dominion, The Dominion's views on Religion make the GTS an Idealistic Enemy. Whereas the Dominions behaivor is seen as the Ultimate Blasphemy by the Trianglists, who have declared Eternal Holy War on them. The Trianglists however were never a true Military Power, and are quickly losing their territory to the Juggernaut, Resorting to a war of insurgency and terrorism

Across the Bay, The Techon Soverignty has had little contact with the Dominion, but what little there was has been hostile, The Dominion views the Techons as a bunch of Crazies who get off to lasers and lights, whereas the Techons view the Dominion as Unenlightened Simpletons ruled by a Despot. Because of the Sea between them, and the overall lack of servicable watercraft, The Sovereignty and Dominion rarley meet

The Dominion is also in Conflict with a number of Minor Powers, Most notably the droves of Peach Remnants that still roam around to the east All in all, The Dominion has no friends, It never did, it annexes and conquers. It does not aim to make friends, It assimilates.


The Dominion places heavy emphasis on Military power, no known post-collapse power can match it in brute strength or numbers. The Dominion Army is Organized, Professional, yet conventional. It's Primary doctrine is Brute Strength through Heavy armor and Overwhelming Numbers. The sheer weight of the Dominion's Military power has ended many wars with neighboring autonomous regions, before they even started.

The EDA *Elkossian Dominion Army* breaks itself into Two Arms, The Ground Forces and the Mechanized Forces

The Ground Forces are the Foot Soldiers, Which itself is divided into a number of Sections.

Infantry - Troopers, Advanced Troopers,and Shock Troopers - The general purpose infantry of the army. Their roles are simple,and To kill the enemy, overwhelm and overtake their positions Rifles - Heavy Riflemen, and Marksmen - The Long Range heavy hitters, Combining the roles of Designated Marksmen and Heavy Infantry, they bring their big guns to bear on the enemy while backing up the others Specialists - Light Infantry, Saboteurs, and Heavy Weapon Operators - Combat Medics, Demomen and Big toughguys with Big guns, The Specialists Fill a number of Combat Support roles as they are needed on the Field Special Purpose - Chem Troopers, Commandos, And other Special Units - Special Purpose units that act outside the regular army.

The Mechanized Forces operate the Vehicles and Combat drones of the Army. Everything from the measly MG Drones to the Super Heavy Battle tanks. The Dominion is the only Power on Elkoss that fields, and can maintain to field, Manned Battletanks, Other Factions use their limited numbers of Armor as needed, or opt for a Drone Platform for a Tank instead.

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