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Anarchist Doomsday Cult
Tek Level 4(Formerly 6)
Northeastern Region of Elkoss Major, Capital: None
None listed
Dominion, New Republik, Brotherhood, Techons
Notable People
MotA forces

The MOTA are an Anarchic-Primitive cult who advocate the removal of all forms of Civilizations, as Civilization was responsible for the war that destroyed their world. Their Military relies on mostly highly mobile units in hit and run tactics, but they posess some forces capable of a full on fight. Their overall tactic is to cause as much mayhem in a short time, and then leave, only to come back and harrass them all over again later. Due to their geographic location they are the Sworn enemies of the EKNR *New Republik*, Whom they fight most frequentley, but are also hostile towards the Dominion. MOTA is by far the most unstable and unpredictable faction in the wasteland, While the Techons are tech crazy, and the Trianglists are religion crazy, the MOTA are just insane, Period. They have no morals, no ambition, and absolutley no mercy. Their only goal is the destruction of everything around them.

Raiders - Armed and armoured with captured Dominion and NR Equipment, Raiders are MOTA's shock troops, they do the "heavy lifting" when it comes to a battle. Cultists are the ones running around causing mayhem while Raiders stand their ground and confront the toughest of the enemy units.

Warlords - While they do not endorse "civilization" MOTA still maintians a heirarchy, It is led by three Warlords, and each Warlord trains his own Special sect of fighters designed around his tactics and mindset, All three command Cultists, Raiders, Drones and Vehicles with different styles

Scarface and his Death Guard - Scarface got his name after he lost part of his face in an unknown accident *Unseen in the picture, but a large part of the minifig's lower head is scraped or chewed off, don't know how it happened* Scarface advocates Fear as his means of power, Chemical weapons, Enslavement and Assassination are all favored activities

Bear and his beserkers - Bear Advocates Brutality as his means of Power, Torture, Arson, and good old close quarters killing are his tools of the trade,

Maero and his Bruisers - Maero Advocates Chaos as his means of power, He is the example of an Already insane Techon gone wrong, While not actually a Techon, Maero uses all sorts of weaponry to cause the biggest boom, and kill the most figs. Ironically he is considered the most "Stable" of the three, and if it were possible, he would be the most likley to negotiate with an outside party. Contrary to what one might think, Maero is not "in Charge" of MOTA, Scarface is the most senior of the three.

UGVs - Captured or Home-made Combat Drones to support MOTA operations, Including Modified Ex-Dominion IFV-UGVs, Hunter Killer Gauss Drones*back*, and Harrasser Mortar Drones*left*

Manned Vehicles - MOTA Like the Dominion makes heavy use of APCs, Their favored design is an armored truck with a modular turret system that can be adjusted before battle for any number of roles. They have also been known to retrofit Fire engines, and Possess a small number of Battle tanks as well, MOTA is not known for technological prowess, and their tank does not match the description of any known pre or post war vehicles. So it is unknown how they got ahold of such weaponry, MOTA also makes use of many ramshackle civilian cars and light vehicles for their hit and run attacks, But the tanks are often reserved for full-on fighting.

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