Chervona Bryhada

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Chervona Bryhada
Ultranationalist Paramilitary Group
Tek Level 6
Operates in the western frontier of Gold Sector.
Misk & Akula systems
None listed
45th Union
Imperial Magikstrate
Peach Brotherhood
Notable People
None listed
A large group of ZCB soldiers

The Zakhidna Chervona bryhada (Sometimes spelled Cherhovna), (Western Red Brigade translated from Galacian Slavonik) is a far right ultranationalist paramilitary group operating in the west of the Gold Sector. The group was created shortly after current Galacian leader J. Lahey began his rule, The previous president, Stepan Tesarik had remained in the government as a regional governor, But after a few months had become increasingly paranoid and obsessed with fighting the "peach threat" in the sector and was unhappy with the current government and military's neglect of what he thought was a serious threat. Tesarik's hate and paranoia overtook him and eventually he abandoned his title of governor and fled west, The mostly lawless Ruby subsector had become a breeding ground of gangs, mercenaries and paramilitary groups. His celebrity garnered a lot of attention, and when he began propagating hardline, anti peach ultranationalist rhetoric, others took notice. Eventually like minded followers began to grow, and the movement became armed, and then militarized.

The Chervona Bryhada became a tumor on the Galacian empire, Comprising almost entirely of Galacians, claiming to be loyal citizens although they had effectively gone rogue with their attacks on both peach civilians and peach states like the 45th Union, The Bryhada is considered a terrorist organization by the AN, However they are mostly contained to mostly a guerrilla operations in the western reaches of the Gold Sector and parts of the 45th Union. Bryhada soldiers have also been known to cooperate with other groups of a similar nature, like the Voza Korp from Trion. As well as state entities proper.

Bryhada soldiers are usually incredibly violent and tenacious, firm in their beliefs and confident in their "racial and intellectual superiority" They exhibit many of the same traits as some of the most far right nations in the galaxy

The ZCB is more of a heavily armed militia, than a standing army, they do not govern the planets that they inhabit, but rather leave them to their own devices. Bryhada soldiers are involved in a number of criminal and terrorist activities, Until R2017 the ZCB had focused entirely on campaigns against peach civilians and insurgent groups inside Galacia, bombings, mass shootings, space piracy, and in some areas campaigns of active insurgency. However by R2017 the Bryhada had effectively gone to war with several Peach empires outside of the gold sector.

War with the Brotherhood

When the war broke out between the GR and the Imperial Magikstratae, it was immediately escalated by the entrance of M-Throne contingents. in all the chaos, a major Peach supremacist group known as the Peach Brotherhood revealed itself and attacked both sides. Launching ruthless attacks on the Galacians, and M-Throne. The Brotherhood then targeted the ZCB, And the Bryhada had a brief moment of satisfaction from telling the Antares government "I told you so". While still officially at war with one another, ZCB / GR battles ceased in the Ruby Prefecture, The GR moved towards a total war with the M-Throne and Magikstrate, and the Bryhada would throw all of it's resources into battling another terrorist organization.

Many outside the ZCB would later say "Why should we intervene? let the crazies kill each other off, it's better for everyone"

Relations Notable relations

Faction Relation Notes
Galacia Hostile While not actively at war, The Bryhada attacks Galacian and other ISA forces on sight when in the Bryhada's "Turf" At one point the Bryhada claimed to be acting on behalf of the Galacian military, but after the Galacian army declared them a "dangerous, armed paramilitary organization" and began attacking them, the Bryhada was considered an enemy of the state and vice versa
Zaphor-Graznovik Confederacy Hostile Much Like Galacia, the Bryhada does not actively engage Confederate forces, partly due to the fact that they share no overlapping areas of influence, but the Confederacy is a pro Peach faction, something the Bryhada abhors.
45th Union Hostile Considered to be the nexus of Peach scummery in the galaxy, Considered a mortal enemy and the Bryhada's raison d'etre. Many of the Bryhada's operations against the Union have caused them to retaliate, against Galacia, much to the GR's Chagrin
Assyria Friendly Considered a friendly state entity, an empire that follows a similar, fundamentalist anti Peach rhetoric.
Trion Friendly Considered a friendly state entity, an empire that follows a similar, fundamentalist anti Peach rhetoric.
USSSR Hostile While the USSSR had largely abandoned it's campaign into the gold sector, Remnants of the Mozorov SSR and the Soviet expedition force still operate in the Bryhada's theatre of operations. Communist forces are small in number, and relatively weak, they make a sparring opponent that is relatively low risk to the Bryhada troops
Peach Brotherhood Hostile The Brotherhood's existence is somewhat Ironic, as It was founded by peach refugees who had decided to fight back against the Galacian, and later Bryhada's persecutions. The Galacian military had ceased it's campaign against the Peach minorities in the west, and relative peace was reached. However by R2017 When the Galacians had the change of government, and the Bryhada was born out of a desire to continue attacks on peaches. By now the peaches had been pushed too far, the 45th Union had started a major operation of arming rebel groups in unfriendly territory, and the Brotherhood was a major recipient of this aid. After the Galacian attack on the Peach world of Arhus, in the Imperial Magikstrate, the Brotherhood publicly revealed itself and began attacking ISA, M-Throne, and even the Magikstrate itself, oddly. The Bryhada immediately went to war with the Brotherhood, all the while pointing the proverbial finger at the Galacian military telling them that the threat was there all along.
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