Chervona Bryhada

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Chernova Bryhada
Right Wing Ultranationalist Group
Tek Level 6
Operates in the western frontier of Gold Sector.
Misk & Akula systems
None listed
Trion Empire
Galacian Republic
Notable People
None listed
A large group of ZCB soldiers

The Zakhidna Chervona bryhada , (Western Red Brigade translated from Old Galacian) is a far right ultranationalist military group operating in the west of the Gold Sector. Primarily made of remnant forces of the defeated Mozorov Socialist Union, Led by Stepan Tesarik, the former president of the Galacian Republic. He staged a coup of the Misk system during the transition back to GR control, and seized control of violent, racist fringe elements of the Mozorovan Red Army, These soldiers had largely abandoned their sympathies for the communist agenda as time and time again they were abandoned and let down by their USSSR Overlords.

The Chernova Bryhada is considered a terrorist organization by almost all powers in the Gold Sector, reduced to mostly a guerrilla campaign with only limited resources.

Their ultimate goal, however futile, is to overthrow the Galacian Republic and turn it back into a far right Slaver Republic that exterminates Peaches, as well as Leftists and Moderates.

It's leader, Tesarik. Has gone insane since being ousted from the Galacian presidency, he and his troops no longer see nations and cultures, they classify others as one of three things.

True: Yellow minifigs who do not tolerate peaches, or moderate/progressive ideologies. Especially those from a pure Galacian or Germanic heritage Scum: Lesser races like Peaches, anything that is not yellow Cucks: Governments that do not exterminate the scum. Which is to say, a lot of powers.

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