Sanguine Brotherhood

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Sanguine Brotherhood
Sanguine Flag 1.jpg
Blood Cabal
Tek Level 2
Nomadic and Mercenary
None listed
Followers of Sanguineum

Other Blood Worshippers

Of Convenience


Notable People
Blood King Sanguineum

The Sanguine Brotherhood are vultures that descend upon bloody battlefields when the fight is done to collect the crystallized RT blood that has been spilled there. They worship the blood, like the crazy, demented bastards they are and offer it to their great leader, the Blood King Sanguineum who has been called the Living God. Through a process known as Sanguineus Ritualization, the cabalists strengthen the bloodborne RT and, in particular, refine its violent essence. They create all manner of magikal equipment, weapons, and consumables with this refined Leg-Ore and are quite adept with wielding it to strengthen their own magiks.

The Brotherhood are obsessed with power at any price, particularly if someone else has to pay it, and will work with anyone to obtain the blood they need. Many factions view them as cowards and are as likely to put them to the sword as hire them but their powerful abilities cannot be denied and many more factions are forced to use them as skilled fodder. The Sanguine Brothers are happy to oblige if there is murder to be done as nothing sweetens life so much for them than to bathe in the blood of others. However, their true dementia shows through in their iron will to survive. They do not display the accepted minifig disposition concerning death and will avoid it at all costs in order to continue reveling in their obsession. They will cut each other for fun, sure, but each Brother considers his own life and the lives of his fellows to be sacrosanct.

Each member of the Brotherhood is afflicted at some stage with Red Transparency Disease. Though their rituals have the capability to refine out the radioactivity of RT, if they wish, each Brother spends an inordinate amount of time around unrefined ore, especially during the collection process. This disease is potent but spreads slowly throughout a minifig's bodily systems, gradually turning him to crystal. The Brotherhood sees this as a blessing from Sanguineum, however, and call it "becoming one with the Blood." To that end, they have developed special rituals that allow them to animate RT and thus retain full, often empowered, use of their limbs and organs.

A Sanguine Brother mines a dead Ork for his RT.

Unit Types and Abilities

The Sanguine Brotherhood are a relatively small group with a singular bloody-minded purpose, yet there are still some small divisions within their ranks.


The Counts are the Brotherhood's leaders, the most skilled in sanguinomancy. This title is afforded to those with the proper bloodlust and ability and is not awarded based on age, seniority, or experience.


Barons are the handpicked apprentices of the Counts, chosen in turn for their own bloodlust and their ability to facilitate blood gathering for their masters.

Blood Knights

Blood Knights are the rare fighting few in the Brotherhood, members who have chosen to focus their magiks within to enhance their own prowess. Blood Knights often suffer from advanced ReTrD but use their crystalline bodies to devastating effect, demonstrating super strength, speed, and toughness.


Sometimes called Vampyre, these are Knights who have become full-blown ReTrDed. The disease has at last reached their brains and they are good for nothing but mindless combat, bloodshed, and general violence. The Brotherhood keeps them locked away in specialized coffins until they are ready for battle. Then, they release the slavering beasts upon the unsuspecting enemy.

Blood Lords

Also called Sanguine Brothers, these minifigs are the lowest form of scum the Brotherhood can muster. Dabblers, serial killers, gothtards...anyone with a link to the blood, real or imagined. Blood Lords are taught the higher purpose of Sanguineum and soon learn the proper bloodlust...or they are dragged around half-dead to serve as bloodbags for the more worthy members.

Using the Sanguine Brotherhood

The Sanguine Brotherhood was originally developed by BrikWarrior Quantumsurfer for general use. They are designated as open for use under the Community Content Guidelines. The Brotherhood, put simply, are Space Vampires. Warriors in their own way but parasites first and foremost. They serve as a fine ally to any force wanting to deploy the cheapest possible mercenaries, particularly if magikal prizes are offered by way of compensation. A condition of their employment is almost always that they are allowed to pick a battlefield clean after a fight. Members rarely miss an opportunity to mine for Red Transparent. For this reason, they can be especially duplicitous, conniving, and unreliable as they only ever tend to choose the winning side. Factions be warned: you get what you pay for.

When not serving as fair weather allies, the Brotherhood tends to engage in its unceasing quest for power, artifakts, and knowledge of blood magiks. Sometimes political, more charismatic members worm their way into governments and alliances with deft manipulation, slyly gaining their order a larger slice of the pie than they deserve or will ever work to earn. More often, however, their machinations take the physical form of crusading quests across the breadth of the BrikVerse.

Above all, remember that the Sanguine Brotherhood is Opportunistic.

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