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Mjolnir Coalition
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The Mjolnir colony was founded in G.R 2,006 on the planet Mjolnir, located on the outer rim of the Brikverse. Like many other colonies, it was neglected and eventually was forgotten by its homeworld. Forced to fend for itself, the colony struggled to survive for its first couple of years. By G.R 2,008 the colony had spread all across the planet and had split into three major powers, each fighting the others for resources and land. After years of fighting the powers were almost to the point of nuclear war. Without warning, an alien insect-like species invaded the planet. The three powers were forced to work together, and they eventually prevailed against the foreign threat. After the war was over, the three powers decided to form the Mjolnir Coalition, though, shortly after the Coalition was formed the struggle for resources reminded them of why they started fighting in the first place. Instead of resorting to war again, they looked to the stars. By extracting resources from asteroids and planets in the system they could remain peaceful. The Mjolnir Coalition began construction of a star fleet. Unfortunately, they were limited to their own system because the technology for Faster than Light Travel was lost in the early days of expansion. The Mjolnir Science Initiative was formed to reverse engineer the alien ships that had been destroyed in the invasion. By G.R 2,009, The MSI had succeeded in acquiring the FTl technology and had outfitted their now moderately large star fleet with it. The Mjolnir Coalition then focused their efforts on colonizing other systems.

Fast forward to G.R 2,012, The Mjolnir Coalition is now a vast empire that has colonized hundreds of systems. During the planning of the colonization efforts, the Mjolnir Coalition promised not to also commit the sins that their ancient founders committed when founding the Mjolnir colony.

Colonization Doctrine

The Mjolnir Coalition formed strict doctrines that colony fleets had to follow. According to the Colonization Doctrine, each colony must be entirely self-sufficient in case contact is lost from the Homeworld due to a number of circumstances. Each fleet must be accompanied with a company of Coalition Marines, the Mjolnir Coalitions primary military force.

Mjolnir Coalition Colony.jpeg

This small colony bears the colors of the 17th CMEF. Typical colonies like this one often consist of two to four Residential/Marine Barrack structures, one to two vehicle bay, one Command Center, one to two Power Stations, and four to six Agricultural Greenhouses.

Coalition Fleet.jpeg

Small Colony Fleet of the 17th CMEF consisting of one Destroyer, two Frigates and one Missile Frigate.

Unit Types and Abilities

Formed out of paranoia that the Alien threat would return, the CMEF is the Mjolnir Coalition’s primary military force. There are hundreds of companies of marines that accompany colonization fleets. Each company is tasked with protecting its assigned colonies from the various threats of the galaxy. Each company acts independently of one another, and are spread out between the colonies. A typical company consists of 10,000 to 50,000 marines aboard a large fleet of warships.

342nd CMEF

342nd CMEF.jpeg

The 342nd Coalition Marine Expeditionary Force specializes in defending desert worlds. They are currently tasked with wiping out an indigenous population of barbaric masked humanoid creatures that ride large bison-like animals.

128th CMEF

128th CMEF.jpeg

It is rare that a company of marines is not assigned with protecting colonies, but the 128th Coalition Marine Expeditionary Force is one of few exceptions. The 128th CMEF work alongside the Mjolnir Science Initiative. Usually, they are clearing out derelict alien ships, or defending dig sites that the egg heads are studying.

30th CMEF

30th CMEF.jpeg

The 30th Coalition Marine Expeditionary Force specializes in defending Artic Planets. During the early days of the Mjolnir Expansion, they found a planet that was already inhabited by a tribe of chainsaw wielding minifigs. As it turns out, this tribe was also a lost colony of the same homeworld the Mjolnir Colony has originated from. Discovering the two colonies brotherhood, the celebrated by exchanging technologies between each other. The Mjolnir Coalition could always count on their newfound allied that inhabit this Ice World. The state of the 30th CMEF is currently unknown. The last transmissions from this company described them fighting off a shape-shifting xeno that took the form of the victims it had killed.

17th CMEF

17th CMEF.jpeg

"Exsisto validus quod of a bonus virtus"

The 17th Coalition Marine Expeditionary Force is one of the largest companies that is under the command of the Mjolnir Coalition. The 17th CMEF fights under the motto: "Exsisto validus quod of a bonus virtus" meaning "Be strong and of a good courage." This company is one of the first twenty that was formed during the initial unification of the three powers. They not only have the task of defending colonies, but also scouting deep outside Mjolnir Coalition territory. Recently, they have found a new galaxy with countless factions warring against each other.

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