Opening Doors~Part---Here we go!

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Opening Doors~Part---Here we go!

Post by CaLego420 » Sun Dec 15, 2019 11:45 pm

[Location, Unknown]

A group of weary individuals awaits a final destination after a long, arduous journey

Image20191214_183410 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "I realize our trek has been perilous everybody, but our trip is almost at an end. Just in the nick of time too, as l think that star might go supernova sooner then we first thought."

Image20191214_183536 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???; "So just hang tight everybody, as soon as Stusshy gets back we'll hit the portal room and get to safety. Almost to the finish line, folks."

Image20191214_183943 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Stusshy; "Alright, portals just ahead. But there's a slight problem Marrnix."

Marrnix: "What kind of problem Stusshy?"

Image20191214_184116 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Stusshy; "There's already somebody in there..."

Marrnix: "What!? Who?? This locations portal is high-grade need-to-know-only straight from command! A straggler from another group perhaps?"

Stusshy: "I don't think so, Major."

Image20191214_184212 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Major Marrnix; "Wasters then? I'm guessing a mole tipped them off.."

Stusshy: "Nah, Major, definitely not Wasters, I don't know who they are...they're wearing a uniform I've never seen before. They seem to be crazed though, I heard them talking to themselves."

Major Marrnix: "Well there's only the one, so lets set 'em to stun and get to that portal. I hate to leave someone behind, enemy or not, but we have no choice."

Image20191214_184314 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Alright everybody we're going in fast and tight! Let me and Stusshy secure the unknown occupant, then head for the portal. We should make that evac ship with time to spare."

Image20191214_184436 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "You ready Stusshy?"

Stusshy: "Always sir!"

Marrnix: "Good, lets get this done."

Image20191214_185629 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "...okay. I'm begging you mysterious console. I've tried everything I can conceivably think of. You vex me. I'm really surprised you guys aren't laughing your asses off, buncha jerks."

Image20191214_185657 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Oh by Our Creators will! Reveal your secrets to me infernal device, I command you!...oh wherever the hell we are I hope not all the tech is as shitty as this. I heard that snicker 547!"

Image20191214_190405 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix and Stusshy: "FREEZE!!"

???: "What the brikhell?!? You guys scared the crap out of me! Ever heard of announcing yourselves? What if I was washing my unmentionables Hang on guys, lets see what happens here..."

Marrnix: "Get those hands up!"

Image20191214_190651 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Yeah, yeah I heard you the first time big mouth!"

Marrnix: "Good! You might just make it out of here then, whoever you are. Cattassa, the controls!"

Cattassa: "On it!"

Image20191214_190745 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Cattassa: "Starting roving sequence. Locking in destination coordinates. Destination lock unbalanced? Hey...what the??"

Image20191214_190837 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Cantassa: "What have you done to this device...uh, .you?"

???: "Look lady just don't get your undies in a bunch. And the names 41...Number 41 if you want to be an ass about it. To answer your asinine question I haven't done anything to it otherwise I wouldn't be having this pleasant chat with you right now because i'd be long gone."

Image20191214_190914 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Now that that's out of the way, mind telling me who you are? I doubt I have such a diehard fanbase for my dating profiles, so I'm going to assume you're somebody local...which means you could maybe solve a few mind-bending puzzles for me."

Image20191214_190914 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Well for one thing I can presume you're all here due to the star thats about to go nova and rearrange this planets status quo to extinct, right?"

Marrnix: "You guess correctly"

#41: "And I'd also bet noodles to nickels that this portal here is probably your one and only ticket of this rock, right?"

Cantassa: "Yeah thats about the gist of it...but none of us are going nowhere unless you tell me what damage you did to it!"

#41: "Oh I'm two for two, I'm so good at this game! I should've went pro but coach said I didn't have the build for it! No, 90, stand down. We're getting somewhere. Literally and physically, so just simmer down, hot sauce!"

Cantassa: "Err...who are you talking to?"

Image20191214_191050 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "As I said I didn't do anything to that hunk of shit! It seems that whatever it uses as a directional finder is on the fritz, so I was trying to replace it with what I have on hand...and that isn't going to well."

Cantassa: "Great...I'm going to run a diagnostic and see what you messed up."

#41; "You do that, sweetcheeks! If you find some questionable links though, those were totally already there."

Marrnix: "Get you hands up. Watch 'em Stusshy."

Stusshy: "Consider 'em watched"

Image20191214_191437 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Whats the status Cantassa? We're running low on time."

Cantassa: "Working on it, but this portal hasn't been accessed for decades. Consoles got to go through a history lesson to get up to speed, its going to take a few minutes."

#41: "While we wait, lets grab a cup of coffee sit in a circle, sing some songs and get to know each other a little better as our meeting has been AWKWARD! I'll lead the first chorus of wheels on the bus. And while we're waiting on that cup of joe, maybe you can tell me who you are and what you want with me. If your selling Space Girl cookies I'm not in the market after a visit from little Bonnie."

Marrnix: "Well aren't you a chatty one..."

#41: "What can I say I was born with the gift of gab. Okay thats something personal about me...your turn! Hold on a second guys, almost got 'em. It'll totally be worth it."

Marrnix: "This ones certainly unhinged. But lets play it your way."

Image20191214_191616 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "My name is Major Mik Marrnix of Locus Rimor Societas. And yes you are correct in deducing that a star is about to go supernova, which is why it is imperative for us to get this portal up and working, we aren't exactly sure how much time is left but our people say a little over two weeks."

#41: "More like 5 more days but...whatever. Anyways good to meet you Major Marrny of the Locus Rimor Societas thats very cute by the way. So...where are we exactly again? I guess I've forgotten since I didn't really know in the first place..."

Marrnix: "It's Major Marrnix or sir to you!"

#41: "Touchy....maybe you should try some breathing exercises."

Marrnix: "I'll keep that in mind, and just so I don't have to hear you ask again we're currently in Sector White, Grid Alpha on the Planet Eassilta, in the soon-to-be-supernovaed Cobalt Sector, in the Anno Galaxy."

#41: "....can you repeat that last part?"

Marrnix: "ANNO GALAXY!!! Can you hear me now?

#41: "Yeah, yeah i got it. Anno? Why does that sound so familiar?"

Marrnix: "Now get your hands up or I will stun you!"

#41: "With that ancient piece of crap? Not in this lifetime, bucko! But your the man!"

Image20191214_191730 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Okay my hands are up in the air..."

Marrnix: "Finally some compliance!"

#41: "...can I wave them around like I just don't care?"

Marrnix: "You may not."

#41: "Phooey..."

Image20191214_191811 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Yup they finally got old 41, looks like this could be the end! Oh if only I had some strapping young folks to save me..."


#41: "...some real heroic types to pop out of the shadows and save the day at the last minute! Yes some dear comrades and old allies to pounce on these miscreants and ave the day and my ass once again..."


#41: "...are you fucking kidding me right now guys?"

Image20191214_191833 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "'re the worst. This is about that emo crack from earlier, isn't it? I take it back, the black doesn't make you look like some metal band pansy fanboys. No in fact it makes you look really dangerous and completely badass in the best way possible. Now quit jerking around, asshats!"

???: "Haha...41 totally did it, guess I owe you a drink 90."

Image20191214_193045 by Dats Private, on Flickr


#41 : " heroes..."

Marrnix: "What the? Dammit! Lose the blaster Stusshy! Looks like we've been had!"

Stusshy: "Where'd they come from? I watched this 41 character for good little while, they were alone!"

Image20191214_193509 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Appearances can be deceiving, buddy. You should probably work more carrots into your diet, they do wonders for the eyes, or you know maybe learn to spot active light-bending camo or something...I don't have all the answers for you."

Marrnix: "Light-bending camo?"

#41: "Yup, totally adapted it from a movie I seen. You know the one: killer alien with high-tech weaponry that likes collecting skullls, yoked eastern european action stars? Eh, maybe it was before your time...moving on!"

Image20191214_193611 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#90: "So what are we doing with them, 41? If I might be so bold maybe we should put bullets in them and leave them here for the supernova?"

#41: "Sounds like a waste of bullets, besides if you kill them we can't learn anything...duh!"

Image20191214_193648 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "No matter what fate you threaten us with you'll get nothing out of us!"

#41: "I wouldn't be so sure about that Marrny! You being here has already taught me a great deal more then I knew before I met you."

Marrnix: "Save it! We got nothing to say to the likes of you!"

#41: "Your mouth may being telling me no, but your bodies telling me yes! Now we get to play who has the secrets! One of my faves!"

Image20191214_193839 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Eenie meenie minney..."

Image20191214_193941 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "No..."

Image20191214_193915 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Noppers..."

Image20191214_194042 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Ding, ding! Winner winner..."

Image20191214_194135 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Why hello there, pinky!"

Image20191214_194208 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "So.....seen any Blacktronians lately?"

Pinky: "...eep..."

Image20191214_195921 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky: "Look I don't know what a Blackhornian is?"

#41: "It's Blacktronian and thats absolutely absurd! Director Lena's sensor nanoites are are on your outfit...granted theres a few left that haven't been self-terminated, but this is enough to tell me you've been somewhere in her vicinity recently. So tell me a story..."

Pinky: "...eep...

Image20191214_200002 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky: "L-look I can get in some real serious shit right now!"

#41: "Don't get much more serious then dying in a cosmic explosion, does it?"

Image20191214_200223 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "So spill the beans my dear..."

Pinky: "I-I-I seen a concert, that was all! Maybe those nanoites were with somebody else in the crowd?"

#41: "Nice try girlfriend, but I know those nanoites are security detail types, doubt they'd just be hanging around some maybe try the real tale of your adventures. Try not to bullshit me again, I've only got so much patience."

Pinky: "...eep..."

Image20191214_200330 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky: "Oh man, I'm so busted. Okay look there was a concert in a place called the Fringe system...Building 4 Destruktion was headlining so I totally had to go. W-we're not supposed to use the A-Gates without Commands consent, but there was no way I was missing a once in a lifetime opportunity like that..."

Image20191214_200432 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Alright, well I have the where and the all I need to know is the how."

Pinky: "You're going to get me killed...."

#41: "Pinky!"

Pinky: "Okay okay....I used a portable A-Gate device to make the trip. I-I didn't overstay or anything, I just popped over and right back, I swear."

#41: "Now we're getting somewhere, that Cantassa is right though I did do something to the wheres the device you used to pop over and right back?"

Pinky: "I-I destroyed it! Those things are super uber illegal around here and I didn't want to risk the security forces finding me with it."

#41: "Swell....well this particular console is missing a few parts including whatever directional locator item you folks use...I'm guessing you destroyed that too?"

Pinky: "N-no. They aren't illegal..."

#41: "So?..."

Image20191214_200859 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky: " This is the one I used, still has a full charge too. I'm so borked! Like life in shambles type borked."

#41: "I'm sure you'll survive somehow. What the...? A resonance crystal attuned to a hyper-bandwidth frequency? Curious, no wonder I couldn't get the damn thing to work with standard Transparents, they might appear to the be same thing to the untrained eye but these crystals and Transparents are wildly different, this could prove useful knowledge once I have more time to study them side-by-side. Thanks Pinky!"

Pinky: "'re wel---"

Image20191214_201126 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Illegal travel on a schedule black plus outlawed device?!!! Citizen you are under arrest!"

Image20191214_201237 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "You've violated about a hundred different sector codes and three dozen Societas citizen charters! You'll be lucky to serve time and not be jettisoned into the nearest celestial body! By authority of command I hereb---"

#90: "Get back in line and get your hands up! Now!"

Marrnix: "This violation can not stand! When I'm through with her---"

Image20191214_201317 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Alright enough! Shut the hell up Marrny, your making my ears bleed..."

Image20191214_201427 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "You should be bowing down and kissing her feet, Major, she probably just saved our collective ABS asses, so if she broke a few rules I for one am going to look the other way and give her a mulligan Benny. If he steps out of line again shoot him!"

#90: "With pleasure."

Image20191214_201606 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "So listen good boys and girls: I'm going to exact the repairs this console needs and try to get us out of here before the stars start exploding, in the meantime maybe you should all thank Pinky here for her dedication to code violations and perhaps throw her a parade or a BBQ or something for loving concerts."

Image20191214_201659 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#90: "We are waiting for the others right?"

#41: "Of course. Once Sir 10-gallon and Sarge McDouchewhistle get back, WE ARE OUT OF HERE!!"

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Opening Doors~Part 2

Post by CaLego420 » Sun Dec 29, 2019 11:44 pm

Image20191228_193611 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "So the Director herself requested your presence, huh? Sounds like some tasty bit of intrigue."
???: "Must you keep reminding me? I get nervous coming to the Marble anyways, let alone with the cloak and dagger business."
???: "Look on the brightside, maybe its for that R&R we requested like three months ago..."
???: "I doubt it, but I guess I'll know soon enough."

Image20191228_193843 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Guess I'll hang out here and await the good news."
???: "You're awfully optimistic about this meeting."
???: "I'm a ray of golden sunshine. Anyways, good luck in there Lieutenant!"
Lt. ???: "Thanks...I'm probably going to need it."

Image20191228_194356 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Professor Sitall: "It can only be the real article, Director, all the tests prove it to be so!"
Renna: "Definitely the genuine deal!"
Denna: "Maybe a couple more tests? Just to be 100% certain?"
Foreman: "All my people got the same results, Director! Its coming back from the Rekonstruktion of '93!"
Director Lena: "If all this is true we could be sitting on a gold mine...or a bomb."
Renna: "In either case we should get started immediately!"
Professor Sitall: "Very exciting stuff!"
Lt ???: "...what did I just walk into...?
Director Lena: "Can't really say I'm sold on this, tests or no tests..."

Image20191228_194431 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Prof. Sitall: "But Director Lena, the harmonic footprint speaks for itself! It could be nothing else!"
Director Lena: "Thats bull, Kno. You've seen the info on this could be false."
Prof. Sitall: "That is very unlikely, Director."

Image20191228_194737 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Prof. Sitall: "No manner of experimenting would give such accurate results, we have an opportunity here, Magda! Not one but two specimens. I humbly request to start the project right away!"
Director Lena: "Settle down, Kno. I'm not denying your request...I'm just weighing the pros and cons here.
Prof Sitall: "We lose valuable time here! You know it to be true, not even you could deny such conclusive results: a pair of original OT shards!"
Director Lena: " it seems."

Image20191228_194625 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Foreman, the site has been cleared right?"
Foreman: "Sure has, boss lady. Like I was saying ten tons of OT and these two bad boys here, I can't believe our luck!"
Director Lena: "Neither can I, either way you and your crew earned a break. Enjoy the beach, Foreman."
Foreman: "We sure will. Also if your contact considers that a tiny vein, I'd love to see what he thinks a big one looks like."
Director Lena: "Heh, duly noted Foreman."

Image20191228_194802 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "O.G. OT...."
Prof. Sitall: "With infinite possibilities! I'd love to get started at once!"
Lt. ???: *Clears throat*

Image20191228_194907 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lt. ???: "You wanted to see me Director?"
Director Lena: "Aha, Lieutenant Kass Andra! Prompt as usual."
Lt. Andra: "Yes ma'am."

Image20191228_195018 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: 'Alright listen up! Professor Sitall you may get started at your earliest convenience. Comb every scrap of information about this universe that we have and try to replicate whatever process they used to create more OT. From what I've read it isn't a quick or easy fix..."
Prof. Sitall: "Such exciting stuff!"
Director Lena: "I'm glad your easy to please, Kno. Ladies if you'd be so kind as to aid Sitall in his endeavoring it'd be highly appreciated...just so his calculations have been triple checked and he doesn't cause the specimen to go boom on us."
Renna & Denna: "Yes, boss lady!"
Director Lena: "Foreman, your teleport awaits you and yours. Enjoy yourselves, you earned it!"
Foreman: "You ain't to tell me twice, Director!"
Director Lena: "Alright, clear the room. I have matters to discuss with the Lieutenant."
Prof. Sitall: "So exciting..."

Image20191228_195234 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Alright Kass, first let me tell you that what I'm about to say is highly classified! Few aside from myself even know this, understood?"
Lt. Andra: "Naturally, Director."
Director Lena: "Good. I have a mission for you. Well several actually."
Lt. Andra: " you wish, Director."

Image20191228_195409 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "The first assignment is fairly straight forward; you are to go to the Facility I never reached and reactivate the systems therein. Once the Facility is secure I will port in a team to secure the site."
Lt. Andra: "That seems simple enough."
Director Lena: "Seems is the operative word...we haven't had any contact with Citadel City in months. This facility could be crucial to future plans."
Lt. Andra: "Consider it done."

Image20191228_195541 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Excellent. The second part of your job is to find The Cowboy and his men...they've been out of contact for far too long and nothing good can come from that. I don't have anything else for you to go by on this one, but finding them is of a high priority."
Lt. Andra: "Hopefully they won't be hard to track down."
Director Lena: "I wouldn't hold my breath on that..."

Image20191228_195720 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "...which leads me to the third and final quest. You are to seek out Commander Cul Mofo whereever he may be and deliver him back here or relay the fact that he should return at once! He's been maintaining radio silence for months."
Lt. Andra: "Wait! Director, Cul has been gone since we arrived after the Pulsing! You gave him a modified stealth ship and sent him out to scout the system! As unlikely as the second mission is this seems downright impossible! Where would I even begin?"
Director Lena: "Maybe these things go together. If nothing else he would have performed a flyby of the Facility so maybe its computers have the ships date of passing by. He was supposed to send all data obtained back in blocks, but hasn't. The Cowboy and his crew were supposed to rendezvous with him on the outer edge of their mission...maybe they know something."
Lt. Andra: "I will do my best Director."
Director Lena: "Thats all I ask for, Kass."

Image20191228_195940 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "I've authorized you complete and full use of the armory and freedom to pick your other three squad mates for this one..."
Lt. Andra: "But thats only four Director..."
Director Lena: "That's because your fifth is a scientist chosen by me."
Lt. Andra: "A scientist on a possible combat mission? I have to say thats a little...bizarre."
Director Lena: "I would normally agree with you on that, but this is a special circumstance....what if I were tell you that the universe had ended...but not completely? This scientist is to go along because you are treading to the very ends of the Fringe system, as her knowledge may prove invaluable. Certainly what she learns may be."
Lt. Andra: "I don't follow. If the universe ended then how are we"

Image20191228_195839 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "It is difficult to explain. Imagine you drop a plate and it shatters into pieces. Now the shards are fairly useless, the plate destroyed, correct?"
Lt Andra: "I suppose so...."
Director Lena: "But the shards retain a nasty edge, they can still cut and if ever somebody wanted too they could use those edges as weapons...or even maybe put the plate back together. The plate would never be the same, not exactly, but it would still function as a plate, correct?"
Lt. Andra: "In that example I would say so. Are you trying to tell me we're a broken plate?"
Director Lena: "Haha. Something to that effect, yes."

Image20191228_195940 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "While we were running that security detail for the Partythrower more then a few strange things happened, a necromancer rose from a grave that wasn't there beforehand, then said necro opened some kind of smaller portal which unleashed...something that we're still perusing to figure out what that something is. Though I'm not sure he actually opened the portal to begin with..."
Lt. Andra: "I've read the debriefing, and the undead always give me the creeps, though the somethings didn't attack for some reason...something about a sigfig or some such. What is that anyways?"
Director Lena: "From my understanding one of the causes of the end of the universe, at least for us."
Lt. Andra: ""
Director Lena: "I'm not sure. Fate maybe? But I'd just call it pure dumb luck. The Partythrowers grounds emitted some kind of spell or tech field or something to protect his guests during the concert, I believe that it protected most of the Fringe system as well, while the rest of the universe crumbled around us. That would explain the loss of communications with our own people and the discrepancies seen around the system. Whatever happened may have ruptured whatever barriers connected everything together, not only allowing anomalies from elsewhere to materialize here, but perhaps displacing people to whomever knows where."
Lt. Andra: "And I get to be the lucky one to trudge through the broken universe on a quest that seems nearly impossible...this seems a lot to take in, Director. I'm not sure I'm the one you want to undertake something so important..."

Image20191228_200015 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Enough of that! I choose you for this because I need a solid leader on this endeavor, now stop beating yourself up about the unknown variables that may or may not try to stop you and get your fucking head in the game! Thats an order!"
Lt. Andra : "I'm sorry...theres a lot to take in."
Director Lena: "Well take it in fast! You need to choose your people, gear up, and hit the port pads as early as possible. Since that sergeant thats always tagging along with you will obviously not sit this one out you only have to pick up two more. I'm sure you are familiar with our personnel, so I expect you to make wise choices."
Lt. Andra: "Of course, Director."
Director Lena: "Then get your people ready and move out."

Image20191228_200116 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lt. Andra: "Right away, boss lady!"
Director Lena: "Thats more like it. I have some special communication equipment I'll have sent to you, should be able to keep us in contact despite the fluctuations going on. Thats about all I got for you, Kass."
Lt. Andra: "I will make my preparations and leave immediately, Director!"
Director Lena: "I wish you good luck, Lieutenant!"
Lt. Andra: "Thank you, Director."

Image20191228_200240 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Sgt. ???: "So whats the word? I've got a new cocktail dress I'm dying to flaunt and momma needs a new pair of shoes!"
Lt. Andra: "I'd unpack your bikini..."
Sgt. ???: "What?!!? Let me guess: routine patrol? Training some newbs? It isn't some surveillance gig is it? I hate those..."
Lt. Andra: "Nope. Something a whole lot more tedious..."
Sgt. ???: "I get the feeling its somehow important."
Lt. Andra: "Could be..."

Image20191228_200300 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lt. Andra: "If we don't get cut by the broken shards that is..."


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Re: Opening Doors~Part 2

Post by CaLego420 » Sat Jan 18, 2020 1:42 am

Planet Norm-El, The Far Reaches, Fringe System

Image20200116_194332 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Okay, so we've made it back to this shithole."

Image20200116_194523 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "So I'm just going to casually stroll in here, get whats owed to me and then we can be on our way. With the House doing its molting, or transforming, or whatever it does happening right now its better if we don't have any outstanding debts owed to us, since theres no way of knowing when the House will actually finish its....whatever it does."

Image20200116_194603 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "So thats the plan. I promise I'll figure out somewhere for us to kick back until everythings back to normal. This should go smooth, but he hasn't answered any of my hails and seems to have changed his transponder code so hopefully nothing crazy goes down."
Asst. Qristyle: "Yeah but what if he doesn't pay?"
The Partythrower: "....then I'll be very irritated. Very irritated."

Image20200116_194702 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Asst. Qristyle: "Just remember that you catch more flies with honey then you do with a crappy attitude."
The Partythrower: "My attitude isn't the problem, having to come to the ass end of the system because people can't send a simple message transmission is the real issue here. I dislike Norm-EL, you know that."

Image20200116_195246 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Maybe theres some other issue, like he's been sick or the communication arrays down, or..."
The Partythrower: "....and thats why your ass is staying give everybody to much credit for their being ignorant."
Qris: "I do not! I? Whatever forgive me for believing in the innner good of minifig kind."

Image20200116_195137 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Yeah....we'll discuss the inner good of Fig-kind some other day, right now just keep out of sight, don't attract a lot of attention, and for Creatorsakes Qris don't talk to anyone."
Qris: "But what if...?"
The Partythrower: " one, not one soul. Boaris watch her!"
Boaris: "I have eyes on."
Qris: "Theres that crappy attitude I was talking about."
The Partythrower: "Whatever. Lets get this over with."

Image20200116_195508 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Twenty creds says something goes screwy, anybody else want in?"
Boaris: "I will take piece of action."
???: "I'll throw ten more that says these jackasses try to rip him off."
Qris: "You're on!"

Image20200116_195930 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "Whoa there slick!"
The Partythrower: "I'm here to see your boss."
Goon: "Well this is a private party..."

Image20200116_200159 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "...and I don't see you on the guest list."
The Partythrower: "Maybe you need some glasses then."
Goon: "Well aren't we the wiseass. How about I pull off your arms and beat you with them?"
The Partythrower: "...I doubt you could pull off a feat that heroic, especially in that argyle sweater. What, you been snatching up your grandpas cloths again?"
Goon: "Why you no good piece of--"
???: "For crying out loud let the man through."

Image20200116_201306 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "You'll have to forgive him, good help is hard to find."
The Partythrower: "Hopefully you house trained that one...otherwise I might have to take a newspaper and whap him across the nose."
???: "Heh, all to true."

Image20200116_201435 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Have a seat won't you?"
The Partythrower: "Umm, no thank you and I apologize for interrupting your meal."
???: "Not a problem I was just finishing hungry? A drink perhaps?"

Image20200116_201548 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "No thank you, on both accounts. I'm a bit pressed for time so if I can just get the item as we agreed on I'll be on my way."
???: "....uh huh...

Image20200116_201630 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Yup. My memories a bit hazy, but maybe you could recollect..."
The Partythrower: " we go. Yeah the item you have that now belongs to me due to the fact you failed to secure a venue for the Building 4 Destruktion concert."
???: "It's hardly my fault that a horde of Brootalz ravaged the site..."
The Partythrower: "Nevertheless I'll take whats owed to me and be out of your hair."
???: "Uh huh...uh huh...yup..."

Image20200116_201652 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "....still drawing a blank here. What was the item again, I'm a bit confused.." *Sip*
The Partythrower: "...really?"

Image20200116_201834 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "An item thats supposedly part of another bigger machine that allows a person to open portals to near everywhere. From the M-Throne home world to possibly the Negaverse..."
???: "Damn all that space weed I smoked in college, I'm not picking up what you're putting down."
The Partythrower: "About the size of a cell phone...."

Image20200116_201926 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Oh yeah, that item. How silly of me. Of course I have it in a nice secure location."
The Partythrower: "Excellent. I hate to wait but if you could just go retrieve it I'll be about my business."
???: "Yeah...about that."

Image20200116_202008 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "See being able to open portals to potentially anywhere might be too big a responsibility for a small operation like yours, I mean think of the logistics. Nevermind how much fucking profit could be made off something like that, hell the skys the limit. So yeah, I got the item....but you aren't getting squat. You think I owe you something for nothing? Which is what happened. You allowed the use of your place for an event. Kind of sounds open and shut."
The Partythrower: "Hardly. I took damages to my property, used a possibly forbidden spell, nevermind the cleanup afterwards..."
???: "All things I don't give a shit about. And you'll still get nothing because your a loser that didn't read the fine print on the bottom of the contract..."
The Partythrower: "What contract?"
???: "The one that says I don't pay scrubs. What you think I get to eat well and enjoy expensive bubbly by paying people? What a joke...almost as big a joke as you!"

Image20200116_202658 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_202923 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

Image20200116_203004 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "I knew this one was gonna be a problem boss."
???: "So you mentioned."

Image20200116_203056 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Unless you want my boys here to to give you a few more holes in your head, and other places, I believe our business is at an end." *Swish*
The Partythrower: "...."

Image20200116_203309 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "So it would seem..."
???: "See you arent so dumb after all."
The Partythrower: "And you arent half as clever as I gave you credit for..."
???: "It seems we both learned something today."

Image20200116_203734 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Don't take it so hard. Look at it this way; at least you get to walk out of here instead of never again. Now fuck off, I'm busy."
Goon: "Yeah you little bi-atch hit the road."
Goon: "What a dumbass, thinking the boss was going to pay. Ha."
The Partythrower: "It seems that you are trying to make me out to be a liar to my people...."

Image20200116_203824 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "...and I don't lie to my people. This isn't over."
???: "You come back in here and Ill send you home in take-out containers."
The Partythrower: "We shall see..."

Image20200116_204650 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Girl: "uh oh"

Image20200116_204830 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Yay! Your back! So how we looking?"
The Partythrower: "Of all the miserable heinous...."

Image20200116_204923 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "...see you try to give somebody a benefit and surprise surprise...shit happens..."
Qris: "Umm...something going on...?"

Image20200116_205142 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "...then little shits like this clown. Who does he think is? Did argyle sweater touch me? That motherfucker did touch me...of all the rotten....on my last nerve...big dick huh? I'll show you a big dick you sniveling little scumbag....Fucking On!"
Qris: "Control to P.T.? Can you please share with the rest of the class?"

Image20200116_205327 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Rip me off, I'll rip you a new one....buncha squares...."
Qris: "Oh boy....yeah your pretty pissed. Theres no way any good for whoever got you this way is going to happen."
The Partythrower: "Damn right it isn't! Qris, Boaris with me. You two sit tight."
???: "Ha! Told you! Pay up!"
Qris: "Yes congrats on your ill gotten fortune."
The Partythrower: "Lets move!"

Image20200116_205755 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Here we go again..."

Image20200116_210205 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: " then I says 'But theres poker in the back, I didn't know she charged for it!!"
Goon: "Haha, you sure told 'em boss."
Goon: "You the man boss!"
???: "Don't I know it."

Image20200116_210309 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Girl: "If you're done, I'll be cleaning up."
???: "Huh, yeah yeah whatever."

Image20200116_210450 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "But hurry back, I see some sweet buns I want for dessert!"
Goon: "Haha, you got her good boss."
Goon: "Zing. You've done it again boss!"
Girl: "Pigs!"

Image20200116_212147 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Hey morons! I told you this wasn't over!"
???: ""

Image20200116_212317 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "It doesn't have to be like this. Just give me whats mine and thats the end of it. Last chance."

Image20200116_212411 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "I retract my earlier statement. Only a complete brain dead idiot would come back in here. Boys when your finished grind them up for dog food. Try to keep blondie in one piece though."
Goon: "No problem boss."

Image20200116_212637 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Very well. Take 'em down!"

Image20200116_212849 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Boaris: "You heard him!"
Goon: " NOOO!"

Image20200116_213644 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_213742 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "Open fire!"

Image20200116_214314 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Barrier!"

Image20200116_214423 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Blam* *Blam* *Blam*

Image20200116_215732 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*ping* *ping* *ping*
The Partythrower: "Pathetic."

Image20200116_220521 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "You ready for this?"
Goon: "Gahh!"

Image20200116_220937 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Crackle* *Crackle*
Goon: "Get awa--"

Image20200116_221422 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_221553 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "The ffffuuuuu---"

Image20200116_222146 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_222223 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_222422 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "I shall avenge you!"

Image20200116_224118 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "You're going to die now fucko!"
The Partythrower: "Qris..."

Image20200116_224249 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Qris: "Icebolt!"

Image20200116_224641 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_224731 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Goon: "...shit..."

Image20200116_225030 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200116_225223 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Thats the last of them."

Image20200116_225432 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Now lets go get this chucklehead!"

Image20200116_225606 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "If I can't see them they can't see me...."

Image20200116_225755 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Ahhhhhh!!"

Image20200116_225919 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Now then, about that payment..."

Image20200116_225944 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Gahhh...look, look. I got the item, but it isn't here..."
The Partythrower: "Then where is it?"
???: "A bank box, in Hubb City! I swear it! Just take it and go!"
The Partythrower: "Hubb City? Thats some backwater nobodys ever heard of before, I didn't know it even had a bank..."
???: "Things are different now. New management or whatever."

Image20200116_230258 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Be that as it may, I hope your loafers are comfortable, because your coming with us. I'm pretty sure all bank boxes are biometric nowadays, and I'm not giving you a chance to burn me twice. So strap in 'bossman' because the next stops Hubb City!"


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Re: Opening Doors~Part 4

Post by CaLego420 » Sat Feb 22, 2020 3:48 pm

Planet Eassilta, Sector White, Grid Alpha, Anno Galaxy

Image20200218_200424 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Frequency detraction identifiers, harmonious wave-length overtures....really? I wonder what would happen if I hooked this up to a sub-woofer and pumped some Suicidal Tendencies through it...? Probably something damned cool. But you know what isn't cool?"

Image20200218_200504 by Dats Private, on Flickr

#41: "Waiting on some pudwhacks that have been gone way to long!!?! Like seriously whats taking them so damn long to get back here?"

Image20200218_200545 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky: "Do they normally go on nature hikes while a supernova threatens an entire system?"
#41: " they do not. And where is all the interference coming from? Do my S.U.I.T.s systems need resynced?"
The Cowboy: " it up!!.....hurry....41!"

Image20200218_200758 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Creatordammit 41, are you friggin' deaf?!? Get that portal open, we gotta get gone...NOW!!!"
Sgt. 373: "I told you something was screwy with my comms. They can't be too far behind us."

Image20200218_200859 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "What are you talking about? There hasn't been any comm traffic since the last check in."
The Cowboy: "Somethings messin' with our equipment, we've been hailing you for 5 straight minutes. Whats more is we got
a heap of trouble hot on our bootheels!"
41: "Well golly gee, I can't let you boys go anywhere by yourselves..."
The Cowboy: "41!"

Image20200218_201110 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "Yah, yah I'm act as if the suns about to explode or something."
The Cowboy: "Can you can the sass for once and get the lead out!"
41: "Alright! Don't get your wranglers in a ruffle!"

Image20200218_201201 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Pinky; "Hey..."
The Cowboy: "...uhh, hello missy. Err, fine weather we're having...?"
Pinky: "Its been pretty pleasant, all things considered. Good for camping."
The Cowboy: "You couldn't be more right....but uh, hey 41?"
41: "Yes, your 10-gallonship?"

Image20200218_201329 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Where in the fug did all these people come from!!!??"
41: " totally ruined the surprise. Bummer."

Image20200218_201413 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "I was going to adopt one of them...but then they totally followed me home. Can we keep 'em?"
The Cowboy: "41 sometimes I think you're nuttier then a squirrel in a peanut butter plant..."

Image20200218_201920 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "What a fun euphemism...makes me a bit hungry though..."
The Cowboy: "And I'm hankerin' for a big fat piece of can we get the Brikhell out of here?"
41: "I hope you get that medium-rare, otherwise it's kinda grisly..."
The Cowboy: "Forty-fucking-one!!"
41: "It's ready. Can't have no fun around here..."

Image20200218_202044 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Finally. Look folks I don't know you are, what you're doing here, or any of what's going on....since I'm a bit pressed for time I'll make it short and sweet: either you get your asses up and hoof it for that portal, or you sit right there and take your chances with a celestial event that will more then likely render you to particulate dust. Your choice."
90: "I had made a suggestion earlier about putting bullets in them. Might I resuggest it?"
The Cowboy: "You can stuff it...hard and deep. I don't have time for your unique brand of bullshit right now. Comprende?"
90: "Orders received..."

Image20200218_202517 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Alright get a move on!"

Image20200218_202740 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "You fellas ain't coming along?"

Image20200218_202759 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "We'll never consort with the likes of you! We're members of Command!"

Image20200218_202850 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "You can mark my words that aiding that civilian criminal will not go over well! Once my superiors hear about this...oh buster are you in for a world of trouble! You're violating near every code in the Sector, and tampering with Command property, illegal use of a sanctioned gate, so many code violations! We'll have no choice to space you out of the nearest airlock. Yes by the time we're done with you---"

Image20200218_202955 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Hey! I wasn't done yet!"
The Cowboy: "Yup, I bet. Well good luck with the whole jettisoning us out of an airlock deal. And word round the campfire is that supernovas make things 'done' good and thoroughly."
41: "Everybodys through."
???: "They can't be far ahead!
The Cowboy: "Cuttin' it pretty close here."

Image20200218_203202 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "Go on...I need to say goodbye. I don't want you to see this...I might get a little misty...*sniff*"
The Cowboy: "....crazier then a coked out cuckoo bird in Cabo...just hurry it up 41, they're right behind us!"
41: "I'll only speak from the heart..."
The Cowboy: "...I'll see ya on the other side..."

Image20200218_203343 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "Marrny...I think I loved you best. I know we started out pretty rocky, what with the ancient crappy blaster that you pointed at me...then the whole my friends taking you hostage and stuff, but I truly believe we've grown as people."
Marrnix: "You can save it for your trial, villian! Theres nowhere in the universe you'll be able to hide!"

Image20200218_203521 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "You're still upset. I understand. Maybe it was you, maybe it was me but I just think we're going in two different directions in our lives..."
Marrnix: "The only direction you're going is to the nearest cell!"

Image20200218_203625 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "It hurts, I know...and I just wish we had more time and things can be I guess I'll leave you with this tidbit of wisdom---"
???:"The chambers just up ahead, hurry!"
Marrnix: "Save it for your deposition! I bet thats Sector Security, here to save the day."
41: "No...I think you need to hear this now."

Image20200218_203432 by Dats Private, on Flickr

41: "Originally we were just supposed to find new resources and materials to rebuild, and I think these Transparent Crystals of yours are a good starting point. Hell, I can't wait to get back to the Fringe System and really get to study them in depth, I'd imagine that your 'A-Gates' are just the tip of the iceberg. By the time myself and the Blacktronians are through we'll be able to send entire fleets through our own A-Gates to the fartherest ends of this Galaxy. Our mission was to scout out the indigenous worlds of this universe and a happy accident landed us here, with you. Once I've found the proper transmitting equipment I very much intend to send a message to Director Lena, I'm sure she'll be all to willing to get in on the ground floor of a new conquest in a fresh galaxy....if I didn't know any better, and my sensors were one-hundred percent, I'd swear there were already Confederation members cruising around the Anno. I will give you the credit of the clever fail-safes on your portals though...I actually have only have the faintest idea of where this portal actually leads, but I guess I'll find out soon enough. We'll meet again, Major, only next time it will be on terms of our choosing.

Oh, and just in case you think you got one over on me this portals console is set to self terminate once I'm through it, because while you might think the calvary is coming, whoever is coming down the hallway don't share the same energy signatures as good luck with that. See you around Marrny...but thats really assuming that the supernova doesn't get you, or these newcomers don't rip you to shreds. Tah-tah memebers of the Space Explorers Alliance..."
Marrnix: " did you--"
41: "I speak Old Legoese, admittedly not many do....either way our meeting just opened a door to something you had tried in vain to keep locked. But it appears I now have the key...adios."

Image20200218_203649 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "WAIT---!"

Image20200218_204040 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Stusshy: "Forget it, Mik, they're gone"
Marrnix: "Dammit!"

Image20200218_204050 by Dats Private, on Flickr


Image20200218_204218 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Blast it!! And there goes our ticket out of here..."

Image20200218_204252 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Hear that? Just ahead!"
Marrnix: "Seems we're in a jam Stusshy."

Image20200218_204403 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Whatever happens next, I want you to know its been a pleasure to serve with you Sargeant."
Stusshy: "The pleasures been all mine, sir."
Marrnix: "Now lets meet these new fiends with our heads held high!"

Image20200218_205132 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Ya, we havent been doing that all day..."

Image20200218_205325 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Clear! Rooms secure ma'am."
???: "Im guessing they aren't here..."

Image20200218_225009 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Looks like we just missed them."
???: "Of course we did. Techy, check that console."
???: "Right away, ma'am."

Image20200218_225136 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Now then, who are you two fellows?"

Image20200218_225213 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "I am Major Mik Marrnix of Locus---"
???: "I figured as much."
Marrnix: "And to whom am I speaking?"

Image20200218_225319 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "I am Watch Commander Ahuge Hardarse, of the Universal Police Force."

Image20200218_225242 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Hardarse: "You two do know what 'mandatory evacuation' means, don't you?"
Marrnix: "We are here on official Command business! I don't answer to you!"
Hardarse: "Of course you don't..."

Image20200218_225354 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Techy: "Well this console's FUBARed. I can't even tell where they might have went til I get her back to the shop."
Hardarse: "Damn. Always one step behind."

Image20200218_225701 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "The Supreme Justice isn't going to like this..."
Hardarse: "No doubt about that..."
???: "What do you want to do with them?"
Hardarse: "Place them in protective custody, until we can figure this debacle out."

Image20200218_225917 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Now just a damn minute, you have no authority to just come in and---"
Hardarse: "Thats where you're wrong Major. Cuff 'em. If they resist shoot them."
???: "Yes ma'am."

Image20200218_230109 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "Nice and easy boys."
Marrnix: "...this is certainly not our day."

Image20200218_230619 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "I don't know what you think your pulling but when my superiors hear of this outrage..."
Hardarse: "Yes, I'm sure I'll be punished thoroughly. Probably serve hard time on a nice beach someplace."
Marrnix: "Why you--!"

Image20200218_230642 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Techy: "That was HQ, they want us off planet immediately. It's about to go supernova at any moment."
Hardarse: "Finally some good news. Grab what you need techy."

Image20200218_230808 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Techy: "Yes ma'am."
Hardarse: "Alright lets get the hell off this rock, everybody back to the shuttles."
Marrnix: "I demand to speak to my superiors!"
Hardarse: "Oh you'll get your phone call, Major."

Image20200218_230905 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "What do you want me to do with them...they could be shot while trying to escape..."
Hardarse: "And deal with that mountain of paperwork? No thanks. Take them to central lockup until we can figure out if they are who they say they are."
???: "And what about the ones that got away?"

Image20200218_230940 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Hardarse: "Wherever they might have ran, we'll find them. In the meantime I have no doubts that the Supreme Justice is going to chew my ass a new one. Which means we're on our way back to Hubb City. Lets move it people, I need a latte."


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Re: Opening Doors~Part 4

Post by CaLego420 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 8:24 pm

What the....???

Image20200307_224212 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "...ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It's getting to be that time again, this fine Rekonstruktion, and you know what that means!!!"

Image20200307_205300 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "As always, I'm your host Kitt Katt..."

Image20200307_205511 by Dats Private, on Flickr

???: "And I'm Bebe Ruth!!!"

Image20200307_205828 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Together: "And it's time for another exciting round of!!!"

Image20200307_205958 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Together w/Audience: "SEASON SLAYER!!!"

*Canned Audience applause and cheers*
*Cheesy game show music*

Image20200307_210300 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Alright, lets get right into it. Like usual we take several teams and throw them into a winner-takes-all arena match!"

Image20200307_210348 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "Teams are choosen by the production staff, then dropped forcefully into combat with our lucky contestant..."

Image20200307_210508 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "....where we should see lots of chaos and excruciating deaths!"

Image20200307_210601 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "That's right, Bebe! While our winner gets to keep their skin..."

Image20200307_214200 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "...our loser's will get a prize thats worse then death!"

Image20200307_214416 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "The cold, dark of Stor-Age!!"

*Canned crowd gasps and awes*

Image20200307_214524 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "You said it, ladies and gentleman. You definitely don't want to be a loser on this show!"
Bebe: "That's right Kitt!"

Image20200307_214541 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Now without further ado, lets meet the shows victi----err, I mean contestant!"

Image20200307_221620 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Audible 'poof'ing noise*

Image20200307_221911 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Together: "Director Magda Lena!!!"
*Canned crowd cheers*

Director Lena: "Hey!.....what the fuck???"

Image20200307_222011 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "What is this? How did you do that?"
Kitt: "Magda Lena, you're the lucky contestant on this edition of..."

Image20200307_222317 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Canned crowd applause and cheers*
*Cheesy game show music*

Image20200307_222422 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Whoawhoawhoa!!! Hold on a second!!! TURN THAT SHIT OFF!!!!
*Applause and music stops*

Image20200307_222652 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Geez that's headache inducing...where the hell am I? Whats going on and who the Brikhell are you two??? A better question would probably be WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU???"
Kitt: "Now now, Director thats not a network friendly attitude!"
Director Lena: "Rrrriiiigggghhhhtttt....does this bullshit act actually work on people?"

Image20200307_222715 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "You'd be surprised. Now, here's how this works...we drop you into a giant arena with several other teams. All you have to do is survive."
Director Lena: "And if I tell you to go fuck yourself?"

Image20200307_222826 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "Well then that would be an automatic forfeit for you and your team..."

Image20200307_222928 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "...and result in your immediate exodus to the cold dark of Stor-Age!!"
Director Lena: "Of course it would....but I doubt you can do that."

Image20200307_223045 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "So what'll it be Director?"
Director Lena: " I have a choice..."

Image20200307_223207 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Obviously I'm in...but I think you're putting me at a huge disadvantage. My people are scattered across the Brikverse, I'll need time to get everybody back..."

Image20200307_223329 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "That will be no probelm, Director! Here on Season Slayer we believe in playing fair."
Director Lena: "...rrriiiigggghhhhhtttt..."

Image20200307_223450 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Of course, your missing people will be conveniently transported to you all expenses paid."
Director Lena: "Oh yeah...when?"

Image20200307_223622 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Now!"
Director Lena: "Now?"
Kitt: "Just now!"
Director Lena: "Hmmm....guess we'll see about that."

Image20200307_223753 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Look....I think you're both full of shit, and me and my people don't have a chance!! Haha...this entire thing is just as fake as Bebes hairdo!"

Image20200307_223854 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "What did you just say?"
Director Lena: "I was just saying how if this was a clown impersonation show, you'd be a shoe-in for the blue ribbon."
Bebe: "Why you insolent little!"

Image20200307_224012 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "ABS piece of trash...I should rake your eyes from your skull!"
Kitt: "Now hold on there a minute, Bebe! What would our sponsors think?"

Image20200307_224148 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "Your right, Kitt! It'll be much more fun to watch her get ripped to shreds!!"
Kitt: "That's the spirit, Bebe!"

Image20200307_224333 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: " two are really trying to sell me on the crap you're shoveling."
Kitt: "We have a fantastic financing team!"

Image20200307_224545 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And now I'll explain a few rules for our viewers at home!"
Director Lena: "What viewers?"
Kitt: "That's not important, what is important is our Nielsen ratings."
Bebe: "That's right, Kitt!"

Image20200307_224647 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Okay, here we go folks."
Director Lena: "This should be getting a root canal, or breaking your femur..."
Kitt: "Let's not get ahead of ourselves!"

Image20200307_224545 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "So here's how we play; you have two weeks to build and marshal your forces, then on the day of the spring equinox the games begin."

Image20200307_224647 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Two weeks hardly seems like enough time to---"
Kitt: "That's not our problem!"

Image20200307_224755 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "In 48 hours time you'll be brought back here to meet your murder---er, your healthy competition!"
Bebe: "That's right, Kitt! In the meantime you should choose your captains and make your battleplan!"
Kitt: "You'll also get your first look at the opposing teams! Think of it like a good old-fashioned coin flip."
Director Lena: "Sounds archaic..."

Image20200307_224856 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Either way, that's how it's going down!"
Bebe: "That's right Kitt! In addition to the meet-and-greet you'll get a preview of the battlefields!"
Director Lena: "Wait...battlefields? I thought you said this was in an arena?"

Image20200307_224822 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "And it is! Only it has multiple layers for extreme events or triggered actions."
Director Lena: "Kinda sounds like some rule-bending crap to me..."
Bebe: "WELL IT ISN'T!!!"
Kitt: "Settle down there, Bebe!"

Image20200307_225040 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "You're right, Kitt! I just want to watch this minifig harlot die a horrible, screeching death!"
Kitt: "Haha, don't we all Bebe?"
Director Lena: "Uh huh..."

Image20200307_225136 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "So Director Magda Lena...are you ready to play SEASON SLAYER?"
Director Lena: "Again seems I don't have any choice..."
Kitt: "Alrighty, lets be getting you back then. Looks like you got your work cut out for you, Director!"
Director Lena: "No shit...."

Image20200307_225213 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Oh and just in case you get any bright ideas; this show has a very high win ratio. How do you think we keep our ratings up?"
Director Lena: "Probably like most casinos do; by stacking the deck in favor of the house!"
Kitt: "That's just an old wives tale!"
Director Lena: "I wouldn't bet on that!"

Image20200307_225357 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Like I said before, I'm pretty sure we're getting screwed...which is something we'll deal with. But know this, Kitt,
or whoever you are..."
Kitt: "Whats that, Director?"
Director Lena: "I've seen some pretty weird stuff in my time. Fought wars, destroyed planets, pretty standard day-to-day in the life of a minifig. But in all my travels in all of the Brikverse and beyond I've never seen anything like you! I don't know if your some kind of malicious race, or bored alien traveler or what your story is but I will find out. Neither of you are Nega-Bloxites, or CLOan brand off-shots, and I highly doubt you're made of ABS at ALL you're something different altogether, and whatever it is that you are, probably isn't good."
Bebe: "Well aren't you the curious one!"
Director Lena: "Fuck off, Bebe!"
Bebe: "You little sack of----!"

Image20200307_225429 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Bebe!"
Director Lena: "Yeah put a cork in it! I'll eventually find out whats going on. Then you'll pay."
Kitt: "Haha. It's hard to cash checks when you're in Stor-Age!"
Director Lena: "We'll see about that. Now send me back, I have plans to make!"
Kitt: "Right away, Director...and we'll be seeing you soon! Everyone else stay tuned! We'll be right back after these messages!"

Image20200307_225843 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Silent-but-deadly poofing sound*

Image20200307_225911 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Uuuggghhhh....I hate that already..."
Renna: "...Director! Boss lady, are you there?..."
Director Lena: "Huh...?"

Image20200307_230027 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "I'm here Renna, whats going on?"
Renna: "Holy crap, where did you go?!? I've been blowing up your comm for 20 minutes!! Something really weird is going on! You have to get up here quick!"
Director Lena: "Calm down, Renna! Slowly explain to---"
Renna: "No time for that! We're getting messages from Citadel City! Everybody came back! They just appeared out of thin air! Commander Kuul is demanding to speak to you! Just get up here!"
Director Lena: "Hmm guess they weren't lying about everything..."

Image20200307_231532 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Renna: "Who wasn't?"
Director Lena: "Nevermind Renna, I'm on my way! Go to red alert, and tell all personnel to man battlestations! Shit just got real!"


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Re: Opening Doors~Part---Hey, whats going on?!!?

Post by CaLego420 » Sun Mar 15, 2020 1:56 pm

Cheesy game show music

Image20200313_015523 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Canned audience applause and cheering*

Image20200313_015628 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And we're back ladies and gentleman, with what should be an interesting night! As always, I'm your host Kitt Katt!"

Image20200313_015703 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "And I'm Bebe Ruth!"

Image20200313_015855 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Well Bebe the time is nearly here and its time for tonights choosing ceremony, a show where the teams meet and the initiative rolls and team starting locations are decided! We'll also explain a few of the Arena rules and some of its features! So how you holding up over there, Bebe? Seems to be a fever pitch in the studio tonight!"
Bebe: "Oh yes, Kitt! The audience is especially pumped for this one! I'm super excited to see what happens!"
Kitt: "Well alright, lets move things along then!"

Image20200313_020001 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "So lets bring her back to the stage, Director Magda Lena of the Blacktronian Confederation!"

Image20200313_020208 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Audible poofing*

Image20200313_020421 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Well that does beat all on the annoyance factor, little lady."
Director Lena: "Told ya."
The Partythrower: "It is a fairly neat trick though. I wonder how they do it?"
Director Lena: "Maybe we'll find out."

Image20200313_020501 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Welcome back, Director!"

Image20200313_020647 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Yeah, yeah...can we please just get through this?"
The Cowboy: "Well shit, boss lady, I don't know what they are..."
The Partythrower: "This isn't some kind of magic I know. Strange..."
Kitt: "As you're aware tonights the choosing ceremony---"
Director Lena: "No actually I didn't know anything because you didn't tell me shit. 'Choosing ceremony' sounds a lot like a crooked game of musical chairs with winners already picked, so I'm just going to assume underdog status and roll with that."
Kitt: "Very well then, Director!"

Image20200313_021954 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Alright! Lets bring out our first team!"
Director Lena: "This should be great..."

Image20200313_022033 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Audible poofing*

Image20200313_022226 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "The Stripes Gang! Represented today by Gramps!"
*Canned audience applause and cheers*
Gramps: "The samhell? This ain't no jewelry shop! Bamboozled again!"
Kitt: "Haha, isn't he a character ladies and gentleman!"

Image20200313_022334 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And his allied team---"
Director Lena: "Hey, what the fuck?! What do you mean allied team?!"
Kitt: "Seems pretty self-explanatory to me! Introducing the Mainland Staters of Amonica! Represented today by General Lavender!"
Lavender: "Is this the competition?"

Image20200313_022611 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Lavender: "A weak showing...I doubt this girl will last past the first round."
Director Lena: "And I doubt having such a heavy '80's vibe is good for the environment. Sure hope all that hairspray isn't flammable."
Gramps: "Why you no good sombitch' I outta take you over my knee and rifle through your purse!"
The Partythrower: "Are you sure it's a good idea to have him out this late? He seems the type to throw a tantrum if he misses the Wheel..."
Jacked: "What'd you say you little twerp?"
The Partythrower: "I said your hearing would probably be better if you knocked off the steroids for a day or two."
Jacked: "I'm going to rip you apart!"
The Partythrower: "I'm sure...just keep in mind I'm not the yellow pages of the phonebook..."

Image20200313_022755 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "Wow, Kitt they really hate each other already!"
Kitt: "You can say that again, Bebe! Hopefully we don't have to call security"
Together: *Host laugh*

Image20200313_022937 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Well lets add some more ingredients to this recipe for disaster!"

Image20200313_023030 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Audible poofing*

Image20200313_023205 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "The Space Ninjas of Awesome Powers! Represented today by Geni, The Shark Army General!"
Geni: "Oh wow, I'm going to need a bigger smoothie cup for this."

Image20200313_023334 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And her allied team---"
Director Lena: "Seriously?"
The Cowboy: "This is more rigged than a line-dancing competition on a minefield..."
Kitt: "---The Space Explorers Alliance! Represented today by High Commander Tarreva!"
Tarreva: "It's Locus Ri---oh nevermind..."

Image20200313_023821 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Tarreva: "This is a joke right? Some career criminals, some mercenary losers and those scrubs? I don't have time for this."
Geni: "I think if I have a strawberry banana combo, I won't finish it before we beat them."
Director Lena: "The only thing that even slightly needs a scrub is fish chick, spend much time on a shrimping boat lately? Geez..."
The Cowboy: "It does put in me in the mood for a big hunk of salmon though."
Gramps: "Confoundit, bunch a hippies all whacked out on goofballs!"
The Partythrower: "It's about time for your meds, right? You should probably be getting back to the retirement home."
Tarreva: "And what LARPing group are you late for? Dungeons and Dumbasses?"
The Partythrower: "Isn't there a space truck stop somewhere where your mouth could be put to better use? Perhaps on a tailpipe?"
Jacked: "I got a use for her mouth..rawr...yeah, baby you can command me anytime."
Director Lena: "Hopefully she'll command you to swan dive into an active volcano."

Image20200313_023950 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: ""

Image20200313_024219 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "Aha!"

Image20200313_024351 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "High Commander, there is one of the criminals now! They are harboring the schedule black fugitive! That one in the cowboy hat used the A-Gate!"
Tarreva: "Is this true? You will hand over the criminal to be tried at once!"
The Cowboy: "You got a better chance of a buffalo flying out my behind, missy!"

Image20200313_024616 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Tarreva: "You will give us that girl and return our property to us, immediately!"
Director Lena: " Regardless of whatever your claim may be she's under my protection. We like her. We also like the Transparent Crystal she gave us, so I think I'll keep both."
Tarreva: "Why you smug...arrogant..."
Director Lena: "Don't forget ravenously beautiful and devilishly charming."

Image20200313_024759 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Tarreva: "This isn't over. I'll have that girl and our property returned."
Director Lena: "And I'll sail the seventy-seven seas in a kayak. We can both label those under 'shit that's never going to happen'."
Tarreva: "So you believe..."

Image20200313_025034 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Well it seems there's some team drama already, this should make for a memorable show!"

Image20200313_025643 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And now its time to see where all that bad blood is going to be spilled, as we get a look at the Spring edition of the Arena!"
Lavender: "I don't see any Arena..."
Kitt: "That's because---"

Image20200313_025809 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "---you're standing on it!"
*Surprise sounds from the teams*
*Canned 'oh and ah's*
Kitt: "That's right folks, welcome to the Eternal Infinite Arena! This plane can take on any form our producers and audience participants choose! From lush jungle to arid desert to arctic tundra, there's no telling what manner of battleground you might get!"

Image20200313_030030 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "This is a whole lotta pasture, boss lady."
Director Lena: "Looks pretty bare bones right now, Kitt. I thought we get a preview of the battlefield?"
Kitt: "And so you did!"
Director Lena: "When?"
Kitt: "Just now!"
Director Lena: "I've decided that I hate you..."

Image20200313_030146 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Haha. Can't win 'em all! Bebe, care to explain?"
Bebe: "Sure thing, Kitt!"

Image20200313_030520 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "Using a multitude of plates, and our patented battlefield technology, we can create endless cells and always keep the matches fresh! One day you could be fighting in a swamp and the next in a river valley, the possibilities literally never end!"
Director Lena: "So you could, in theory, drop a city into the middle of a battle in the ocean? Sounds ultra sketchy to me. Probably just as sketchy as whoever did your botox, because that's a back alley job if I ever seen one."
Bebe: "Why you smel--!"

Image20200313_031837 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Settle down, Bebe!"
Bebe: "Your right, Kitt! She just really makes me want to tear her throat out!"
Kitt: "Haha! She does have that effect on people! Now it's time for the roll-off to see what team gets initiative! Each team will roll a d6, any ties will be best out of three with the team with the lowest roll choosing their starting position!"

Image20200313_032037 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "And General Lavender is first up!"
*Canned game show dice roll*
Kitt: "It's a five! That'll be a tough roll to beat ladies and gentlemen!"
Lavender: "This is in the bag!"

Image20200313_032006 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Next up is the Space Ninjas!"
*Canned game show dice roll*
Kitt: "Ohh so close! Geni rolls a four!"
Geni: "Fishsticks!"

Image20200313_031925 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Director Lena is last up!"
*Canned game show dice roll*
*Canned slide-whistle ridiculousness*
Kitt: "Haha, that's too bad! Director Lena rolls the infamous one!"
Director Lena: "Wow...I am both shocked and awed that such a thing has happened..."
Kitt: "That's the way the bones roll, as the kids say!"

Image20200313_032249 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Bebe: "So our turn order is: The Stripes Gang and Mainlanders first up, followed by The Space Ninjas and Explorers Alliance...with the Blacktronian Confederation going dead last!"

Image20200313_033141 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Well now that that's settled, Director which starting position would you like then?"
Director Lena: "We'll take the best side, which is the West side!"
Kitt: "So be it! Well there you have it folks, we're ready to get started on this session of---"
Together: "SEASON SLAYER!"
*Canned audience cheers and clapping*
The Partythrower: "That's probably the single most insanity causing thing I've ever heard...listening to alley cults sqealch next to a dumpster is like a thousand times more soothing."

Image20200313_033327 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Any final words Director?"
Director Lena: "This is obviously a deck of cards all stacked against I guess my final thought would be: I sure hope your budgeting department has deep pockets, because we're going to raze whatever you send at us to the ground."
The Cowboy: "You can say that again."

Image20200313_033454 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Marrnix: "High Commander this travesty can't go on---"
Tarreva: "Quiet, Mik! There's still the matter of the girl, we won't tolerate such outrageous slights!"
Kitt: "Sounds like a case best settled on the battlefield!"

Image20200313_033600 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "Missy, you got a big old black hole between your ears...that girl isn't your personal property. You want her so bad come and take her then!"

Image20200313_033752 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Tarreva: "Oh we will, along with your lives!"
The Partythrower: "I believe that tailpipe is still waiting..."
Tarreva: "Yeah make your jokes, we'll see soon enough!"
Director Lena: "Anything would be better then listening to your whining...and that includes having your eyelids propped open and having to stare at Bebe's car accident of a face all day."
Bebe: "You no good---!"
Kitt: "Let it go, Bebe!"

Image20200313_033827 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Gramps: "You darned kids and your sombitchin' rappy music! There's no banks to rob around here!"

Image20200313_034100 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Calm down there, Gramps!"
Gramps: "Get me back, my gold toothes a fixin' to need a friend or fifteen! I could use some green jello too, you scallywag!"
Kitt: "Haha, well that just about concludes tonights episode!"

Image20200313_034226 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "The teams are set, the moves are choosen, and there's nothing left to do but get it on!"

Image20200313_034351 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Kitt: "Everybody will return here in just a few days time! Good luck to all our players, and a goodnight to our wonderful viewers, wherever you may be! I'm Kitt Katt and we'll see you soon!"

Image20200313_034554 by Dats Private, on Flickr

*Silent-but-deadly poofing*

Image20200313_034631 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "Well aren't they a lovely bunch of idiots..."
The Cowboy: "That High Commander needs to get up off her high horse!"
Director Lena: "Agreed. So first impressions?"

Image20200313_034713 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Partythrower: "That Stripes Gang isn't a problem, but their teammates might be. There's also the fact that that battlefield is fairly large and might be a problem for movement."
Director Lena: "I already considered that, and I've got a plan for that."
The Partythrower: "Nice!"

Image20200313_034804 by Dats Private, on Flickr

The Cowboy: "It seems like they'll be gunning hard for us, especially Marrnix and that Tarreva filly!"
Director Lena: "I'm sure 41 will have something to say about that."
The Cowboy: "No doubt about that, not to much 41 doesn't have something to say about."

Image20200313_034848 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "Better shine up your six shooters then, old friend! The time will be here before we know it."
The Cowboy: "You sound like you got something up your sleeve."
Director Lena: "But of course! They think they have the advantage, which is their first and last mistake."
The Partythrower: "'s on?"
Director Lena: "Oh it's all the way on! Let's hit the briefing room and I'll explain everything. We're going in hotter then the sun!"


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Re: Opening Doors~Part---That is some super cheesy game show music, though!

Post by CaLego420 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 2:34 am


Image20200320_151612 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "So are we ready then?

Image20200320_152348 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Cpt. Athon: "Fuck yeah we are!"
The Cowboy: "Let's skin these sidewinders!"
The Partythrower: "This should be a sweet gig!"
Pinky: "...not really..."
41: "Relax, we got your back"
Lt. Andra: "Locked and loaded!"

Image20200320_152439 by Dats Private, on Flickr

Director Lena: "What I like to hear, folks! V.O.I.D. you with us?"
Virtually Omnipotent Intelligence Drive: "Yes, Magda. My functionality is at one-hundred percent."
Director Lena: "Sorry about the abrupt disconnect but the Brikthulu Virus caught me off guard and I didn't want the possibility of you being infected."
V.O.I.D.: "Your decision was tactically sound, apologies are not warranted."
Director Lena: "It's good to have you back, babe. Now lets go kick some ass!"

Image20200320_152657 by Dats Private, on Flickr


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