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Significant Events

The Nefarious Nega-BlokTrix is seen in public for the first time. Horror ensues.

Reports From The Field

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NELUG P.A.R.V. The inspiration for the PARV came from Wayne McCaul, who suggested the concept for the BrikWars game. The idea was for a Mad Max style BrikWars game, where post-apocolyptic inhabitants wrestled for control of an advanced vehicle, and Blood Warriors would attempt to try and board the escaping vehicle. The design was largely influenced by Wayne's initial descriptions and also by the game itself. According to the description, it had to be large-- capable of housing dozens of people for months. And for the sake of the game, it had to be easy for the invaders to board. Hence the rear landing platform, bevy of outer ladders, and front/side exposed platforms. It also meant I wanted a lot of functionality that could be manually overridden, like turrets, sub-vehicles, and the crane. The idea to make it modular was Shaun Sullivan's. He suggested allowing other game players to participate in the PARV's construction by letting them build modules which could be inserted when the game was played. Turns out there were 3 modules built by other players for the game (two by Shaun and one by Jonathan Dallas). The game took place on Sep. 17, 2005. Participants included the Omics (defending the PARV): Alfred Speredelozzi, Joe Comeau, and Dan Boger, and the Blood Warriors (attacking the PARV): Shaun Sullivan, Wayne McCaul, Jamie Berard, and Jonathan Dallas more pictureseven more picturesThe P.A.R.V. picturesAs you can see, there were a lot of pictures.
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