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Significant Events

Reports From The Field

Played by Battle Description Thumbnail
NELUG It takes a pillage In the first of two games staged at JumpGate Game Day, Shaun inflicted cruel misfortune on this medieval village. Marauding armies converge on the peaceful hamlet in hopes of finding a hidden superweapon. In a surprise twist, the exhausted combatants discovered that the superweapon could only be controlled by units carrying fried chicken. pictures
It takes a pillage
NELUG Stanford and son and the Tox Uthat To appease the spacers at JumpGate Day, Wayne staged his battle on a derelict spacecraft far in the future, with cameos from the stars of many NELUG sci-fi battles in years past. Competing teams of space-salvagers enter the wreck of an abandoned spaceship in order to retrieve a mysterious artifact; the Tox Uthat. However, this spaceship is also inhabited by ravenous aliens, and is on a direct crash course with a nearby star!
Tox Uthat
NELUG Bubblegum Crisis Following Nelug's Bubble Gum Crisis battle, Team Villain's notorious leader Evil Mastermind (rumored to be none other than Joe Comeau) has sent out a memo describing the results of the Drastic Urban Meltdown 2003 initiative. The announcement includes illustrated narration from the front line. Photo gallery
Bubblegum Crisis
played by Ice Station zero Nothing is known about this battle except for that it looks like it happened at some form of convention, and it was staged on an iceworld base.
Ice Station 0

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