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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Lord Penningfield
Country: Great Scythian Empire
SCYEX: AMS 92.86 -1.19 (-1.27%)

"Powering the BrikVerse"

AMScythia is a huge antimatter conglomerate that generates more revenue than some entire star empires. Once a startup founded by some enterprising Scythian physicists a few centuries ago, it grew by capitalizing on Scythia’s increasing dependence on antimatter as its chief energy source. After its introduction to the rest of the Nehellium Galaxy, AMScythia expanded outward and exploited the Scythian Empire’s goodwill attempts to spread the benefits of its antimatter technology by inducing dependency in other star nations. Through this tactic, it has gained a near-monopoly on antimatter in the galaxy and has become one of the largest companies in the Brikverse.

To meet the increasing demand, AMScythia commissioned a fleet of dreadnought-sized antimatter tankers using resources only star nations would typically have. It has also profiteered off of the Immortal War, securing military contracts to supply antimatter for the war effort. The advent of the antimatter projector and ship-based antimatter missiles marked rallies for investors and stock prices.

AMScythia employs private guards in addition to maintaining a close relationship with the military. Some in the Scythian Empire believe that the company has grown too close to the government, however.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: Æ240.5 trillion -9.4%
Profits: Æ19.2 trillion -27.4%
Total Assets: Æ204.6 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: Æ102.7 trillion
Market Value: Æ249.0 trillion