Astral Plate

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The Astral Plate
Plane of Existence
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The Primary Baseplate

The Astral Plate is the space between existence, a buffer or lubrication between the verses in any given Multiverse and, indeed, between the Multiverses themselves. It is a grand, unifying aspect which allows for the possibility of existence and the existence of possibility. The Astral is the infinite baseplate on which all reality is built and is, therefore, simultaneously nothing and everything, an everlasting, ever expanding potential. It has been philosophized that since we come from it, we are connected to it and it is the medium through which we can imagine other worlds and think alien thoughts. It is thought that the Astral may be the tool we use, however subconsciously, to expand ourselves, to grow and develop.

Astral Characteristics

Astral Space

While it is true that Astral space is a metaphor and an abstract idea, it is also a physical place because physical places, like things and ideas, also come from somewhere. It is possible, under the right circumstances, to travel to the Astral Plate. The journey will undoubtedly be bewildering, spiritually and mentally trying, and may bring the traveler to great danger but it is considered, by many multiversal scholars, to be well worth the risks.

Astral Space displays a peculiarity, which may have more to do with any given sentient's limited perception than with any feature of the plane itself. Because the experience in travelling there is almost dreamlike in its abstractness and therefore highly personalized, scholars are sketchy on just how to describe the peculiarity. Most agree, however, that Astral Space is essentially localized. That is, while entering from the same place under the same circumstances a traveler may have a wildly different experience but the physical sensation of location is unchanged. This makes it possible to navigate the Astral and, if one has the capability, enter and exit at very specific points in a given real universe. Navigating is not easy, however, and it is extraordinarily easy to become very, very lost. Furthermore, the distances even between universes in the same multiversal cluster are vast so, barring some deific means of travel, travelers are typically limited to their own universes.

Astral Time

Time does not pass in the Astral (one of those things travelers find so difficult to wrap their minds around). Each person bears a quantum phase variance, a sort of chrono-tag that identifies, down to the smallest possible measure of time, the exact time one belongs to. Exiting the Astral will automatically return a traveler to her own time because, in a manner of speaking, she never really left it. Travelers in the Astral do not necessarily age, nor do they need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

Quantum Phase Variance and the BrikVerse

The BrikVerse is a chronologically mangled universe. Natives have some of the most fucked up time signatures in existence. Therefore, interaction with the Astral by these peoples is...random and dangerous to say the least. Some believe that more powerful creatures hailing from the universe are capable of controlling the time variance and koincidence, thus bending some of the most potent forces in existence to their will. This has yet to be proven.

Astral Inhabitants

Because of the open nature of the realm, travelers could literally come across anyone in there. Some of those people or creatures might even be real. Almost certainly, all of them are dangerous. Most dangerous of all are the deities who've made their homes within the Astral. No telling what they might do.

Astral Connections

The Astral is coexistent, point for point, with literally everything. All it takes is the power or ability to breach the Universal Membrane and take a walk on the wild side.

Notable Astral Characters and Locations

Pesgores: The Administrator of the Astral Plate.

Dread Pirate Two-By-Two: The BrikVerse creator god.

BrikThulhu: The immortal king of mayhem.

The Primary Baseplate: Rumored to be the dwelling place of the Great Builder, the Dread Pirate Two-By-Two, and the foundation on which the BrikVerse is literally built. In BrikThology, it is also the site of the first battle in the BrikVerse.