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Oftentimes; players may find that they lack sufficient inspiration to set up a game of brikwars that goes beyond a simple basis of your army fights mine. In this section; we aim to give a number of pre-made battle scenarios which will aid the aspiring Brikwarior in hosting a game which not only involves dice rolling and awesome shit happenig; but also contains a fair amount fo thought and stategy as to how to best acheive your given objectives and to obtain victory. Several of the scenarios listed here are adapted from classic brikwars games; and give suggestions as to how players should build their armies and what kind of terrain may be nessecary. All in all, we aim in this section to give you some awesome ideas; that will help inspire you to build something totally awesome and play a game of trully epic proportions.

So here they are; Brikwars presents; battle scenarios, listed by subject

Castle Battles

Escape from Misty Isle

City Battles

Mad Max

The Beltway

Right to Bear Arms

High School Spirit Week

Treasure Hunt

Canyon Run

Dirtworthy’s Revenge

Pirate Battles

Space Battles

Space-Age Urban Warfare

The Botched Colony Project