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"Bozon: The Farce-Carrying Clown Partikle," original printing
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Yeah, because one of those days I will, like, totally find the bozon, and then those phizzisists will like, totally shower me in bitches and shit
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-Rogue Scythian Mad Physicist

Bozons, the so-called "Clown Particles," are mythikal Farce-carrying particles proposed by theo-heretikal farsicists in an attempt to reconcile the absurdative effects of ABS with the universal Farce. While the scientific community at large insists that it has completed their Theory of Everything, these farcisists disregard them anyway as mad scientists, joining forces with those who try to square circles.

Proving the existence of Bozons is enormously difficult, as though the laws of physiks itself were trolling BrikVerse scientists. The most advanced research is conducted by mad SpaceMan scientists using Large HateTron Colliders to smash inhabited planets together at near-lightspeed in the hope of creating a humorous event concentrated enough to finally provide evidence of their existence and make a laughingstock of all those arrogant Nobel-winning actual physicists.