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Nonprofit Organization
Tek Level 5
Infiltrated the education systems of nearly every country in the brikverse
None listed
Trattoria, USA
Notable People
David Coleman

CollegeBored is a nonprofit educational organization founded by representatives from various USA and Trattorian universities and schools in order to promote college readiness throughout the brikverse, offering a variety of SAT and SAT Subject Tests as well as AP courses and accompanying exams.

In reality, CollegeBored is a conspiracy that has infiltrated nearly every country in the brikverse, attempting to spread, control, and profit off of education. It has used its monopoly power to force nearly every prospective student in the brikverse to take the SAT and pay its accompanying $50 fee. Its ambition still not satisfied, CollegeBored then attempted to spread Subject Tests and AP Exams as well. Some countries began to realize what was happening, however, and blocked CollegeBored from their territory, switching instead to the ACT test.

CollegeBored was understandably unhappy about this development, and so decided that it would spread education and college readiness through force if necessary. Dipping into its massive profit reserves from testing fees and study guide sales, CollegeBored armed its employees, ready to invade defecting countries and enforce education.


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CollegeBored is normalizing education in the brikverse to adhere to Trattorian standards, marginalizing warfare education in favor of more traditional subjects. Some countries, like our own, are resisting this, which the CollegeBored has met with its own military. Its Board of Governors is controlled jointly by Trattorians and the USA- the USA isn't really in it, only for the handsome profit they turn out, and also because it looks good for B'lack to support the spread of education.

Make no mistake-CollegeBored is the reason why the brikverse has slowed and lacks in violence. A good majority of our galaxy has been educated, pacified, and civilized by CB standards. Wars still happen, but they happen in orderly fashions and only after much bureaucratic machinery, and therefore proceed at glacial rates. International organizations such as the Allied Nations and Third Alliance form, rather than the random wars and fluctuating allegiances of the past. In a sense, CollegeBored is one of the brikverse's greatest enemies. Even more threatening than the pwnies, in terms of success and actual accomplishments.

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-Bavarian Professor at a faculty conference at Krupp University