Creed Of The 12

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The Creed Of The 12 is the religion of the Atherta Federation it is not know if thoes they worship are gods, demigods, or even daemons taking advantage of helpless minifigs.


Cother is the god of duty when he took the chosen one into the sky and taught him about the heresy of the world.

Cother is said to look like a tall being in black and white robes who carries the staff Retribution


Mybrus is the god of war and brought the best warriors to his fabled fortress and taught them strategies to enact to fulfill their duty.

Mybrus is said to wear full black plate armor with white trim and carry a mighty Sword known as Foerender


Ydarus is the god of the forge he brought up a handful of the calmest and smartest followers and taught them the art of blacksmithing so they may forge weapons of war to use against the heretics of the world.

Ydarus is said to wear simple black robes and carry a might OT weapon known as the Bannhammer (Not to be confused with the Almighty Ban Hammer)


Onia is the god of death and gaurdian of all souls as well as host to their resting place. When a warrior dies they find themselves on a small rock with a boat made of bone and a figure greets them and allows them to enter his boat to ferry them to their next life.

Onia is said to black skinned figure with a long tail tipped with a spike wearing pitch black armor he carries the mighty axe called Despair


The god of vengeance is known to be a cruel god mostly prayed to by those who feel like they have been unjustly treated and pray for the doom of their rival.


The god of victory is a very important god to the minifigs of Atherta as he is said to rejoice when a battle is won and is known to gift some with mighty weapons when they are in times of dire need to help them win a battle however these weapons and artifacts can never be found after a battle.


The god of logic is known to be respected by those who wish to employ strategy and you will commonly find his worshippers in cover with long ranged weapons.


The god of rage is commonly worshipped by berserkers and most bloodthirsty warriors and is known to grant gifts usually a weapon of amazing power.


The god of loyalty most bodyguards are chosen from the ranks of his worshippers so that whoever they are guarding knows that they shall never turn on him.


The god of mischief usually will take forms of other gods and pretend to grant them gifts and grant their pleas however as soon as they use such item it will often break sometimes injuring the user.


The god of beer he is said to visit those who have outdrank all others and grant them a gift of an ornate stein that overflows with maniac beer and shall never become empty no matter how much the bearer drinks.


The god of change is one of the most hated gods as he attempts to change the brikverse and bring peace to the lands but he is also known to turn peaceful minifigs to great acts of violence no one ever knows what he thinks or what his true plan is.