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The Brootalz (or Da Brootalz) are a seemingly endless horde of orks with one clear purpose: helping to bring about Ragnablok. While ‘organized ranks’ is not quite the proper term for them, they are more of a concentration of orks under one banner and one leader, and do not necessarily originate from any one specific place in the Brikverse. In fact, they seem to come from another plane entirely. While for the time being their origins may be shrouded in mystery, one thing is for certain: Da Brootalz are the manifestation of war and destruction gleefully ready to sweep through the entirety of the Brikverse.

Brootal Biology

A Brootal Sprout in an early growth phase (artist's depiction)

Brootalz are grown from the soil of conquered planets. In their nymph stage, they are are known as Brootal Sprouts, and grow in a group on a single stalk. Only one Brootal per stalk actually matures into a full adult, as it typically murders the other sprouts of the stalk to assert dominance. Some planets only produce a single Brootal as a result of fratricide - such a Brootal will become a Warbaws.

Brootal blood varies in color from trans red to lime green. The more green the blood, the more unusual its properties.

Brootal Society

Very little is known about how Brootalz live when they aren't just murdering everyone in sight, probably because all the researchers we sent never came back.

It is believed Brootalz do not drink any alcohol. Instead, their frenzied rage is fueled entirely by caffeine. All Brootalz and their trained mecha-beasts drink Brootal Brew Koffee, which contains 500x the regular amount of caffeine. There are several regional brands of Brootal Brew, including Krumpin' Kronuts, StarbOrks, and Tim Orkton's. Brootalz also employ janitors but we do not know to what end.

The logo for Brootal Brew
A Brootal Brew stand, typically seen in public squares and mall atriums.
Stubbork, the Janitork