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The ruling body of the Papacy, it is the heart and brain of the Papacy.

  • The Pape (Pope) - The Divine Leader of the Ditholic Faith. He has a say in ALL government decisions, and his word is respected despite not wielding much military force.
  • The Table of Twenty - As the most Sacred Dice has 20 side, there are 20 Advisers to the Pape.
  • The Cardinals of the Dice - The main body of the Ditholic Administration, they have high numbers and are some of the most elite of the Papacy's fighting force (however small).


Although small and made up almost purely of Soldado that were specially selected from the Imperial Army, the Papacy's devout soldiers are to be feared, admired, and, above all, respected.

  • Exorcists - The most elite, devout, spiritually rigorous, and magically adept are taken (swiftly) from the main Emerian populace and dropped into the tiny, yet loving arms of the Exorcists. The Papacy are the only few in Emerian space that practice, study, and hone magical ability. The Exorcists grew considerably after the Atlantian War and foreigners flooded into Emeria and exploit it's extra-galactic virginity to the (known) Brikverse. Their support also grew as dissent and discord with Assyria grew due to the Trianglist invaders.
  • Paladins - The cream of the crop of the Papacy's infantry, the Paladins are senior Templars who have proven their adeptness and skill in service to the Papacy.
  • Templars - The basic trooper of the Papacy, they are taken from the main Imperial Army and trained in body and Spirit, and then commissioned into service. They are the fierce guardians who protect the shrines of Ditholicism, no matter how distant and/or small.
  • Monk / Nun - The disciplinary agents of the Papacy, they do almost everything from beating unruly children to infiltrating enemy fortresses.


These are the run-of-the-mill actual Religious figures of Emerian life. But don't underestimate their combat prowess. Just because they are simple priests and the base of the Ditholic faith, does not mean they aren't capable warriors.

  • Grand Cleric - The chief religious figure in a system, a Grand Cleric runs the church in a system where Ditholicism has even the barest presence.
  • Cleric - The religious figure in charge of worlds and nations, they run Papacy activity on an entire world or nation.
  • Pastor - The leader of a mighty cathedral, or a humble shrine, the are responsible for their flock of local Ditholics.
  • Deacon - The Ditholic Priest in charge of collecting the offerings that go straight into the Church's coffers. This is in turn donated to something or used to fund the Papacy's efforts.
  • Priest - A Priest is the primary Ditholic figure in the Papacy. They act is Missionaries primarily, but do most of the duties in the Papacy without thanks. So when you see one, pat him on the back.