Dracus Empire

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Dracus Empire
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TL 5
Small Empire
None listed
None listed
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Notable People
Darth Dracus


Shades McCool


The Dracus Empire is a small amount of forces that was just recently founded (back in 2009). They believe in The Invisible Pink Unicorn, and Darth Dracus as their gods.

Adrian is a cyber-samurai. He has the ability to teleport, and he knows many magical secrets. He was the hero during the failed assault on the Rainbow Barge. After failing a heroic feat, he fell and impaled himself with his own katana. He has not been seen since.

Shades McCool, who is the most devoted servant of the Invisible Pink Unicorn, was the planned hero for the attack on the Rainbow Barge, but he had to miss it because he broke his ankle falling off a curb the night before. He wears the chest-plate that belonged to the Purple Rainbow Knight.

This half-naked bitch is known as Officer B. Itch. Not much to say except that she does very well in cases of zombie outbreaks. Probably cause she's half naked.

A Dracus APC

Army Threads

Army thread

A-76 Heavy Fighter

Imperial Gunship, Warhead-class

Heroes and Infantry

P-69 Recon Hovercraft