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Ecto-115 is a dangerous, volatile, and utterly destructive element primarily occurring in the Devoid Sector of BrikSpace. It's origins lie suffocated with tragedy and the callous destruction of a genocidal campaign, when the Gunnar-Grim destroyed the once profoundly creative race now known as the deadly Zeitgeisteskrankheit. Ecto-115 was initially the byproduct of that race's death energies, as their SuperNatural constructive powers became corrupted by their righteous fury and undying hatred. Those energies forcefully manifested in the realverse and rushed out in a massive, roiling shockwave of psychic trauma and where they touched, Ecto-115 sometimes grew. Ecto-115, then, is the crystallized essence of Corrupted Creativity and Eternal Enmity.

Physical Appearance

In its final, crystallized state, Ecto-115 often looks like a Transparent Element but can manifest in any variety of color and shape. It grows erratically, often defying logik and conforms to very few physical scientific laws in terms of its composition and behavior. Though it develops in a largely crystalline fashion, the element is highly malleable and has even been known to change its own shape in response to specific stimuli.


Ecto-115 primarily occurs in the Devoid Sector, as that is where the largest concentration of Corrupted Creativity in the BrikVerse exists, but many other cultures develop it naturally as well. It also appears frequently at important death sites. Ecto-115 is the final evolution of a substance called Ectoplasm, which is the energy that Spectral creatures release when they physically manifest in the realverse. Ectoplasm almost always releases as an invisible or glow in the dark energy that flows from the temporarily corporeal body of the creature. This effect is what creates the famous ghostly image; when the creature forces its way through the veil of death, it arrives corporeally shrouded in a womb or cocoon of ectoplasmic energies. Ectoplasm that occurs persistently in any part of real space layers upon itself, eventually becoming real and crystallizing into Ecto-115.


Ecto-115 is mildly regenerative and thus releases small quantities of Ectoplasm back into real space. This can, over truly significant periods of time, create a multiplicative effect if the element is not removed from its resting place. The ectoplasm released layers upon itself just as if it were being released from a Spectral creature and further deposits of Ecto-115 may grow.

The crystalline element can be harvested and shaped with ridiculous ease, making it an exceedingly sought after resource. Some Spectrals have been known to corporeally manifest using their own ectoplasmic reserves, or the residual energies of other manifestations, long enough to harvest and craft weapons, armor, and other items from deposits of Ecto-115. They call these items Fetters and may then use them to manifest at will with little or no energy expenditure on their part. Their limited ability to carry them from place to place (due largely to the desire to take advantage of the myriad benefits of actually being incorporeal) makes many ghosts fairly stationary beings, however.

Ecto-115 can be affected normally by SuperNatural powers if the SuperNatural in question takes the time and consideration to tune those powers into the right frequency. The most common and powerful use of such a tactic is Exorcism, which has the potential to reduce the Ecto to a pretty, inert bauble. Few ghosts in the BrikVerse have much to fear in this regard, however, as Exorcism requires a great deal of patience and the right sort of feel-good faith...something which is in short supply here. Far more common is the threat of temporary possession as Ecto-115 is highly susceptible to necromantik energies.