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For some, Brikwars may be their first foray into the PBB/AFOL community; for these people, and simply for general reference, we have compiled a list of useful links and resources which will allow you to increase your building and photography skills and generally help you to create content that is truly awesome within or community.

General Resources - In case you were not aware that corporate websites exist. This is mostly geared towards the kiddos.

Peeron - a listing of all official LEGO sets, many with full instructions

The Brothers Brick - Lego related news, and showcase of the coolest builds.

BrickWiki - a significant portion of general information lies herein

Where to buy PBB's

BrickLink - You can buy specific peices you might need from here, or discontinued sets: by far the most valuable resource in your arsenal. This website is also useful because it allows you to determine what cetain parts or minifigs are worth. For Brickwars, this is most likely where you'd want to go to get a bunch of matching minifigures for an army.

EBAY - An auction site I'm sure you already know about. Tips: only ever buy Bulk lego from ebay, and then only if sold cheaply. Lurk long enough and eventually you'll find a really great deal.

Garage Sales: It's rare to find lego at garage sales, but this is absolutely, positively the best way to amass large amounts of it on a budget. Go whenever you can, and go as early as you can. If construction toys are sold at garage sale prices, they will be gone within the first hour of the sale in most cases.

Custom Piece Manufacturers

Brickarms - Mostly sell guns of various forms.

BrickForge - Wide variety of Minifig Accessories.

BrickWarriors - Mostly castle accessories

Combat Brick - even more custom lego guns

CitizenBrick - Custom printed minifigs and tiles.

firestar toys - random bits

altbricks - some cutom peices that are actually pretty useful.

tinytactical - in case you were hoping for something really detailed.

BrickTW - custom weapons for if ancient chinese stuff is your thing.

Building Tutorials (General)

SNOT studies - Basics of Studs Not On Top building explained.

LEGO building school - links to a number of other tutorials

Minifig Customization Network - a number of articles regarding minifig customization.

Building Tutorials (Space)

Moonbase Building standards - a way to make modular moonbases with your buddies.

Building Tutorials (Mecha)

Little Bot - Complete building instructions for a medium sized mecha - an excellent way to practice joint techniques and technical details.

reverse knee design - for all your chicken walking needs.

Building Tutorials (Castle)

Guide to building a detailed Medival Village - Cool, but very parts intensive, good for ideas.

Classic Castle Hosts a number of valuable tutorials.

Other PBB wargames

BOW or Bricks only wargame

Blockwars - a simplified ruleset geared towards the kiddos.

Evil Stevies' Pirate Game - This is the most popular of the pirate games. If you ever see a brick game getting played at a convention then it will probably be this one. The Pirate Game is not affiliated with Steve Jackson Games, although strangely, Steve Jackson is, and rather strongly at that.

Ultimate Lego vehicle contest -All right, so technically it's not a wargame (except possibly for the competition's last event). It's still cool. Notorious Internet celebrity The Reverend Brendan Powell Smith has documented the hilarity and destruction of his annual The Ultimate LEGO® Vehicle Contest.

BrickQuest - Here's a nicley-done game from Peter F. Guenther. Done in a boardgame style similar to the likes of HeroQuest, BrickQuest lets an aspiring BrickMaster build a dungeon to lead players through, on a stereotypical fantasy hack-and-slash.

BrickMech -Another quick and cleanly-written game from Peter F. Guenther, BrickMech lets players slap together some quick mechs for immediate battle.

Endless fonts of building inspiration

The LEGO project - One man's interpretation of everything the LEGO space line -should- be.

The Brick Testament - The bible as illustrated in lego by an aetheist.

Brikwars pintrest board - basically a collection of all the coolest pictures posted to the forums in the last couple of years.

Brikwars Inspirations

Photography Tutorials

removing backgrounds, ect

Brikwars Relevant Photoshop Tutorials

GIMP - Free image editing software! - not a tutorial, but this will definitely help if you want to make some fancy pictures. Comparable to photoshop.

Websites to host pictures on

Brickshelf - this website is pretty old, and probably not the best option. It is kind of fun to look around on it though.

Photobucket - A good website to quickly upload a bunch of pictures that you are just planning on posting to the forums or something like that.

Flikr - Flikr is where all the cool kids hang out. Post here if you are trying to show off your building skills.

How to Find Local Communities

BrickWiki/fangroups - Here are listed a few of the more prominent LUGs. good luck!