Gnomish Space Alliance

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Gnomish Space Alliance
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TL 5
1 star system
None listed
Space Dorfs
Notable People
Baron Nimiskiv

Irving "Crazyman" Zellmin

Major Zezzik Von Neustrom

Left to right: Irving Zellmin, Baron Nimiskiv, and Major Neustrom.

Baron Nimiskiv is the ambassadorial representative from the world of Ironpiece, Homeworld of the Gnomish Space Alliance. The GSA accepted the M-Throne Empire's invitation to Weisswelt's intergalactic summit. They are fairly new onto the scene of intergalactic politics, having in the past been concerned mostly with trade and development of their own system.

Joining him will be Major Zezzik Von Neustrom, representing the Gnomish Space Marines, and his personal Chef, Irving "Crazyman" Zellmin. They look forward to meeting with Prince Weisswelt and the other Emissaries.