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The Hatredcopter
Tail End

Ever since the Sonks-Class corvette first left the Assyrian shipyards, military theorists believed that the SHIP was the most powerful and awesome weapon of war that would ever be invented. But one ambitious general, Subyrally, did not agree with them. Finding a dozen of the best weapon-designers the galaxy had to offer, he locked them in a room with instructions to make the tried-and-true SHIP design even more badass than it already was. After days of feverish work, the designers presented him with a massive tablet of stone upon which were engraved the words: put giant spinning blades on it.

And so he did. And it was good.

Some say that it can fly through space... and time. Some say that it is fueled by pure Awesome, and armored with a heavy layer of pure Badass. Some say that its blades are edged with Orange Transparent, and can slice entire continents in twain. Some say that, as it descends from the sky, it is accompanied by the most brutal heavy metal ever heard by man or minifig. Some say that its main cannon can hit a target on the far side of the world... by shooting straight through the core. Some say that its appearance heralds the start of Ragnablok, the End of All Things, and that when the time comes it will slice the universe to ribbons with one rev of its engines. All we know is, it's called the Hatredcopter... and it will fuck you up.

Inspired Creation