Hezediah Harlequin's House of Havok

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Hezediah Harlequin's House of Havok
4H Flag 1.jpg
Spacefaring Circus
Tek Level 5
BrikVersian Audiences
None listed
Notable People
Hezediah Harlequin

Hephram Harlequin

General Goode Griefous

Master Artificer Bamboozle

Fire Chief Hornswoggle

Sister Twisted

The Glam Fisters

Pyotr Pyapr


Originally hailing from the infamous Doom Moon of Dis, 4H was once one of the largest and most influential prison gangs in the whole of the Nine Systems. For a long time, they had great fun exercising their masterful manipulations over the rest of the populace, deciding who would live or die on a whim or game of chance. They were a nightmarish group, bent on power and domination, and they cared very little for the pleasure of others so long as they were having fun. However, for all their widespread influence, there was one thing that 4H could not obtain. One Warden after another denied them entry into the Tower of Justice, and their ticket to spreading their grotesquery into the universe. Each Warden claimed the same reason, again and again. Nobody was interested in them. No one really cared about pie gags, ta-tinkers, gar-dinkers, elephant acrobats, or cotton candy flavored popcorn anymore. Well, they said, maybe that last. And they put it on the menu but they never featured the 4H Fair in their games. The current Warden, in fact, when he was still a lowly guard himself, made the remark, “No one gives a rat’s ass about your circus act anymore! It’s old hat! I don’t even need to guard you, you’re so boring and fat!” There is some debate about whether or not he actually said this thing, in rhyme no less. Probably the narrator is just making it up. So the leader of the Fair, who at that time was Hephraim Harlequin, got fed up and took the guard at his words. He gathered his crew (then an abnormal amount of sad clowns and his pet turtle, Metatron) and simply walked out. Out in the wilderness, the gang constructed a jury-rigged, barely stable starship and proudly named it ‘The Big Top.’ Then, they set out into the stars, to spread their menace. As for the guard, he managed to deflect blame onto a compatriot who was punished severely and now roams the Systems as an undead Headhunter.

Hephraim’s Fair wandered the known universe for many years, spreading manipulation and malice wherever they went. They became hated and feared as their ranks swelled with press-ganged performers. But somewhere along the way, something happened way out there in the dark. The 4H Fair dropped off the face of the map and were not heard from again for several years. The next sign of them came when a group of space pirates responded to a weak distress signal deep in the fringe. The pirates had hoped to find easy pickings. Instead, they found a totally insane Hephraim, mutated beyond reason, his deadly serious, hard-hearted brother Hezediah, and a turtle. The pirates that survived still have nightmares about that turtle. The brothers absconded with the pirate ship, following its course back to a larger hideaway, and there recruited the start of their new army. The Big Top was rebuilt in spades and Hezediah took over as leader for his brother, who took to taming and caring for a wild assortment of beasties. Hezediah had come back from the black a changed man also. Not insane, but rather with a purpose. He reformed the 4H Fair and renamed it after himself. Now, it represents what you might expect from a spacefaring circus. It travels the universe looking for good fights to pick and join, bringing entertainment and joy wherever it goes. No one knows what put the fear of god into Hezediah and caused the change and the ringleader himself isn’t talking.

4H Archives

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