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Krysto Region
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Ice Caves of Creation

WARNING: This page contains large amounts of awesome. Continue at your own risk.

"IceWorld" is the designation given to any planet within the Krysto Region, a small cluster of very dim stars. The Krysto Region is renowned for being rich in Orange Transparent Leg-Ore, and for being poor in heat or anything that closely resembles heat.

IceWorld rules, because all IceWorld guys are totally fucking badass. Individually, each one of them punched their way out of their mother's womb with icy fists, stared the doctor right in the eye, and killed him. They then went into the corner and crafted their own Orange Transparent Chainsaw out of pure nothingness. Armed with a shiny new toy, they would traditionally kick schoolteachers in the Goddamned motherfucking face with their size twelve boots and chainsaw the fuck out of freight trains for no reason at all. Accidentally bumped an IceWorlder on the elevator? You now have an Orange Transparent Chainsaw for a pancreas. The fact of the matter is, if you mess with IceWorld dudes, they will wear you like a fucking glove.

The inhabitants of the Krysto region are believed to be descended from a long-dead civilization, possibly the Deadly SpaceMan Empire, or one of the subsequent Tron empires. Their story is similar to that of the Hodgepodgians, causing some to speculate that they are really the same force but from the future. Or the past. Or an alternate BrikVerse. The Krysto region is very isolated from the rest of the galaxy as no IceWorlder ever leaves, and the possibility of invading an IceWorld to acquire Orange Transparent Leg-Ore is out of the question due to IceWorlds being too Goddamned cold.

Unconfirmed reports claim that IceWorlders are very fond of liquor, with the average IceWorlder ingesting enough booze to kill an army of alcohol poisoning on a daily basis.

The Warchief Enigma Shroud

Enigma shrouds the leader of IceWorld, who had disappeared from the original IceWorld expedition. His name has been lost in the winds of time, and still he wanders the ruins of the Ice World Research station, perched upon a ruined and crater-marked glacier, slowly encroaching upon its enemies. Much like a glacier, he travels slowly yet unstoppably towards his opponents. Armed with a suit of wintry powered armour and the Original OTC, he attacks with the ferocity and intensity of a winter blizzard.

looks-wise, I'm imagining it have the old-dude head that came on all the original iceworlders, but with a white aquanauts helmet/armour thing on his head, and of course the orange antennaed visor. As for the power armor, just add some bits to the aquanaut helmet base, since it has attachment points on it for extra parts, and as long as it looks beefy and heavy it's good. The Original OTC should look as old-school as possible. I guess a missile launcher or five wouldn't hurt as well... and machine guns... I guess just lots of guns. --IVHorseman

Warhead's Warriors- Special Entry

The Elite Old Guard of the Iceworld Krysto. They have survived hundreds of battles and through their awesome deeds earned the right to carry one of the IceWorld OTC's and command the respect and loyalty of those they lead.

The Elite Housecarls of the IceWorld Krysto

Only the most trusted and Heroic are given the honour to serve their Warchief as a Housecarl. They give up their OTC for a weapon of the ancients passed down from the War with the Robotic Ice Daemons, of which the Blokbots are but a pale shadow of their former roots. These weapons are Daemonic Ice Blades won from some of the most deadly Robot Ice Daemons ever faced. The Daemonic souls of the blades owner is still bound in the blade and they thirst for the heat of all living things.

The Middle Guard of the IceWorld Krysto

They are armed with Heavy Laser Carbines with under-Barrel OTC's. These troops fight on the line and never give, never wave and never tire. Their excellence in combat is a thing of Dark Renown across the BrikVerse and they have earned many victories in battle.

The Young Guard of IceWorld Krysto

These IceWorlders have shown their mettle in combat but still have much to learn having not yet earned the vaulted honour of their own OTC they have constructed their own Ice Crystal Chainsaws and their impetuous hunger for close combat makes them excellent assault troops, where they can excel and show their elders just how fuckin' hard they are.

Some of the Young Guard end up pissing off their betters, wither it's pissing in the Warchiefs Ale or smoking his Pot or even Knocking up one of his many slutty daughters it doesn't matter. The punishment is always the same. Normally IceWorlders despise the use of far ranging weapons and prefer the heady excitement of close combat. Imagine the punishment for a young hothead when he's given Heavy Weapons Duty... still, discipline plays a part in the IceWorlder psyche and if he ever wants to be allowed to fight hand to hand ever again then he better get the job done. This Young Offender is armed with the OTR(MkII) Rocket Launcher.

Weapons of the IceWorlders

The OT Mega-Heat Cannon

The OT ABS chambers spin as plasma is pumped through, the OT ABS enhances the energy a thousand fold creating super-plasma which is then stored in the main OT Chamber until it is full. At which time a searing line of super-energy is expelled disintegrating anything in it's path. The range however is negligible as the beam quickly loses it's energy. Still this weapon can melt through anything... Any-Thing!

OT Mega-Heat Cannon: Range 12", Use: 4, #Shots: Every other turn. Damage: 10D10 -1D6 per inch (round down) to target, all targets along line are hit.

Krysto Assault Rifle

A sleet of Ice Flechettes spear into foes from this weapon.

Krysto Assault Rifle: Range: 12" Use: 3, #Shots: 1D6/2, Damage: 1D6+3 Special: #Shots roll 1D6 divide by two.

The Ion Hand Cannon

Another monster weapon which fires a blast of diffused Ionised OT particles at an enemy causing explosions. It's not particularly good at defeating armoured targets but handy none the less.

The Ion Hand Cannon: Range: 6" Use: 3, #Shots 1, Damage: 3D6 Special: Area effect 1D6/2" from main target for the same damage. If main target missed roll 2D6" scatter from targets location to find out where the blast went.

The OTC Eviscerator

Grown purely from OT ABS this weapon will never break and can never be parried. You may be forgiven for thinking this to be the Original OTC, one of the Nine Artifax of pre-Creation but you'd be wrong...

The OTC Eviscerator: Melee, Range: 2", Use: 3+, #Shots As unit, Damage: 4D6, Special: May not be parried.


The Ice Caves of Creation

The monument is made from the bones and teeth of the Daemonic Ice Dragons of the Old Times that the Robotic Ice Daemons rode to war.

Proudly the Iceworlders stand in salute as their Warchief passes.

Enigma's face takes on a look of reverence as he approaches the Shrine.

The Gene-Scan confirms his DNA print and unlocks the indestructible OT Stasis Chamber.

As the door opens Enigma stands to the side.

Reaching inside his hand carefully closes around the grip of a weapon.

The Original OTC... looks nothing special, but it's THE Original OTC as forged by the Gods and given to the First Iceworlder to aid them in the War with the Robotic Daemons. It's Ossum needs no frippery, no additions and no modification. IT JUST IS!

Enigma raises high the Artifact of Creation and the Iceworlders seeing the holiest of holy relics go wild roaring their lust for battle!

Only in times of greatest need is the Original OTC ever taken from it's resting place, and a war unlike any other is coming...