Orange Transparent Chainsaw

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OT Chainsaw
Heroic Item
Close Combat
Heavy Weapon
None Listed
Power Sources
Orange Transparent
Offensive Capabilities
OT Laser
Defensive Capabilities
OT Laser
Movement Capabilities
None Listed

Orange Transparent ( OT ) is the most powerful form of ABS known to Minifig, and is extremely difficult to procure. The only known source of OT Leg-Ore is the frigid planet of Iceworld, where ancient battles against long-dead Ice Demons dropped temperatures to far below absolute zero.

Under these supernaturally-cold conditions, even lasers froze, rendering most attacks useless. Only the attackers' planet-destroying Orange Laser was able to retain any effectiveness; thanks to its massive scale, a central core of destructive energy was able to reach the target, even as the outer layers of the beam froze and peeled away. Bazillions of years later, the shards of frozen laser remain preserved under continents of shifting ice, retaining all of their ancient world-destroying power for anyone with the will to forge them into weapons.

Chainsaws made of OT are widely known as the most awesome Artifakt of all. There are two types of minifigs who know the power of the OTC: those who wield it (usually Iceworlders), and those who feel the sharp end. The second type is known for its unusually short life span. Research is being conducted on this enigma.

‍The Original OTC According to some historians, the OTC was created at or before the begining of time by the Dread Pirate 2x2, along with many other Artifax. The first OTC was given to the Deadly Spaceman, who then awarded it to his violent commander, General Krysto, whose name an Icy region of space still bears. His descendants, the Ice folk, are born with the genetic memory of chopping Mega Demon-bots into tiny, meaty chunks with OTCs, and with an unquenchable urge to shred faces for no reason at all. This urge is in turn forged into all OTCS making all who wield them bloodthirsty, berserking, reckless warriors.

Today, the whereabouts of the first OTC are not known with certainty. Records of it were lost a few thousand years after the death of General Krysto, but the most likely resting place is in the hands of an Iceworlder known only as Enigma. Not much about Enigma is known other than that he was born on Krysto and has fought hundreds of battles to defend the planet from attack by a myriad of enemies including the degenerates of the Negaverse and the Peach Mutations who believe that if they had the original OTC they might be able to win their fight against the Yellows. Enigma surrounds himself with his most loyal warriors, and only the best of them are allowed to know where he keeps the original OTC in its shrine of the bones of long-dead daemonic ice dragons. The weapon is rarely taken from its shrine, but the looming Immortal War looks like it will draw more people to attack Krysto in search of more OTC's to buff up their ranks. In times like this there have been mysterious reports from those who tried to raid Krysto of their entire forces disappearing or being murderously slaughtered with no survivors. This is thought to be the work of Enigma defending his special OTC and the supplies of Orange Transparent that are buried beneath Krysto's frozen glacier surface. As such, only the most skilled raiders with the best troops and weapons ever survive a descent to the surface of Krysto, and of those groups only the strongest and luckiest will find a supply of OT large enough for them to fashion weapons and equipment out of. ‍Contemporary Use ORANGE TRANSPARENT CHAINSAW Because of their great power, the OTC is probably the most sought-after weapon in the BrikWars Universe. Basically any force with any self-respect tries to obtain at least one in order to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies. As such, the larger a faction is, the greater the chance that they own an OTC, and when it gets even larger there is the potential that they might own multiple OTCs. This principle is known as Krysto's Law. As a result, most of the battles between large factions involve insane chainsaw action with each side sending its hardest units to battle the other's, OTCs in hand. The awesome results of these battles are massive explosions of violence and blood which go down in the books of BrikWars legend.

All factions unfortunate enough to have suffered an OTC attack recognize the insane power of this weapon, but they don't all give it the same level of reverence and respect. Some see it as merely a powerful weapon that can get the job done, while others worship it with cult-like fanaticism like the Iceworlders. Most factions fall somewhere between the two extremes. The ASE has more of the utilitarian view for example, while the Vol at times seem to almost regard it as an object of worship. The best way to gauge the respect of the OTC of a given force is to look at who wields them... The ASE only lets elite units and officers wield the weapon, but they also have given it to their Assassin Droids which are programmed heartless killers, but at the same time aren't exactly warriors either. The OTC itself however doesn't seem to mind... Like all weapons it is most satisfied when put to use destroying the enemy, so whether an OTC is respected by its user or not doesn't seem to change its effectiveness in battle.

OTC Launchers

IVHorseman's schematics for OTC Launcher

Throughout the ages, many cultures have aspired to fuse the dread of the OTC with the power and might of a rocket launcher. Only few actual constructs have been completed. Chief among these are IVHorseman's famed schematics and The Shady Merc's OTC Launcher. Today, research continues among various civilizations.

The exact stats of the OTC seem to vary at about the same rate of decline as the Inverse Ninja Law, and with the same principles. However, the lowest damage any self-respecting OTC has been recorded doing is 2D6.