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Knights are noble warriors, trained in the arts of warfare and courtly love.

The Code of Knightly Shivalry

Knights distinguish themselves from other combatants by following a Code of Shivalry. They are selflessly committed to preserving the state of universal violence that sustains the souls of minifigs, by nobly separating the weak and disenfranchised into persecuted classes, and faithfully persecuting them without mercy.

  • Humbly put your faith in the ideal of violence and follow wherever it leads.
  • Selflessly defend the ideal of violence.
  • Seek out weakness and visit violence upon it.
  • Seek out anyone unlike yourself and do violence to them.
  • Show no mercy to the un-Yellow and the abominations. Do not hesitate to make war with them.
  • Perform all your feudal duties as long as they do not conflict with entertaining the Humans.
  • Girl minifigs are prizes to be won, worshiped, or served. Stand fast and slay any who suggest they be treated as women, or as people.
  • Be generous to everyone (with violence).
  • Always and everywhere be right and good against the evils of Peace, Tolerance, and Minifig Rights.

The Shivalric code survived into the modern age as the philosophic basis for the secret brotherhood of BrickMasons.