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Quantumsurfer Mythos: Kommander Ken

Kommander Ken’s first known appearance dates back to Frostborne’s very first descension from their mountain capital, Naklin. During the voyage, Ken helped defend the caravan against scores of undead they had unwittingly disturbed. His feats of bravery are noted by Farcus Blokheade, son of Yarl Barbous, and Ken later admits he was only a humble chef sharpening his knife skills.

Eventually the caravan makes it to the base of the mountain where they build a small fortress that later becomes the town of Pinewood. Pinewood is then promptly attacked by a local band of Draklon Raiders, and Ken leaves for Naklin to escort their reinforcements. Along the way, he encounters a wild dire wolf which he somehow tames, using what he described to be his, “unescapable charisma”. He finds the reinforcements and leads them down to Pinewood where together they drive off the Drakhirri with Farcus’s remaining defenders.

During the aftermath of the Stockade Skirmish, Ken and Farcus are overlooking the proceedings around the encampment when a sinister figure standing atop a cliffside catches Ken’s eye. Whoever or whatever the figure was, it seemed to be staring straight back down at him. When Ken brought that to Farcus’s attention, Farcus followed Ken’s gaze but saw no such figure. When he turned back toward Ken he was shocked to find that he had vanished without a trace.

Ken awakens in a strange dark realm, surrounded by the ruins of an ancient temple of sorts. He is greeted by several figures who appear and make themselves known to him as fellow Quantumsurfers, and it is there that he learns that he himself is a Quantumsurfer and that the reason for them summoning him was to keep him from falling pray to what they called the QuantumStalker. With that knowledge, Ken is transported back to the Crags of Lorne on Medivo and is ambushed by the ‘Stalker who summons a horde of undead as if to test Ken’s realized potential. Ken defeats the horde and the ‘Stalker (who disappears) with the help of a frost golem. Ken then joins the golem and it leads him to a Frostborne camp at the side of the mountain.

The Forstbornians at the camp are shocked to see him and tell him he’s been gone for over a month. After a brief introduction to their new dwarvern allies, the camp was attacked by a large horde of undead, led by Mr. Skeltal and the QuantumStalker. After a brief skirmish, Frostborne routs the skeleton war and the defeated Mr. Skeltal and QuantumStalker flee.

After the victory over Skeltal’s skeletons, Ken was led back to a tavern in Pinewood in search of Farcus, but wound up joining in on some Yule celebrations instead. During the merrymaking the tavern was attacked by a number of gold and crimson clad elves, and the celebrants were forced to defend themselves. Ken and allies are able to beat back the party-crashers but the dying words of the last elf leave them uneasy. After he consulted with the Norse woman Gisela, they both agree to go find Farcus and warn him of the impending invasion. It is Farcus who finds them however, as he storms into the tavern and bides them to take up arms, an army of crimson and gold, who the celebrants learned hailed from the nearby Continent of Esduin, were fast approaching the town.

As Ken and the others prepared defenses and coordinated their troops, he suddenly found himself involuntarily ripped from his current dimension and teleported away. The quantumsurfer is sent to a strange pocket dimension of sorts and is greeted by his summoner, Father Yule. The patron saint of Yuletide asks Ken for his help, to which Ken hardly has a choice in the matter and goes along on a slay-ride. While flying through the brikverse with Father Yule to spread Yuletide cheer to all Medieval brikworlds, they are attacked by Brikthulu’s holidaemons. During one of the skirmishes with the daemons, Ken unlocks part of his Quantumsurfer abilities and helps defeat the evil Krampiss. After saving Yuletide, Ken is magicked away assumedly back to the ungoing Frostborne/Esduin war. He wasn’t.

Ken finds himself in a plane similar to the one that Father Yule had summoned him to, except it seemed much emptier and utterly silent. There he meets another minifig, who introduces himself as a newly appointed Quantumsurfer. Ken had soon found it to be hard to remember anything that the ‘surfer had told him and soon the initiate had began to disappear. Ken, being none the wiser, thought it was a strange power of his fellow’s, until the new ‘surfer suddenly burst into purple fire and melted away. Que the QuantumStalker’s arrival and upon it’s own explanation of itself, Ken learns that the ‘Stalker makes the Brikverse forget it’s prey out of existence so that it may consume a Quantumsurfer’s lifeforce. Once it takes Ken’s lifeforce, it would be strong enough to combat the Old Guard among the ‘surfers and Ken knows no good would come from that. So they fought.

The battle is long and hard-fought but Ken is defeated and sent into the QuantumStalker’s interdimensional stomach where he endlessly falls and is slowly deteriorated. So close to a fate worse than death, Ken is saved by a giant skeletal hand that rips through the fabrics of the dimension and grabs his jaded body. His vision faded to black just as he leaves the ‘Stalker’s grasp.

Ken then awakens in a graveyard sometime later, much to his dismay. He’s then approached by the PumpKing, Highlord of the Hellhunt and the one who saved Ken’s life. The PumpKing explains that Ken had to be put back together using otherworldly powers almost beyond his own, and he even got a new outfit and some new swords fashioned from his broken one. The PumpKing asks for a favor, to which Ken enthusiastically accepts.

The Hellhunt patron explains that Pacifass was about to try and stop the Hellhunt from happening by reaching The Hill and destroying it, a feat seemingly impossible by most means. They are joined by Mr. Skeltal, and together with the PumpKing’s pumpkinsmen and Ken’s gathered Halloweenfolk, they defend the Foothill against a horde of Pacifass’s Apostles, UnKonstruktion Krewmen, and even Brikthulu Kultists. Although defeated, Pacifass escapes after mentioning he must make preparations for Ragnablok.

Before Ken said his goodbyes to his friends and allies at the Foothill, He obtains Zupponn’s GT mace, unaware of its powerful nature, and magicks himself away back to Medivo. Assumedly.