Kraan, the Black Empire

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Centuries ago, one of the most powerful of the LegitEye Knights began to explore aspects of the Farce that had been avoided. He discovered a dark side to the Farce, called Sarcasm. Once he started down the path of dark humor, he soon discovered that it would forever dominate his destiny. He didn't mind much, however, since his years of solitary study and reflection had made him bitter and weird. Since then, he has used Sarcasm and Derision to control the weak-minded and to unnaturally prolong his life, and has raised himself to the rulership of a vast and powerful Empire.

The evil Emperor works tirelessly to consolidate his hold of the entire galaxy, and unite it under his vision of the Grand Derision. He has led other LegitEyes down the Dark Path to become Kraan Dark Lords, who ruthlessly conquer colonies and and systems with armies of BlitzTroopers and sinister psychic powers. Placing little to no value in the lives of those they conquer, they enslave many of them by turning them into HED Thralls, implanting Head Explosion Devices in their craniums that transmit the Dark Lords' Psychic commands and detonate the disobedient.

In battle, the Dark Lords will begin by sending in an armored air transport full of BlitzTroopers to secure a landing site for the Dark Lords. Automated HeadHugger droids are released to enslave all the Normal People in the area, who are then used as human buffer zones between the Dark Lords and their enemies. If there are no Dark Lords present, battle proceeds in a more traditional manner.