List of Emerian Characters

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List of Emerian Characters

This page is going to run like Colette's page for Trattorian characters. So nothing new here.


Major Romano (Put picture here at later date) Leader of the Emerian Empire's entire armed forces, he is one of the most famous people in all of Emeria.


Don Briggs (Picski) Briggs is the current leader of Emeria since the ISM takeover of Emeria and the leader of the ISM chapter in Emeria.


Dr. Roselyn Frank Ph.D (Picture goes here) Dr. Frank is a Trattorian "immigrant" who arrived in Emeria to seize the reins of Emeria's scientific developments to not only teach the "ignorant savages" who's boss at science and to secure funding for her own agenda.


Archduchess Isabella III (I haven't even built this fig lol) A member of the Imperial Family, she is next in line to the throne of Emeria. It is not known how she's managed to stay alive for such a long period of time, however.

Dead / Retired