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Back in days of yawn, when the BrikVerse was young and there was still so much to be accomplished, the minifig felt that something was missing... its amazing battles, conquests and constructions were somehow... incomplete. But one day, the minifig heard it. The power, the spark, the overwhelming flow of energy! Long they thought the "Humans" did it, but they were wrong, they couldn't have. Its awesomeness surpassed anything, and they called it Metal.

Finally, the electrified tunes gave their battles that missing something, that adrenaline surge and it was almost worshiped like a religion. Yet, with so much war and constant destruction, most of the distortion-full godly works were lost, and the few that remained were looted by the strong, who were too busy with their conquest to give them attention...

Here's a great example of the power of Metal, and it's face melting awesomeness