Monolith Realm

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Monolith Realm
Molith.png A Plate region after the Collapse
Dimension of Plate Worlds
Legitimitium MultiVerse
Periods of Interest
First Alliance (20xx-2018)
1st Stroiteliga-Imperiya War (2018-2019)
Collapse (2019)
Post-Collapse Era (2020-)
Est: Hundreds of Thousands. Actual figures unknown
All manner of ABS, Artifakts and Crystals
Greater Realm controlled by the Monolith
Majority of plates under the influence of the Imperiya, Stroiteliga Bratva or Black Legion.
Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Paranormal Entities
Key Locations
Nexus, Anwar *Destroyed*
While not directley related to the lore of this subject. Attached is a link to the Battleplate Modifiers & Index for specific information on Brikwars games hosted in this setting by Kastrenzo

The Monolith Realm, also referred to as the Monolith Battleplates is a large Plate World Grouping that was born from a Resonance cascade during the Ragnablok event. In the Galaxia Nehellenium region known as the Gold Sector had experienced perpetual brutal war at a far higher scale than was normal for the already chaotic Galaxy. Meanwhile, mad scientists had been secretley tampering with the very fabric of reality, and unknowingly ripped a tear in the Multiverse that created a large crystaline entity that would later come to be known as the Monolith. As it attempted to escape to what became the Baseplate Dimension, The Monolith destroyed most of the sector reemerged in the Baseplate Dimension, Poisoning a large portion of it, turning them into what is known as the Monolith Battleplates

The Monolith Plates were notable for the highly advanced and mysterious Lazarus Gate Network, a Magik-Teknological system that provided both teleportation and functional Immortality up until R.2020 when it more or less crashed beyond repair.


In the waning days of R2018, when the events of the Ragnablok began to unfold. A massive Resonance cascade Caused by a magikal crystal, wiped out the Gold Sector. Erasing it from the the Galaxia Nehellenium, the occurance puzzled minifigs of the galaxy for months, but were too busy with their own battles to care for too long. Eventually it was realized that a new world in an alternate dimension had been created. This new dimension became known as the Monolith Realm, a realm full of seperate baseplates linked together by portals and seperated by void space.

Timeline of Events

By the time of Ragnablok, the Monolith realm had already existed for eons, Time moves much faster within the realm. Much recorded history of the realm had been forgotten by the time of R2019.

What events and eras that have been recorded, have been divided into Four periods

Elder Civilization & the First Alliance


Prior to the events on Basil, Which is generally considered to be the start of the current period in the realm. There existed a grand civilization of the Elders that spanned across the realm. The Elders were masters of Magik, Machines and the Mind. Combining their knowledge into teknological wonders. They built small towns and cities out of white and gold. Powered by powerful Neon generators, Amythest teleport stations. Tibinium matter fabricators and the crown jewel of them all, the Lazarus Network. Which allowed anyone who died, to transfer their soul to a newly grown body and be brought to a location of their choosing through the Teleport stations. In truth, the Lazarus Network had existed before the Elders, and was created by the Monolith

The Elder Civilization had forced the obedience of several beastfig races like the Avians and Canids. Sometime near R2018 the people known as Minifigs had begun to spread across the realm. They were similar to the Elders in appearance, but did not possess the magikal powers they did.

Minifig civilization experienced a population explosion, and had reached a point where the Elders were vastly outnumbered across the Realm. Elder Cities largely folded or merged with Minifig cities during the unification of the First Alliance. The achievements and advances of the Elders would largely become shared with the other peoples of the realm as a result

The fall of the First Alliance

Q1, R2019

The First Alliance was a loosely aligned civilizaiton of different peoples across the realm. Operating under the guidance and cooperation of the Anwar Administration, (A leftover from the Civilization of the Elders)

Over the eras the Alliance began to fall apart from corruption as well as the machinations of other powers. Members would defect to groups like the Monolith Imperiya and the Stroiteliga Bratva. Eventually after multiple bloody wars with violent groups like the Black Legion and Vorhut Order, the Alliance disbanded and many of it's members retired. The rest would either join the Various police units in the Alpha plates, work for the Anwar Administrators, or they joined another faction

The spark of the first war between the Stroiteliga and Imperiya marked the end of the Alliance's ability to maintain peace in the realm, and therefore, it lose all legitimacy and relevance. The vast majority of them defected to other locations. Today the First Alliance still exists, but as a shadow of it's former self. Reduced to little more than holdouts in remote locations. Their time in the spotlight is long passed.

Stroiteliga-Imperiya war

Q2, R2019 With the collapse of the First Alliance, chaos began to spread across the Realm. The Anwar Elders had attempted to maintain the peace by other means, namely by creating OSKOM, a police force that answered directley to them, but elsewhere. Far larger and more capable groups of Minifigs were gearing up for a bloodletting. Long periods of mismanagement and ignorance by both the Anwar Elders and the First Alliance had allowed the creation of many other groups just as powerful and dangerous as the wretched Black Legion.

Immediately following the disintegration of the Old Alliance, The two largest breakaway factions began fighting each other across much of the eastern realm. The Imperiya and Stroiteliga Bratva ruined a number of towns and cities in their brutal fighting. The smaller Bratva inflicted some humiliating defeats against the Imperiya, but at tremendous cost. Towards the end of the bulk of fighting, The Imperiya captured and imprisoned the leader of the Bratva, Lenskiy. Leaving his brother to take control and lead the faction. Shortly afterwards, the majority of fighting stopped as the two sides had more or less reached a stalemate.

Bratva was smaller and couldn't stand up to the numerical advantage of the Imperiya for much longer, however the Imperiya had become embroiled in multiple fights with other groups as time went on. Svoboda, Vorhut and the then much weakerBlack Legion would all start poking at their sides.

After the realm fell into disarray as result of the Alliance disbanding, many of the Empires of the realm had agreed to return to the status quo of Oversight by the Elders at Anwar. And thus peace returned for a time...

Destruction of Basil & the Anwar Incident

The last major conflict of the period was actually between the Bratva and Black Legion. Coming to a head at the battle of Basil which started over the discovery of an artifakt. The two empires, both clad in black armor and driving black tanks would come to blows. The Bratva defeated both the Legion and the overzealous Vorhut who had started attacking everyone in the region. Securing the region for themselves, but it was not to last. Petty violence between neighbors in Basil escalated into a melee between dozens of different groups. When the Imperiya carpet bombed the plate, pissing off everyone. They convened an emergency meeting of the minds in Anwar, the closest thing the Realm had to a neutral ground. But it was ambushed and destroyed by the Black Legion. Who immediately following it's destruction, Obliterated the entire Basil plate, salty that they had earlier lost a battle there. The last remnants of Anwar Council attempted to stop the Legion, but were wiped out and their leaders killed. Never before had anyone displayed the capability to obliterate entire plate worlds like what had happened to Anwar and Basil.

The Legion then focused on Bratva, First coaxing a number of unaffiliated mercenaries to attack the Bratva training base in Isere, severley damaging it but failing to capture any of its objectives. They later attacked the base en masse with their own forces, led by Kain a Black Legion General, who had come with the intent of eliminating Vaclav. For their repeated acts of terrorism and barbarism, The Legion had convinced the leaders of Bratva, the Armata Alliance, and the Cordova Coalition to form a bulwark against them. Most of the allies would participate in the coming battle

The battle would be interrupted however, as by the time the Legion had prepared to attack. The Lazarus Gates began to lag... and all bets were off

The Lazarus Lag

Q4, R2019

Sometime last Thursday, the Lazarus network began to malfunction when it showed signs of delays in reincarnating dead minifigs. Many of those affected would later report that they were stuck in a hellish purgatory that they were unable to escape. Not knowing if they were in there for hours, days or years. And when they did return they felt terrified of dying again in fear of getting stuck there again.

The lag lasted For about a month... And then things got much worse.

The Collapse


About a month after the reports of the Gate network lagging, and Minifigs having their seemingly immortal lives disrupted and turned on their heads. One day the gates all went dark. They came back online about an hour later.. And Minifigs went about their lives.. Using them to teleport to other hub zones without a care in the world.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Brikverse.. An unknown energy wave hit the dimension with great force. Something significant had happened in the Multiverse. And Suddenley, the system wasn't just lagging... It wasn't working at all. The living were able to still use the system to teleport. But it was no longer producing fresh bodies for the wandering spirits... They were stuck in Purgatory. Mass panic set in while local governments and military groups attempted to protect their assets. It was discovered early on that with the lack of a functioning L-Gate system, clone bodies could still be grown in Vats if supplanted with Ultracyte.

With their discovery, and given the mass panic, the strongest clamped down in a mad dash for resources, Ultracyte was now the most valuable commodity in existence. And dozens would die over a single peice of it, to give one lucky minifig a second chance if he died. Some L-Gates were destroyed by terrorists, others fiercely defended by security forces as they represented the last forms of easy transportation. The population of the plates dropped by half within two months of the crash, and the incident was by now being referred to as "The Collapse". The realm had entered a dark age.

The destruction of Anwar, and the failure of the Lazarus network effectively marked the end of the time of the Elders. The few who remained were reduced to nothing but bickering jealous warlords and false gods trying to influence little pockets of the realm.

The Secret War

The struggle simply referred to as the Secret War was a behind the scenes confrontation between Kast Renzo, and his Uncle, Alexander Shulga, Corrupted by the Monolith Crystal.

After the Second battle of Isere, Kast and Shulga became aware of each other, Kast was teleported to the Nexus where the latter revealed his connection to the Monolith Crystal as the Creator and Ruler of the Realm, and attempted to sway his nephew into his service. Disgusted at the Monolith's destruction of the Gold Sector, and how Shulga had turned to pure evil. He attempted to destroy the two of them. Nearly succeeding but being banished from the Nexus at the last moment.

After which, Shulga used his Avatar to send the mighty Imperiya on a manhunt across the realm for Kast, branding him as a terrorist in possession of a dangerous weapon which he was not. Kast was driven into the arms of the Stroiteliga Bratva , which he was breifly a member of. he Rejoined the group and tried to take parts of it over in the absence of both their leaders. Eventually he revealed the truth of the Monolith to people at large. swaying a faction of Bratva supporters as well as members from several other groups in a campaign to destroy Shulga and the Monolith once and for all.

The Secret War largely overlapped with pre-existing conflicts of the time.

End of the War, & The Glowing Throne

At the conclusion of the Secret War. Both the Monolith and it's puppet Shulga were defeated by ---TBD---. In it's destruction, the Monolith had become fused with the missing Throne of the Realm, creating an all-powerful artifakt known as the Glowing Throne. The symbolic throne honored by the Imperiya with some of the raw power of the Monolith, Whoever sat upon it would be given great power and responsibility, The military of the Imperiya and some other factions would follow the commands of it's user, but the user would be obligated to act as the realm's protector. The task would often be more trouble than it was worth, and unsurprisngly, there would be a string of minor conflicts and new emperors and empresses in the future. The Realm's first Emperor ---TBD---, however used their new power to allow teleportation between the Realm, and the Galaxia Nehellenium for the general public.

The realm would continue to remain a broken husk of it's former self. But Inhabitants, supplies and tek would be able to flow somewhat freely between the realm and the rest of the brikverse.

Exodus Nehellenium

Unbeknowst to the rest of the citizens of the realm. Shulga had left a parting gift to the Brikverse. Some time after the defeat of the Monolith, one of Shulga's most trusted subordinates, General Tachenko, Survivor of both the Galacian Imperiya, and the escapades in the Monolith Realm, was given a secret message with the location of a portal to an unknown location. Upon arriving, Tachenko was greeted by the members of Shulga's personal guard where he was presented with the Lazarus Fleet. An enormous fleet of Cruisers, Destroyers, Carriers and Battleships on a scale thought to be impossible in the Post-Collapse era of the realm where single ships were a rarity

In truth the Fleet had been constructed in the Omega Realm, the dark underworld of the Realm, Also known as the endless baseplate where resources were theoretically infinite. Tachenko took command of the fleet and left the realm forever, returning to the Nehellenium Galaxy. Founding the Slavonik Imperiya, where he presumed to succeed the Fallen Galacian Imperiya

Regions and Locales

The Monolith Plates consist of thousands, if not tens of thousands of plate worlds. Mapped out by Land Barons, Bureaucrats , and aspiring conquerors

The Monolith Realm Consists of a number of plate clusters each housing a few hundred, to in some cases a few thousand plate worlds, as well as an underworld known as the "Omega Plate" which goes on in perpetuity. The Worlds are Quarreled over by endless factions of Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Supernatural entities and evil agents of the Monolith itself. The forces of the realm constantly fight over territory, recruits, resources and artifakts in order to further fuel their love of combat. The most powerful artifakts allow the leaders of these factions to open portals to other realms, and magikally or teknologically inclined outsiders can also open portals to the realm and raid it for it's own resources, and even more so on the Omega Plate where resources are theoretically infinite.

Due to it's nature of being a number of plate clusters rather than a terrestrial landmass or star sector, The Realm is difficult to map in a way that is immediately understood to outsiders. Each plate cluster houses hundreds of Plate Worlds, Each Usually home to a varying number of minifigs and housing different levels of development. Each plate cluster would therefore be home to anything between hundreds to tens of thousands of minifigs, depending on the regions. Clusters have their own names, and generally most worlds in a cluster will be similar to each other in biome or features.

MonolithMap.png Mono grid map.png
The Realm, sectioned off into plate world groupings Representation of territorial control. Much of the realm is considered "Wild" and uncontrolled
Monolith Imperiya Stroiteliga Bratva Black Legion Armata Alliance Moloch Vorhut First Echelon Cordova Coalition Svoboda
Kriegir Clans North Sea Reavers Sindrian Diktat Firebrand's Rebels Iota Phalanx Cities under OSKOM protection Minor / Primitive groups Wild Territory

Notable Regions

Zone, Cluster or Sector Notes
Alpha The Alpha Cluster is the central sector of the realm, the location of most of the realm's great Cities, and a majority of industrial and commercial interests are also located here. It was traditionally a peaceful and lawful region, Throughout the ages, the great empires and powers of the realm have generally centered themselves in the Alpha cluster. Prior to the collapse, it was generally protected by the Anwar Council, and then the OSKOM Civil defense, however after the collapse of greater civilization, Alpha suffered a massive refugee crisis which also brought several opposing forces within striking distance of one another.

Today, the Alpha Plates are still the central region of the realm, and house the majority of the population. But the general stability and quality of life here has plummetted in wake of the collapse of L-Gates and Civilization along with it

Lambda The Lambda cluster is sparsely populated region that borders the northern Alpha cluster. It was a largely overlooked backwater, until a series of events led the Black Legion into detonating an OT bomb in one of the Lambda Plates, which set off a chain of events that led to the Collapse.
Omega Not actually shown on the map, because the Omega Sector isn't a cluster at all, it's the Monolith Underworld, a single great battleplate that expands infinitely in all directions.

Minifig Civilization

The plates are home to hundreds of thousands of minifigs, the majority of baseplates that are inhabited, still remain uncontacted and the minifigs live shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless the norm for the explored regions is that Minifigs will compete for resources to build the best stuff. Normally they are concerned with simply building shelters and staying alive. Prior to the collapse, Civilization in the realm benefitted from functional immortality by way of the L-Gate tek. Society became dependent on this tek. Confident that they could live their lives forever, and that death was no consequence. Entire industry sectors were founded to work off the idea of "forever customers"

Minifigs spent their days trying to build the coolest stuff, some would fight for fun. Others would explore, or create their own worlds out of virgin plates. All was well until about R2018 When the Black Legion arose. And had found a way to circumvent the L-Gates, and kill off innocent folk indefinitely.

The closest the realm came to a unified government was during the period of the First Alliance, and then after it's fall, a brief period under the Anwar administration. Both groups have since been shattered, and no unifying entity exists

Many equivalents of governments exist, however the area they "govern" is miniscule compared to the overall population of the plates. Nevertheless a rudimentary economy exists, backed on transparent elements and mixed with other intermediaries like paper notes, coins, and digital currencies.

The Black Legion's arrival set off a chain of events that ultimately caused the collapse of civilization as minifigs knew it. By R2020, Supernatural events had destroyed the Lazarus gate network, several central governments had risen and been destroyed. Minifigs had discovered a way to completely destroy entire plates, and nefarious corporate entities had also taken control of the teleporter network, allowing for plates to be split up, re-arranged, bought and sold on a whim. By R2020 at least half of the population had been killed off. and the majority had retreated to relative safety in the Alpha cluster.


Peoples of the Realm

  • Elders
  • Minifigs
    • Yellows
    • Toned
    • Blues
  • Beastfigs
    • Canids
    • Gators
    • Avians
    • Hivers
  • Machines
  • Monsters and Daemons


Elders, also known as the Ancients, were the first peoples of the Realm. They lived across the realm in small cities weilding awesome teknology. Matter replicators, nanoscale storage, Teleportation and even inheriting devices of Functional immortality from a mysterious benefactor

After the arrival and rise of Minifig kind, they shared power with the first Alliance as the Anwar Council. The Anwar Administration generally acted only on matters that affected the whole realm. But then the First Alliance was destroyed by both the Black Legion as well as it's own infighting. The Elders would hold onto power for another year as the Council remained the diplomatic and economic center of the ream. However, After the fall of Anwar, the majority of the Elders had been killed off by the Black Legion, or had gone into hiding. Individuals would occasionally surface and try to make power grabs to create their own fiefdoms and empires. Generally with little success.

They are generally indistinguishable from Minifigs, but hold great psionik or magikal power. Most Elders have an affection for Gold. And will almost always be wearing it. Elder Gold is a luxury, but Minifigs caught with it will usually be robbed or killed, as in a post-council world, few have any respect or tolerance for Elder Sympathisers.


Minifigs, or Figs are a general term for the common denizens of the realm. Two arms, two legs, a round head, and generally no special powers to speak of. They are by far the most creative and one of the most intelligent of the inhabitants, however they also boast the largest variety and disparity, having both the realm's smartest minds and its biggest idiots.

Common figs generally come from the "Yellow" complexion, although a signifigant amount of them are what are known as "Toned Minifigs", their bodies a peach, tan, caramel or brown color. There is no inherent difference between them aside from appearance. There are also a rare subset of the Fig Genus known as "Blues", thought to be artificially created by the Elders, they have stronger psionik powers, and can be found in various shades of blue, and sometimes white..


Beastfigs are a broad category to describe some of the more animalistic peoples of the realm. Although some are only that way in appearance. The different groups of Beastfigs are considered to be wholly unique and different from each other. All of these "Races" were once subserviant to the Elders, and served a place in a caste system. Since the collapse of Elder Civilization, the races have gone their seperate ways and retreated into the outlands, making their own Tribes, Packs and Hives.

Avians Are a race of proud, elegant and elitist Birdlike creatures, capable of flight. As former servants, adjutants, and all around worshippers of the Elders. They often take up residence in the ruins and remains of Elder towns. Their societies are largely spiritual and religious. Avians are often part of Elders' entourages. As servants, advisors and fighters

Canids Are a race of violent, territorial and somewhat intelligent Carnivorous Mammals, Known for their tribal pack hierarchies and constant infighting for dominance and rank. They were used primarily as tools of war and security by the Elders.

Gators Are a race of clever, if not devious scavenger reptiles, farmers and hunters. In the times of the Elder's Civilization, they were generally used for hunting and as cannon fodder in war.

Hivers Are a race of insect like drone figures that are naturally controlled by a hive mind Ruled by a queen. The Elders previously used and abused Hivers as dumb labor forces. Today Hivers are generally isolated and uncaring of the world around them. Individual drones are often seperated or sometimes abandoned from their hives, leaving them free to live their own lives. Hiveless drones are generally very friendly at first. With the intelligence of children when first becoming free, they are incredibly naive. Often falling into the hands of slavers. Hivers are often mistreated for their unattractive appearance, giving them a disadvantage from the start, yet some do make it into positions of respect and power.

Machines are the any number of intelligent robots, droids, and other constructs. Ranging anywhere from dumb labor bots to fully sentient AI. The former are found everywhere, the latter are extremely rare, and dangerous.

Monsters and Daemons have no bounds, anything that else that isn't able or willing to display any shred of civility or peacefulness is generally considered to be a Mutant, Monster or Daemon.

Central Government

Since the fall of both the First Alliance and the Anwar Council, The closest remnant to a central government are the Police forces of OSKOM, a security force set up by the Council after the fall of the Alliance. However they only keep the peace in a portion of the Alpha plates. All other regions of the realm are either wild and lawless, or subject to rule and laws of other factions.

Factions & Groups

Major Factions

The largest and most powerful Factions commanding the largest armies, the most assets and resources, and the most influence on the realm

Large Factions

Large and still signifigant Factions and Organizations commanding influence over localized regions, By no means superpowers, but not ones to trifle with either

Minor Factions

The smaller, less powerful or otherwise less influential groups that make up the rest of the world stage

Defunct Groups

Other groups that are barely worth mentioning, either due to being completely wiped out, or so small they might as well be on the verge of nonexistence


After the collapse, the realm had fallen into a state of chaos where Factions would fight regularly. Manufacturing capacity is minimal and almost all advanced tek is either destroyed or stolen and hiding in some bandit's lair. So the majority of fighting is done by soldiers with guns and melee weapons. Vehicles are uncommon but still in use, maintaining and fueling such machines is often at a high price. Almost all vehicles are leftovers from the past, meaning the are precious to their owners as no more can be made. Aircraft are even more precious. The most jealously guarded military tek are without a doubt starships. Large aircraft that are capable of warp jumps with large Amethyst engines.

Factions will frequentley raid each others outposts and bases, although the raids on the latter are often hopeless unless an attacker is willing to commit serious resources. Eliminating soldiers of enemy factions is usually of little consequence as they can just be replaced. So most operations target Officers, Vehicles, Resources or other valuable assets.

More often than not, factions will fight each other on neutral territory. Usually something of interest will be discovered in a neutral location, and multiple groups will try to grab it. Rookie officers of groups are known to send their troops into battle just for the sake of ruining someone else's day by killing their doods.

Resources, Tek and Trade

Much of the realm now lies in ruins, a shadow of it's former self, however bleak the denizens of the realm are still able to make use of advanced tek from ancient elder civilizations that came before. A few key resources and devices have led to the particular way of life in the Realm, which as created it's own ways of warfare, industry, and trade


Nanoforges are complex machines created by ancient civilization that essentially act as advanced 3D Printers. Powered by Neon and fueled by Tibinium and Vortek crystals, Nanoforges are used to process a set of instructions transmitted wirelessly from faraway servers housing the schematics to produce practically anything an engineer or builder would need, Standard briks, and even weapons can be produced with nanoforges. However additional materials may be required depending on the project, like Mantle or Beryl

Nanoforges can be scaled up or down, it's not uncommon to see small commercial level forges used in small stores. While the tek is highly proliferated, the schematics for products are jealously guarded by corporations, militaries, and private owners. Anyone who owns a schematic will often charge others to download them, either as a one time, or per use basis. This business model makes up a large portion of the Economy and Industry of the realm.

Teleportation & Plate Travel

Teleportation has remained a critical part of travel on the battleplates. While flying by ship has always been a tried and true method, the costs using them are extremely high. Residents have found a number of methods to utilize the valuable teleportation crystals to get around the realm

Ship Travel

The most robust method of travel between plates remains that of flying by ship, Any ship with an amethyst powered engine can simply fly into warp space, and exit warp over another plate after travelling there on the dimensional plane. Short of blowing the ships out of the sky, there is no way to prevent or lock out Ships from entering a plate world. However making Ships that are large enough to carry a worthwhile payload, but small enough to land on a plate world. All the while being equipped and maintained for warp travel are extremely expensive and rare. Leaving this a viable, albeit costly alternative for travel.


The oldest method of teleporation are the so-called "Lazarus Gates". Prior to the collapse, they served a far greater purpose in that they allowed functional immortality to anyone who used them, creating a new body for anyone who died. Their secondary purpose was that of a teleportation hub.

After the collapse, the life generating systems of the network no longer work, L-Gates can still be used as stations to travel to any other L-Gate still operational.

Inhibitors are devices that can govern, or outright block Access to L-Gates as well as personal teleporters. Such devices are considered unlawful, but once installed there is little anyone can do about it, save for landing troops by ship to disable or destroy them.

Personal Teleporters

Handheld devices can be rigged with teleport crystals to facilitate transportation without the need of an L-Gate, however they requrie manual coordinates to be inserted, and improper entry of coordinates can cause minifigs to teleport themselves into walls, off the sides of tall buildings, or even into the void between plates, all resulting in death.

Personal Teleporters, like L-Gates can be affected by Inhibitors

Plate Connectors

Plate connectors are a rather rudimentary portal network that are built on the closest ends of two nearby plate worlds. Usually in the form of a pair of small devices on opposite sides of a road, they will allow anyone who walks or drives through them, to instantly teleport to the other side. These devices facilitate easy transport by ground, but are also easily sabotaged. PC Networks across much of the realm have been sabotaged or looted for their telecrystals.

Rare Resources

Despite an abundance of ABS, the real treasures of the realm are Rare and valuable resources that are scattered across the plates mainly in the form of transparent crystals, but also in other forms. Due to the nature of Industry in the realm, Nano forges and Matter Replicators can produce most basic materials with only a small ABS input, however anything with a function or special attribute will require rare resources usually for the same forges

With the disintegration of the central government. Many of the institutions the Anwar administrators had set up fell apart. The Energy Backed Credit remained a popular medium. But with the events at Anwar, markets were destabilized to the point that other forms of currency began butting into trade. Groups would often trade resources for resources as well

Appearance Name Description
Rockred.jpg Mantle A Reddish rock, Crystaline in shape

One of the more rare materials, however it's demand isn't great given that it is an extremely efficient material when used for one thing, War. Weapon cores in guns, primers in grenades and other uses. One small crystal of Redrock can supply an entire platoon with small arms

Mantle is the principle element in the creation of Firearms

Rockdblue.jpg Kobalt A Dark Blue rock, Crystaline in shape

Like Mantle, Kobalt is less common. It's uses haven't been entirely investigated. For now it's primary use is that of force shields. Allowing Vehicles, Bunkers, Elite soldiers and when in great quantity, entire starships to project a shield to compliment it's defenses.

The First Echelon Controls a dominating stake in Kobalt after it seized several Kobalt fields and refineries in the Alpha Cluster.

Kobalt is the principle element in the creation of Shield tek

Rockmblue.jpg Beryl A Light Blue rock, Crystaline in shape

Beryl is used to apply defensive properties to ABS. It's what seperates a Slope on someone's house, to a Slope of tank armor. It's necessary in the creation of Fortified structures, vehicles, and body armor.

Beryl is the principle element in the creation of Armor

Rockdgreen.jpg Galatz A Dark Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Used to create medical devices, to help stave off death from injured Minifigs, But cannot be used to help a minifig that has already croaked.

Galatz is the principle element in the creation of Medicine

Rockgreen.jpg Tibinium A Bright Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Tibinium is perhaps the most important substance of the rare materials simply due to it's range of applications. It is considered to be a Matter Maniuplator, and can be combined with ABS to form briks and tools of almost any shape. Although to gain functions a forge may require other materials

Tibinium is the principle element in the creation of Rapid construction devices and ABS Nanoforges

Rocknegreen.jpg Neon A Yellowish Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Sometimes called "Neon Green". Neon is probably the most common of the "rare materials" It has a singular purpose; Power. "Neon Green" as it's often referred to is used as a catalyst in power generators for everything including Vehicles, Homes, and even powers Nanoforges

While very common. The Syndicate directley or indirectley controls a monopoly of Neon, Their Energy concern provides them with a huge source of revenue and trade

The Realm's leading currency is an energy backed credit. Directley linked to the supply of Neon.

Neon is the principle element in generating power

Rockpink.jpg Amethyst A Pink rock, Crystaline in shape

Also known as Telecrystals. Used in Teleportation devices for both minifigs and material. Extremely valuable and useful. While originally a rare and valuable commodity, became even more valuable in the post-collapse era as many L-Gates were destroyed or looted

Amethyst is the principle element in the creation of teleportation devices

Rockpurple.png Vortek A Purple rock, Conical in shape

Vortek is a mystical and some would say, magikal rock. It's used in many appliances and electronics. It adds function to briks. Turning static imitations into functional power tools. Making Computers and Robots function. It's one of the more important, and thankfully more common materials.

Vortek is the principle element in the creation of advanced devices and machinery

Glowstud.jpg Monolithium Small chunks of white material that glow in the dark

Monolithium is a strange element. In it's natural state it glows in the dark, but it can be used as a primary material in making stealth tek that renders the user partially or completely invisible to the naked eye. Even stranger is that it can also be used to create Stealth detection systems.

Monolithium is one of the rarest Materials. Alongside Chrome and Ultracyte

Monolithium is the principle element in the creation of Cloaking Tek

Rockchrome.jpg Chrome A Shiny reflective rock, Crystaline in shape

Chrome is a valuable rare material that is used to improve the effects of other materials like Mantle, Beryl and Vortek. It makes gun cores stronger, Armor plating tougher, and function cores in computers and devices work smoother. It also looks cool.

Rockcrgreen.jpg Ultracyte A shiny reflective rock with a green tint, Crystaline in shape

The most rare material known to civilization. It can be used to bring a minifig back from the dead.


The Monolith Battleplates are heavily influenced by a number of concepts, characters and technologies from various Media, namely video games. In no particular order or level of influence. this includes STALKER, The Elder Scrolls, Space Station 13, Kenshi, Mass Effect, Warhammer 40K, Star Wars, Second Life and a number of other Sci-fi, Post-Modern and Fantasy genres