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Molith.png One of the many Plate Worlds of the Realm
Dimension of Plate Worlds
Legitimitium MultiVerse
Periods of Interest
Serican Rule (20xx-2019)
Collapse (2019-2020)
Cold War (2021-)
Est: Hundreds of Thousands. Actual figures unknown
ABS, Ichor Crystals, Magik Artifakts
Majority of plates under the influence of the Slavonik Imperiya, Stroiteliga Bratva or Black Legion.
Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Paranormal Entities
Key Locations
Anwar *Destroyed*
While not directley related to the lore of this subject. Attached is a link to the Battleplate Modifiers & Index for specific information on Brikwars games hosted in this setting by Kastrenzo

Mir "Meaning World" is an alternate dimension consisting of many isolated planes known as Plate Worlds. The realm was initially ruled by a highly advanced Caste of powerful Magik users known as Elders. Their Civilization processed advanced teknology that facilitated functional immortality, teleportation and matter creation. Over time however, this caste would lose it's grip over Mir against rebelling have-nots. After a number of conflicts, catastrophies and other events, by R2020 their civilization would be ancient history, factions rose and fell, and other Empires would succeed them, using their tek long after their creators were gone.

Timeline of Events

Major events and eras of Mir leading to present day

The Serican Alpha

Stretching back to time immemorable, Mir was dominated by a civilization known by the Serican Empire, also known as the Elders. These people were skilled in the arcane arts, and used Magik to create powerful devices and machines. Namely teleporters, matter forges, and ressurection devices. Collectively these devices are known as Elder Tek and are powered by various anomalous materials referred to as Artifakts

This ancient civilization's elite ruling class used Magik to rule over the rest of the Realm. Living in their opulent golden estates, employing small numbers of lower castes to prop themselves up and hold their standard of living forever out of reach to everyone else. And the rulers combatted dissent with armies of genetic monstrosities, as well as slaves terrorized into doing their masters bidding.

Eventually. this system came to a screeching halt in an event simply known as the Uprising. Which was a Realm-wide rebellion by the the commoners. The conflict was brief but bloody, with both sides eventually agreeing to a truce. And a partial dismantling of the Serican Dominion, most notably reducing their influence to the immediate territories of their estates, and nothing more. Headquartered in the city of Anwar. Which would also serve as a neutral diplomatic and trade hub for the rest of the realm.

The end of the Uprising would be considered a "split" between two eras of the Serican Era, namely the Alpha and Beta Empires.

The Scramble and the Serican Beta

The Betan Era would be defined by many years of new Governments rising, fighting, and falling. Competing for territory or dominion over the realm, in other words, a Scramble. It's during this period that entities like the Slavonik Imperiya, Stroiteliga Bratva and Armata Alliance, as well as many others would begin. Many continue to exist to this day, while some have fallen out of memory after being destroyed or otherwise rendered defunct.

It is also during this period that several Cults and Religious organizations had emerged and begun fighting. Namely the Black Legion, A band of Demonic worshippers who used Magik for nefarious deeds. The Black Legion directley targeted the assets and institutions of the Beta Sericans, hastening their downfall. Despite their already drastically reduced influence and importance on the realm. The remaining Elders were continuously hunted down or driven into exile. During their decline, the Beta Sericans even started to fight amongst themselves, balkanizing into a number of petty kingdoms. This infighting did almost as much damage as the actions of the Black Legion.

By R2019 Only three signifigant factions of the Serican Empire now remained, The Beta based in the city of Anwar, The Gamma, who were more dispersed. and a rogue element led by the Omega Faction , Who had grouped with the commoners creating a religious order known as the Ordo Omega. By the end of the year, the Black Legion had destroyed Anwar, and the majority Sericans who had not been killed, had fled the Realm entirely.

The Crash, and the Collapse

While Anwar had Fallen to the Black Legion in R2019, The reason they fell was attributed to an event known as The Crash. The Sericans had relied heavily on their Lazarus Gate Resurrection chambers. And for reasons unknown, perhaps lost to time. The devices had completely failed. With the rise of rogue Magik usage, several powerful governments and factions across the realm, and the loss of their ace in the hole, Serican Civilization came to an abrupt end. Unfortunately the rest of the realm had also come to rely on their Tek. The months that followed would come to be known as The Collapse. A time of apocalypse defined by open warfare, refugee migrations, critical resource shortages, mass ecological disasters and anomalous destructive events that combined is estimated to have killed as many as half of the entire population of the Realm.

Entire Clusters of worlds were lost or went dark. And the Majority of civilization would migrate to the central regions of the realm. During this time, the most dominant power of the realm, the Slavonik Imperiya would assume the mantle of leadership, and fight anyone who challenged them. Their most controversial action would be to enforce harsh restrictions on "Unlawful" use of Magik. They would also open Portals to the rest of the Brikverse during this time. However it wouldn't be long until rival factions, namely the Ordo Omega, would scheme to open their own.

The New Era

The consequences of the Collapse have not fully subsided. But life goes on. The Slavonik Imperiya attempts to strengthen itself and unify more of the Realm, while several other rivals work to secure their own borders from the ambitions of the Imperiya, and each other. The Black Legion has exploded in size, no longer a mere death cult, but a massive and powerful tide that threatens the entire Realm. Foreigners have travelled from distant worlds and set up their own bases, and even alliances with specific groups in Mir. Notably the Rubrum Crucesignatis, who the Omega are now a member of. The Blocs of those loyal to the Imperiya, and those supporting the visitors have engaged in a "Cold War". Those governments and factions outside the standoff are faced with the choice of taking a side, banding together, or going it alone. All while the forces of Ruin scheme to destroy them all

Current Events

'This section is considered to be a summary of the state of the realm, regardless if Soaps or other content had been posted on the forum'

Diplomacy & Politics

  • Previously exclusive to only the Slavonik Imperiya, Interdimensional teleporters have been constructed by the Ordo Omega with the assistance of RC Allies. Interdimensional travel remains limited to individual minifigs and small cargo.
  • An intense rivalry has continued to grow between Imperiya led Nativists, and Omega led Universalists (Including their new RC Allies) . An era best described as a Cold War exists between the Imperiya and the RC. Both sides are paranoid and fearful of the other. Formal declaration of war would likely finish off what's left of life in Mir.
  • Because of limited logistics with interdimensional teleporters, Namely not being able to make use of massive starships or even send vehicles, the RC visitors while having sent many personnel into the realm, have been forced to build their own infrastructure and military within Mir. Most notably the M-Throne Empire and Imperial Magikstrate have an official presence in the realm, but they are by all accounts, colonies disconnected from their mother empires.
  • Many of the other states and groups of the Realm have for the time being, chosen to stay neutral in the Cold War. However this hasn't stopped them from constantly bickering and fighting with one another. The Black Legion remains an ever present threat for most of them as well
  • The Slavonik Imperiya is showing signs that it's beginning to ever so slightly break down from the inside. As many of half a dozen regions have been uncharacteristically granted a high level of autonomy, and many of these said autonomous regions are already picking fights with one another, or the Crown at large. While the majority will remain intact, its highly plausible that the Imperiya could experience a limited civil war between some of it's subfactions.
  • A small number of Imperiya citizens and personnel emigrated from the realm and recolonized parts of the Gold Sector. Their status is unknown.
  • The Colony of the First Echelon Corporation and Armata Alliance have formally Allied with each other.

Conflict & War

  • The Black Legion dealt a crushing defeat to the Stroiteliga Bratva in a conflict known as the Black Crusade The Legion attack has also probed Imperiya and Omega borders. As a result of the crusade, Imperiya forces moved into League territory to bolster their own defenses in the wake of a potential collapse in the SLB. Officially the SLB leaders have agreed to a ceasefire with the Imperiya, but after years of fighting each other, the troops of the rival governments frequently violate the ceasefire.
  • Sporadic skirmishing occurs between the Slavonik Imperiya and Ordo Omega in the wild territories between their respective borders, without an official state of war between the two.
  • In addition a well equipped, RC-Backed insurgency has taken hold in some of the Imperiya's border territories. These groups are simply referred to as the Krazny (Reds), for the red hats, masks and scarves they wear.
  • Svoboda continues to wage a guerilla war against several governments in the realm. Their attacks are often taken as retribution for governments refusal to help displaced refugees from around the realm.
  • Private Military contractors of the Syndikat and First Echelon have engaged in occasional fighting with each other.
  • The Cordova Coalition is fighting a splinter of the Black Crusade in it's own territories.


  • Ichor Infestation has devastated entire clusters of the realm. Most of the governments of the realm are facing a huge refugee problem as survivors flee to the central territories
  • VK, a deadly and contagious disease is spreading among civilian populations particularly in urban centers. It was most likely engineered and released by The Purge, a warband that serves the Black Legion

Regions and Locales

The Realm of Mir consists of thousands, if not tens of thousands of plate worlds. Mapped out by Land Barons, Bureaucrats , and aspiring conquerors

Mir Consists of a number of plate clusters each housing a few hundred, to in some cases a few thousand plate worlds, A number of events have led to the continual destabilization and shrinking of territory that can be considered "safe". The collapse of Elder civilization, the uncontrolled spread of Ichor, and the machinations and destruction caused by the dark magik of the Black Legion have reduced the realm to less than a third of it's territory that can be considered safe to live on.

Due to it's nature of being a number of plate clusters rather than a terrestrial landmass or star sector, The Realm is difficult to map in a way that is immediately understood to outsiders. Each plate cluster houses hundreds of Plate Worlds, Each Usually home to a varying number of minifigs and housing different levels of development.

Mono grid map.png Faction Control Other Areas
Slavonik Imperiya Wild Territory Unsettled, unexplored and unclaimed plate worlds that are for the most part, not known to any faction or government.
Stroiteliga Bratva
Ordo Omega Badlands Settled regions that are without a form of stable government. Awash with scavengers, bandits and refugees unable to make it inside the safety of faction territory
Black Legion
Armata Alliance Deadlands Regions that have largely been ruined and abandoned due to either ecological disasters or warfare
Cordova Coalition
First Echelon Lost Sector Entire sectors of plate worlds that are too remote from the rest of civilization for the major and regional powers to have any involvement or knowledge of.

These areas are forgotten and ignored by the rest of Mir
Rubrum Crucesignatis

Minifig Civilization

The plates are home to hundreds of thousands of minifigs, the majority of baseplates that are inhabited, still remain uncontacted and the minifigs live shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless the norm for the explored regions is that Minifigs will compete for resources to build the best stuff. Normally they are concerned with simply building shelters and staying alive. Prior to the collapse, Civilization in the realm benefitted from functional immortality by way of the L-Gate tek. Society became dependent on this tek. Confident that they could live their lives forever, and that death was no consequence. Entire industry sectors were founded to work off the idea of "forever customers"

Minifigs spent their days trying to build the coolest stuff, some would fight for fun. Others would explore, or create their own worlds out of virgin plates. All was well until about R2018 When the Black Legion arose. And had found a way to circumvent the L-Gates, and kill off innocent folk indefinitely.

The closest the realm came to a unified government was during the period of the First Alliance, and then after it's fall, a brief period under the Anwar administration. Both groups have since been shattered, and no unifying entity exists

Many equivalents of governments exist, however the area they "govern" is miniscule compared to the overall population of the plates. Nevertheless a rudimentary economy exists, backed on transparent elements and mixed with other intermediaries like paper notes, coins, and digital currencies.

The Black Legion's arrival set off a chain of events that ultimately caused the collapse of civilization as minifigs knew it. By R2020, Supernatural events had destroyed the Lazarus gate network, several central governments had risen and been destroyed. Minifigs had discovered a way to completely destroy entire plates, and nefarious corporate entities had also taken control of the teleporter network, allowing for plates to be split up, re-arranged, bought and sold on a whim. By R2020 at least half of the population had been killed off. and the majority had retreated to relative safety in the Alpha cluster.

Governments and Alliances

While the Slavonik Imperiya is considered to be the central, most powerful, and therefor most influential government of the realm. Mir itself is torn between several ideologies and alliances. Each Government or ruling party only has Authority in the regions which they directly control.

Group Notes Members Currency
Ntg.png UNAMIR A political and military alliance of Nativist governments acting to keep Mir independent and free of foreign interference, as well as terrorists and cults. Officially the organization is a coalition of likeminded peoples working together, but in practice it is led by the Slavonik Imperiya, and propped up by many other less powerful minor factions and governments. UNAMIR considers itself to have universal authority when it comes to "Matters of Safety for the Realm". Meaning their heavy handed policing of Magik users has drawn the ire and spurred conflict with some. While united against the other alliances, and subservient to the Greater Imperiya, many of the smaller members have a history and habit of fighting amoungst themselves. Slavonik Imperiya, Elbrus, Sindrian Diktat, Musashi Clan, Gora, Aratot Imperiya Ruble
Rub.png Rubrum Crucesignatis An extradimensional Alliance based in the Tharcan and Nehellenium Galaxies, Since R2020 the RC Alliance has begun sending considerable resources into Mir in an attempt to help
rebuild it from it's various disasters and troubles. Although their support is not without a cost. With their resources and other assistance, comes their ideas. Parts of Mir are effectively being
converted to ideologies of the visitors. And small areas are even being colonized. The Alliance partnered and eventually invited the Ordo Omega into their fold, bolstering their Pro-Magik
ideology and creating a legitimate contender in the balance of power
Ordo Omega, Imperial Magikstrate, M-Throne Empire Imperial Note
Of the Imperial Magikstrate
Damned.png Forces of Ruin Various cults, terrorist cells and marauding armies hellbent on raiding, looting and destroying the civilized world for their own twisted agendas. Black Legion, The Purge N/A
Liga.png Regional Powers United only by a desire to maintain independence and their own territory, These groups are just as likely to band together in the face of a greater threat, as they are to fight one another. Each one of these regional powers has its own opinion on the issue of Magik bans, as well as the involvement of any visitors to the Realm, including those who ally with them. Stroiteliga Bratva, Armata Alliance, First Echelon, Cordova Coalition League Credit
Governments & States Cults & Religious Orders Corporate Entities Non-State Groups
Slavonik Imperiya
Stroiteliga Bratva
Armata Alliance
Cordova Coalition
36232086635 e95939cfee.jpg
M-Throne Empire
Ordo Omega
Black Legion
First Echelon

Resources & Economy

Much of the realm now lies in ruins, a shadow of it's former self, however bleak the denizens of the realm are still able to make use of advanced tek from ancient elder civilizations that came before. A few key resources and devices have led to the particular way of life in the Realm, which as created it's own ways of warfare, industry, and trade


Magik generally refers to the the application of beliefs, rituals or actions in order to bend and break the natural laws of the brikverse. The practice of Magik had already begun to fall out of use by the time of the Council's fall. But after the disappearance of the Magik Elders, and the loss of the knowledge on maintaining nanoforges. Magik users attempted to artificially grow and duplicate special crystals required for forge use, but the experiment backfired horribly, and Ichor deposits became unstable, hazardous to minifig health, and grew out of control. Minifigs had succeeded in creating an endless supply of required resources, but they had ruined their world in the process.

After this incident, Magik was outright banned by a majority of Civilized Governments. Only the Black Legion, still actively plays with Magik. Which is to be expected given their Ruinous and chaotic nature, The Slavonik Imperiya also maintains special units dedicated to the preservation and containment of Magik, but does not outright use it. The Ordo Omega also attempts to play with Magik, it's leader wishing to use it to attain divinity. Despite it's ban, and widespread elimination, individuals still practice and play with Magik in secret. For various reasons and goals

Magik is normally performed with the aid of a wand or staff. Most were taken and hidden by the Elders when they departed. Magik without either is generally extremely dangerous and volatile. Legion mages are known to practice this kind of Magik, but it often backfires and blows them up.


Elder Nanoforges are complex machines created by ancient civilization that essentially act as advanced 3D Printers. Powered by Neon and fueled by Tibinium and Vortek crystals, Nanoforges are used to process a set of instructions transmitted wirelessly from faraway servers housing the schematics to produce practically anything an engineer or builder would need, Standard briks, and even weapons can be produced with forges. However additional materials may be required depending on the project, like Mantle or Beryl

Nanoforges can be scaled up or down, it's not uncommon to see small commercial level forges used in small stores. While the tek is highly proliferated, the schematics for products are jealously guarded by corporations, militaries, and private owners. Anyone who owns a schematic will often charge others to download them, either as a one time, or per use basis. This business model makes up a large portion of the Economy and Industry of the realm. The industrial scale forges are in limited supply, less than 2000 still exist in the realm. The knowledge on how to build and repair them has been lost with the departure of the Elders in R2020. Meaning Governments and Corporations that control them have even more influence over the economy of Mir.

Teleportation & Plate Travel

Teleportation has remained a critical part of travel on the battleplates. While flying by ship has always been a tried and true method, the costs using them are extremely high. Residents have found a number of methods to utilize the valuable teleportation crystals to get around the realm

  • Ship Travel

The most robust method of travel between plates remains that of flying by ship, Any ship with an amethyst powered engine can simply fly into warp space, and exit warp over another plate after travelling there on the dimensional plane. Short of blowing the ships out of the sky, there is no way to prevent or lock out Ships from entering a plate world. However making Ships that are large enough to carry a worthwhile payload, but small enough to land on a plate world. All the while being equipped and maintained for warp travel are extremely expensive and rare. Leaving this a viable, albeit costly alternative for travel.

  • Connector Portals

Connection Portal devices build a rudimentary teleportation network that are built on the closest ends of two nearby plate worlds. Usually in the form of a pair of small devices on opposite sides of a road, they will allow anyone who walks or drives through them, to instantly teleport to the other side. These devices facilitate easy transport by ground, but are also easily sabotaged. Portal Networks across much of the realm have been sabotaged or looted for their telecrystals.

  • Gates

Gates are Elder era hubs that allow travellers to travel between them over long distances, but only to and from locales with Gates. These structures were once known as "L-Gates" and used to provide functional immortality, growing clone bodies for anyone who used one before they were killed. This feature was lost during an event in R2020

  • Personal Teleporters

Handheld devices can be rigged with teleport crystals to facilitate transportation without the need of an L-Gate, however they requrie manual coordinates to be inserted, and improper entry of coordinates can cause minifigs to teleport themselves into walls, off the sides of tall buildings, or even into the void between plates, all resulting in death.


The creation of ABS, Of which every vehicle, building, weapon, and appliance is made. Relies on a device known as a Forge. These machines convert rare crystals into malleable matter which is then transformed into whatever the producer needs. The knowledge of creating such forges has been lost to time, a secret of the Elders. And so the need to preserve both the machines, and a constant supply of materials for them have grown immeasurably.

The transparent crystals come in various strains and colors, but as a whole are referred to as "Ichor", meaning "Blood of the Gods". a name given to them by irrational nutjobs, but it managed to stick. After the dissapearance of the Elders, and the dwindling supplies of Ichor crystals, Careless magik users attempted to artificially grow the reserves of the crystals, the experiment backfired and caused an ecological disaster that would make Ichor fields sprout all across the realm. Those who controlled Elder Forges would have no shortage of fuel, however the crystals themselves began to destroy the environment. Countless regions were overrun by the crystals and making it difficult to sustain life.

The following is a reference chart for the known strains of Ichor.

Color Strain Notes PPC
Tibinium A common material that is essentially used as fuel in Matter manipulation. Effectively Tibinium is condensed and malleable matter that is used as the building blocks for forges R200
Mantle A common material that is used to power a device in all weapons known as a "Fire Core", which are installed by forges, which give the ability for creations to be used as deadly weapons R500
Galatz An uncommon material that is used in the creation of medikal devices and medicine. R1000
Neon An uncommon material that is used for power generation, both in structural generators as well as in vehicles. Essentially it is a fuel. R2000
Ossium A rare material that is used for high grade fuel in vehicles, but is also highly unstable and can be used in explosives and flame weapons. R3000
Kobalt An uncommon material that is used primarily for shield generators, but can also be combined with Mantle to make more potent weapons, or combined with Neon to make Vortek. R1500
Beryl An uncommon material that is used primarily for applying armor to regular briks. To then be used by soldiers and vehicles. It can also be coupled with Mantle to make more potent weapons. R2000
Amethyst A Rare material used in teleportation and cross-plate travel tek. Commonly used as a component in Ship engines to facilitate travel across the realm. R5000
Vortek A synthetic strain created by fusing Kobalt and Neon. It is used to make Computers and advanced tek. Vortek crystals can then be planted and grow in their own fields R5000
Chrome A Rare material that has no useful properties on it's own, but can amplify the effects of other crystals in a forge. Making them objectively better than they would be without. Also it looks cool R10000
Aur An Ultra Rare material that the Elders used in their advanced tek. Unfortuntatley even the greatest scientists and engineers of the realm have been unable to figure out how to properly use the material. ***
Ultracyte An Ultra Rare material created by the fusion of Galatz, Chrome and Aur, used in Lazarus Gates to rapidly grow a new body for a soul of the dead to reinhabit, effectively ressurecting them. ***
*** The methods for condensing Aur, and by extension, the methods for creating Ultracyte are unknown to those still living in Mir. And thus cannot be used correctley in a forge. Effectively making them priceless.
PPC Indicates the Price Per condensed Canister A market value based on the most common trading currency unit, the Slavonik Imperiyal Ruble (R)


After the collapse, the realm had fallen into a state of chaos where Factions would fight regularly. Manufacturing capacity is minimal and almost all advanced tek is either destroyed or stolen and hiding in some bandit's lair. So the majority of fighting is done by soldiers with guns and melee weapons. Vehicles are uncommon but still in use, maintaining and fueling such machines is often at a high price. Almost all vehicles are leftovers from the past, meaning the are precious to their owners as no more can be made. Aircraft are even more precious. The most jealously guarded military tek are without a doubt starships. Large aircraft that are capable of warp jumps with large Amethyst engines.

Factions will frequentley raid each others outposts and bases, although the raids on the latter are often hopeless unless an attacker is willing to commit serious resources. Eliminating soldiers of enemy factions is usually of little consequence as they can just be replaced. So most operations target Officers, Vehicles, Resources or other valuable assets.

More often than not, factions will fight each other on neutral territory. Usually something of interest will be discovered in a neutral location, and multiple groups will try to grab it. Rookie officers of groups are known to send their troops into battle just for the sake of ruining someone else's day by killing their doods.


In terms of Worldbuilding, Mir takes a number of Video Games as its source of inspiration, in no particular order it includes Space Station 13, The Elder Scrolls, Planetside, Fallout, Command and Conquer, and STALKER