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Molith.png One of the many Plate Worlds of the Realm
Dimension of Plate Worlds
Legitimitium MultiVerse
Periods of Interest
Elder Civilization (20xx-2018)
Collapse (2019)
Ichor Wars (2020-)
Est: Hundreds of Thousands. Actual figures unknown
ABS, Ichor Crystals, Magik Artifakts
Majority of plates under the influence of the Slavonik Imperiya, Stroiteliga Bratva or Black Legion.
Minifigs, Beastfigs, Demons, Mutants, Paranormal Entities
Key Locations
Anwar *Destroyed*
While not directley related to the lore of this subject. Attached is a link to the Battleplate Modifiers & Index for specific information on Brikwars games hosted in this setting by Kastrenzo

'Mir "Meaning World" is an alternate dimension consisting of many isolated planes known as Plate Worlds. The realm was initially ruled by a highly advanced Caste of powerful Magik users known as Elders. Their Civilization processed advanced teknology that facilitated functional immortality, teleportation and matter creation. Over time however, this caste would lose it's grip over Mir against rebelling have-nots. After a number of conflicts, catastrophies and other events, by R2020 the Elders would be entirely chased away and Mir would be a realm of infighting factions using their Tek for their own goals


The circumstances of Mir's creation are unknown, Only that Minifigs alive today only remember signifigant events from as far back as R2018

Timeline of Events

What events and eras that have been recorded, have been divided into specific periods

Ancient Era


Elder Era

???-R2018 Early history was more or less defined by Abuse and Slavery committed on behalf of the Elders. However traditionally few in number, they would eventually face Rebellion by the "Mortals". Supported by an army of beastfig slaves Their first war with the non magikal minifigs would be bloody and awful with untold masses dying on both sides. Eventually a truce would be signed and the two worlds would agree to live in an unsteady peace for a time

Decline of Elders

R2018 By now, large civilizations had risen and fallen. Most notably was a group of about half a dozen that commanded considerable power over the plates, A faction of Elders decided to politicize and interact with the rest of the new governments, mainly playing as a host to their diplomatic ventures. However their choice to try to play peacekeeper between the others would ultimately lead to their downfall. The Largest powers were that of the Slavonik Imperiya and Stroiteliga Bratva who fought several wars against each other while competing for dominion over Mir. While their efforts to mediate a peace left them distracted. A Dark Cult that would later become known as the Black Legion began attacking the Elders directly

Destruction of Anwar

R2019 During a Peace conference in the floating city of Anwar, the Elder's political Capital. Terrorists from the Black Legion would infiltrate and attack the chambers, Anwar was ultimately destroyed in the attack. While this would normally be of little signifigance given the L-Gate teknology gauranteed rebirth. Whether by some attack by dark forces, or by another phenomenon, the functional immortality devices had utterly failed shortly after. Now forced to inhabit a world where everyone was subject to the same rules, within a few months the Elders had collapsed entirely, those that were not killed went into hiding. Their relevance to Mir was reduced to that of their other two great teknologies, the Teleportation, and the Elder Matter Forge.

Post Collapse Era


About a month after the reports of the Gate network lagging, and Minifigs having their seemingly immortal lives disrupted and turned on their heads. One day the gates all went dark. They came back online about an hour later.. And Minifigs went about their lives.. Using them to teleport to other hub zones without a care in the world.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the Brikverse.. An unknown energy wave hit the dimension with great force. Something significant had happened in the Multiverse. And Suddenley, the system wasn't just lagging... It wasn't working at all. The living were able to still use the system to teleport. But it was no longer producing fresh bodies for the wandering spirits... They were stuck in Purgatory. Mass panic set in while local governments and military groups attempted to protect their assets. It was discovered early on that with the lack of a functioning L-Gate system, clone bodies could still be grown in Vats if supplanted with Ultracyte.

With their discovery, and given the mass panic, the strongest clamped down in a mad dash for resources, Ultracyte was now the most valuable commodity in existence. And dozens would die over a single peice of it, to give one lucky minifig a second chance if he died. Some L-Gates were destroyed by terrorists, others fiercely defended by security forces as they represented the last forms of easy transportation. The population of the plates dropped by half within two months of the crash, and the incident was by now being referred to as "The Collapse". The realm had entered a dark age.

The destruction of Anwar, and the failure of the Lazarus network effectively marked the end of the time of the Elders. The few who remained were reduced to nothing but bickering jealous warlords and false gods trying to influence little pockets of the realm.

Regions and Locales

The Realm of Mir consists of thousands, if not tens of thousands of plate worlds. Mapped out by Land Barons, Bureaucrats , and aspiring conquerors

Mir Consists of a number of plate clusters each housing a few hundred, to in some cases a few thousand plate worlds, as well as an underworld known as the "Omega Plate" which goes on in perpetuity. A number of events have led to the continual destabilization and shrinking of territory that can be considered "safe". The collapse of Elder civilization, the uncontrolled spread of Ichor, and the machinations and destruction caused by the dark magik of the Black Legion have reduced the realm to less than a third of it's territory that can be considered safe to live on.

Due to it's nature of being a number of plate clusters rather than a terrestrial landmass or star sector, The Realm is difficult to map in a way that is immediately understood to outsiders. Each plate cluster houses hundreds of Plate Worlds, Each Usually home to a varying number of minifigs and housing different levels of development.

Inhabited Territory

Centered around the Alpha Cluster, many factions have attempted to seal off habitable and unscathed territory where it can be found. Large clusters have been secured by various factions and governments, but smaller areas also dot the outskirts of the territory. Every year that passes by however leaves less and less territory that can be considered habitable. Ichor spread, as well as the destructive forces of conflict will often chase off those living there never to return

The Badlands

The Badlands are a large swathe of worlds surrounding the central clusters that often seperate the territory of different governments. These areas have often fallen apart due to refugee influx, being the frontlines of wars, or both. These areas are often overrun with Bandits and local warlords. As well as primitive provisional governments trying to provide safety for refugees. Many Refugees try to reach the lands of the Empire or the League, but both have become overrun and have taken measures to turn them away, Leaving the Badlands as an area of complete social unrest and chaos. These areas are often teeming with uncontrolled Ichor spread.

The Deadlands

Since the departure of the Elders, the Black Legion has been able to obliterate a staggering amount of worlds in the far lands of the realm. Frankly the only reason their campaign of wanton destruction has slowed, is so many people fled the area that there is nothing left to kill or destroy. These areas are completely lost to regular minifig life. What little that remains is a twisted and demented mockery of life. These territories are largely ruined, and to enter them is a deathwish

Unclaimed lands

Even during the height of Elder civilization, quite a bit of territory was simply never settled or explored. A Signifigant amount of territory remains completely unexplored and unknown, their proximity to the areas known as the Deadlands however, provides a compelling deterrent to settling the border zones.

MonolithMap.png Mono grid map.png
The Realm, sectioned off into plate world groupings Representation of territorial control, as well as wild territory
Badlands Slavonik Imperiya Ordo Omega First Echelon
Unclaimed Stroiteliga Bratva Armata Alliance Svoboda
Deadlands Black Legion Cordova Coalition M-Throne

Minifig Civilization

The plates are home to hundreds of thousands of minifigs, the majority of baseplates that are inhabited, still remain uncontacted and the minifigs live shrouded in mystery. Nevertheless the norm for the explored regions is that Minifigs will compete for resources to build the best stuff. Normally they are concerned with simply building shelters and staying alive. Prior to the collapse, Civilization in the realm benefitted from functional immortality by way of the L-Gate tek. Society became dependent on this tek. Confident that they could live their lives forever, and that death was no consequence. Entire industry sectors were founded to work off the idea of "forever customers"

Minifigs spent their days trying to build the coolest stuff, some would fight for fun. Others would explore, or create their own worlds out of virgin plates. All was well until about R2018 When the Black Legion arose. And had found a way to circumvent the L-Gates, and kill off innocent folk indefinitely.

The closest the realm came to a unified government was during the period of the First Alliance, and then after it's fall, a brief period under the Anwar administration. Both groups have since been shattered, and no unifying entity exists

Many equivalents of governments exist, however the area they "govern" is miniscule compared to the overall population of the plates. Nevertheless a rudimentary economy exists, backed on transparent elements and mixed with other intermediaries like paper notes, coins, and digital currencies.

The Black Legion's arrival set off a chain of events that ultimately caused the collapse of civilization as minifigs knew it. By R2020, Supernatural events had destroyed the Lazarus gate network, several central governments had risen and been destroyed. Minifigs had discovered a way to completely destroy entire plates, and nefarious corporate entities had also taken control of the teleporter network, allowing for plates to be split up, re-arranged, bought and sold on a whim. By R2020 at least half of the population had been killed off. and the majority had retreated to relative safety in the Alpha cluster.


Peoples of the Realm




Monsters & Mutants

Machines & Synthetics

Central Government

Since the fall of both the First Alliance and the Anwar Council, The closest remnant to a central government are the Police forces of OSKOM, a security force set up by the Council after the fall of the Alliance. However they only keep the peace in a portion of the Alpha plates. All other regions of the realm are either wild and lawless, or subject to rule and laws of other factions. in R2020 the force was mostly folded into the service of the Slavonik Imperiya

As of Q3 R2020. The Slavonik Imperiya maintains the closest thing to a central government the Realm plays host to, controlling the majority of the civilized lands and population. However others exist in other areas to challenge their rule.

Since the final collapse of Council of Anwar rule, OSKOM Serves as a neutral law enforcement group for both the Imperiya and the League, but the forces in each territory have gone their seperate ways and often only enforce localized laws of the ruling government, rather than the original laws OSKOM was created to police.

Factions & Groups

Many factions formal names are in the Slavonik language, their translated name if applicable will be provided. It is acceptable to refer to them by either name if applicable.

Main Factions

The largest and most powerful Factions commanding the largest armies, the most assets and resources, and the most influence on the realm

Faction Name Translation
Monimp2.png Slavonik Imperiya Slavonik Empire The Empire is one of the last bastions of stable civilization in the realm after the collapse. Maintaining a powerful military, industry and economy, their goal is to simply continue to preserve, improve and rebuild civilization, but the great number of refugees from devastated pouring into their territory has strained their infrastructure to the point that they take a heavy, collectivist hand in dealing with many societal issues. Much of advances of the Empire is enjoyed only by the Elite and well-off, giving them many enemies both internal and abroad.

The Empire is the faction most responsible for enforcing the ban on Magik across the realm. Special units track down and confiscate Magikal artifakts, and imprison magik users.

Blkleg2.png Black Legion Black Legion The Black Legion is one of the main armies of Ruin, While more complicated explanations exist, they can be simply described as a Death Cult. Ostensibly antagonistic , nefarious and enigmatic. They are an entity that has been corrupted by obsession with using Magik to commit violence and destroy. Attracting angry, distraught edgelords, psychopaths and lost souls the world over, Worshipping an evil entity known as Chernobog, the Dark God. Their goal seems to be simply bring ruin to civilization. They are directly responsible for the Collapse of the Elder's civilization. Which indirectley led to the Ichor Accidents and subsequent overgrowth of the crystals. The true power of the Legion comes from their reckless use of Magik, while others stopped out of fear after the accidents, the Legion continues to use it to full deadly effect. Teleporting Marauders and other fiends behind enemy lines and wreaking havoc. Their power exploded in R2020 with the discovery and use of a powerful unknown artifakt. The subsequent campaign Ultimately ended in defeating the Stroiteliga Bratva and eliminating them as a major player in the realm.

Major Factions

Large and still signifigant Factions and Organizations commanding influence over localized regions, By no means superpowers, but not ones to trifle with either

Faction Name Translation
Monarm.png Armata Alliance Armata Alliance The Armata Collective is an alliance of industrial city-states that rose before the collapse, in the days of Elder Rule. Unhappy with their treatment by the Elders, they attempted to Rebel. But before any fighting could occur the Elders were defeated elsewhere. The Collective now, is a fiercely independent but declining government that has been forced to play second fiddle to the League, whom they are often allies of convenience with. Their goals revolve around maintaining independence through a strong military and a useful economy to the rest of the realm. The Collective controls an unusually high number of Elder Forges for an entity of it's size Almost 20% of all known survivng forges, giving them considerable manufacturing capabilities as well as diplomatic relations with others.
Monvor.png Ordo Omega Omega Order To the outside world The Omega Order presents itself as a Religious group of sorts. When in reality it is led by the only known Elder who still remains in the realm, an individual known as Moloch. Moloch seeks to learn ancient and powerful magik to elevate himself to the level of godhood much like how Chernobog did, but for less nefarious intentions. The Order view Moloch as the Messiah, the lone prophet to teach them how to find salvation in the increasingly troubled realm. The Ordo Omega actively seeks to ignore the ban on Magik, and specifically seeks knowledge on the most powerful forms of magik of all.
Monsyn.png Syndikat Syndicate The Syndicate is an alliance of Corporate interests based within the Empire and League. Controlling large portions of major industries and trade, and with private military companies at their disposal, the Syndicate's goal is to amass considerable power, wealth and influence. They control signifigant assets involved especially in manufacturing and Ichor mining. The Syndicate is primarily a business venture, and has little interest in Magik, but it's highly likely that they illegally experiment on and hoard magikal artifakts for their own greedy desires.
Cn2.png Cordova Coalition Cordova Coalition The Coalition is a small alliance of industrialized city-states with a heritage of shipbuilding. After the collapse the prospect of building starships became unimportant compared to basic survival. The Coalition was able to continue building a smaller class of ship that was capable of being deployed in low altitude over Plate Worlds. Little by little the Coalition has used their military edge to carve out small bits of territory for themselves. Fighting against Sky Pirates and other bandits. They have won the loyalty of many civilians in their regions.
Moncol.png First Echelon First Echelon The First Echelon are a smaller group of scientists and teknologists seeking to change and adapt to the hazards of the new world rather than hold onto old ways. Their goal is to establish a society that is prepared and equipped to deal with the harsh environment of the post-collapse. Using Cybernetics, Advanced power generation, and highly specialized military equipment.
36232086635 e95939cfee.jpg M-Throne Empire
Mir Satellite Force
M-Throne Empire Foreigners to Mir, hailing from the Tharcan Galaxy. Invited to the realm by the Ordo Omega. Alongside the Imperial Magikstrate, the two cooperated with the Omega Order to create a secret portal between their realms. While only big enough for Minifigs, the Empire has sent a sizable number of troops into the Realm, and curiously enough Also Recruits locals. They fight for "The Greater Good", an Agenda with largely ambiguous goals.

Minor Factions

The smaller, less powerful or otherwise less influential groups that make up the rest of the world stage

Faction Name Translation
Bratva.png Stroiteliga Bratva Builder's League The League started as a small conglomeration of city states, but grew in power and size over time as a desire for opposition to the Empire rose. While following the same core goals of the Empire, the League values individual freedom of it's people. It's goal to establish a safe zone in the realm for civilization to grow, but allowing individuals more agency and choice in how it grows. They were seen as a legitimate competitor to the Imperiya and led a movement of other governments that fought and resisted Imperiya rule.

The League was eventually destroyed in a devastating campaign by the Black Legion, known as the Black Crusade. The League was battered and brutalized by full scale invasions by the forces of Ruin, Despite assistance from its allies, ultimately only the forces of the rival Imperiya would have been able to turn the tide. They were abandoned to their fate. Vast amounts of weapons and material controlled by the League fell into the hands of the Legion. Just as the last defenses started to fall, Treacherous Imperiya forces invaded what was left of League territory and began fighting against a now considerably more powerful Black Legion. The League itself has been reduced to an underground resistance. It is anyone's guess whether they will one day retake their regions and rise up against those who wronged them, or if they will slide off into obscurity like so many major powers before them.

Monsvo.png Svoboda Freedom The Svoboda clan is a loosely organized band of freedom fighters and vigilantes dedicated to saving the lives of the poor and helpless. Often at odds with many of the larger factions for their treatment of innocents. They are particularly opposed to the Slavonik Imperiya and the Ordo Omega for their treatment of those who can't defend themselves. They are based primarily within the badlands, and often try to help refugees break into safe zones within the League and Empire to live a better life.
Law.PNG OSKOM OSKOM Civil Defense OSKOM is the last remnant of Elder rule in the realm, formerly a police unit in the service of Magik users, now appropriated into a semi-neutral peacekeeping force used by both the Empire and League. Their goals are simply to uphold

the safety of civilians.

Krieger.png Krieger Krigir Clans The Krigir Clans are a band of raiders who occasionally trade with others. Their society is quite warlike and violent. Driven from their traditional territory, they have become a band of mercenaries.
Reavers.png Reavers Reavers The Reavers are a glorified band of "Sky Pirates". Operating small flying ships they launch raids on outposts, steal from shipping lines, and generally cause problems for the innocent

Defunct Groups

Faction Name Local Name
Monold.png First Alliance ~ The first alliance of non-magikal minifigs that aimed to protect the settlements and territories of innocents in the old days. Their goals were little different than many of the lawful factions that exist today. They were destroyed by a combonation of Infighting and machinations by the Black Legion. Some of the Groups that exist today, trace their origins to former members of the First Alliance
Monoanwar.png Council of Anwar ~ The last organized remnants of Elder rule in the Realm. After the general decline of Magik sensitive minifig civilization, various groups would attempt to maintain a resemblance of peace and order among the realm. The Magikal tried to guide the Non-Magikal. The Council was seen and treated as a mediator among the growing powers of the realm until the events of the Collapse. Over time their influence waned, and most were killed in a war against the Black Legion in R2019-2020. The Faction was officially written off as defunct when the survivors left the realm in R2020.


After the collapse, the realm had fallen into a state of chaos where Factions would fight regularly. Manufacturing capacity is minimal and almost all advanced tek is either destroyed or stolen and hiding in some bandit's lair. So the majority of fighting is done by soldiers with guns and melee weapons. Vehicles are uncommon but still in use, maintaining and fueling such machines is often at a high price. Almost all vehicles are leftovers from the past, meaning the are precious to their owners as no more can be made. Aircraft are even more precious. The most jealously guarded military tek are without a doubt starships. Large aircraft that are capable of warp jumps with large Amethyst engines.

Factions will frequentley raid each others outposts and bases, although the raids on the latter are often hopeless unless an attacker is willing to commit serious resources. Eliminating soldiers of enemy factions is usually of little consequence as they can just be replaced. So most operations target Officers, Vehicles, Resources or other valuable assets.

More often than not, factions will fight each other on neutral territory. Usually something of interest will be discovered in a neutral location, and multiple groups will try to grab it. Rookie officers of groups are known to send their troops into battle just for the sake of ruining someone else's day by killing their doods.

Resources, Tek and Trade

Much of the realm now lies in ruins, a shadow of it's former self, however bleak the denizens of the realm are still able to make use of advanced tek from ancient elder civilizations that came before. A few key resources and devices have led to the particular way of life in the Realm, which as created it's own ways of warfare, industry, and trade


Magik generally refers to the the application of beliefs, rituals or actions in order to bend and break the natural laws of the brikverse. The practice of Magik had already begun to fall out of use by the time of the Council's fall. But after the disappearance of the Magik Elders, and the loss of the knowledge on maintaining nanoforges. Magik users attempted to artificially grow and duplicate special crystals required for forge use, but the experiment backfired horribly, and Ichor deposits became unstable, hazardous to minifig health, and grew out of control. Minifigs had succeeded in creating an endless supply of required resources, but they had ruined their world in the process.

After this incident, Magik was outright banned by a majority of Civilized Governments. Only the Black Legion, still actively plays with Magik. Which is to be expected given their Ruinous and chaotic nature, The Slavonik Imperiya also maintains special units dedicated to the preservation and containment of Magik, but does not outright use it. The Ordo Omega also attempts to play with Magik, it's leader wishing to use it to attain divinity. Despite it's ban, and widespread elimination, individuals still practice and play with Magik in secret. For various reasons and goals

Magik is normally performed with the aid of a wand or staff. Most were taken and hidden by the Elders when they departed. Magik without either is generally extremely dangerous and volatile. Legion mages are known to practice this kind of Magik, but it often backfires and blows them up.


Nanoforges are complex machines created by ancient civilization that essentially act as advanced 3D Printers. Powered by Neon and fueled by Tibinium and Vortek crystals, Nanoforges are used to process a set of instructions transmitted wirelessly from faraway servers housing the schematics to produce practically anything an engineer or builder would need, Standard briks, and even weapons can be produced with nanoforges. However additional materials may be required depending on the project, like Mantle or Beryl

Nanoforges can be scaled up or down, it's not uncommon to see small commercial level forges used in small stores. While the tek is highly proliferated, the schematics for products are jealously guarded by corporations, militaries, and private owners. Anyone who owns a schematic will often charge others to download them, either as a one time, or per use basis. This business model makes up a large portion of the Economy and Industry of the realm.

Teleportation & Plate Travel

Teleportation has remained a critical part of travel on the battleplates. While flying by ship has always been a tried and true method, the costs using them are extremely high. Residents have found a number of methods to utilize the valuable teleportation crystals to get around the realm

Ship Travel

The most robust method of travel between plates remains that of flying by ship, Any ship with an amethyst powered engine can simply fly into warp space, and exit warp over another plate after travelling there on the dimensional plane. Short of blowing the ships out of the sky, there is no way to prevent or lock out Ships from entering a plate world. However making Ships that are large enough to carry a worthwhile payload, but small enough to land on a plate world. All the while being equipped and maintained for warp travel are extremely expensive and rare. Leaving this a viable, albeit costly alternative for travel.

An L-Gate, once part of a literal Resurrection network, now little more than glorified portal hubs
Standard pattern personal teleporter
Basic Plate connector on the edge of a plate world


The oldest method of teleporation are the so-called "Lazarus Gates". Prior to the collapse, they served a far greater purpose in that they allowed functional immortality to anyone who used them, creating a new body for anyone who died. Their secondary purpose was that of a teleportation hub.

After the collapse, the life generating systems of the network no longer work, L-Gates can still be used as stations to travel to any other L-Gate still operational.

Inhibitors are devices that can govern, or outright block Access to L-Gates as well as personal teleporters. Such devices are considered unlawful, but once installed there is little anyone can do about it, save for landing troops by ship to disable or destroy them.

Personal Teleporters

Handheld devices can be rigged with teleport crystals to facilitate transportation without the need of an L-Gate, however they requrie manual coordinates to be inserted, and improper entry of coordinates can cause minifigs to teleport themselves into walls, off the sides of tall buildings, or even into the void between plates, all resulting in death.

Personal Teleporters, like L-Gates can be affected by Inhibitors


Portal devices are a rather rudimentary portal network that are built on the closest ends of two nearby plate worlds. Usually in the form of a pair of small devices on opposite sides of a road, they will allow anyone who walks or drives through them, to instantly teleport to the other side. These devices facilitate easy transport by ground, but are also easily sabotaged. Portal Networks across much of the realm have been sabotaged or looted for their telecrystals.


The creation of ABS, Of which every vehicle, building, weapon, and appliance is made. Relies on a device known as a Forge. These machines convert rare crystals into malleable matter which is then transformed into whatever the producer needs. The knowledge of creating such forges has been lost to time, a secret of the Elders. And so the need to preserve both the machines, and a constant supply of materials for them have grown immeasurably.

The transparent crystals come in various strains and colors, but as a whole are referred to as "Ichor", meaning "Blood of the Gods". a name given to them by irrational nutjobs, but it managed to stick. After the dissapearance of the Elders, and the dwindling supplies of Ichor crystals, Careless magik users attempted to artificially grow the reserves of the crystals, the experiment backfired and caused an ecological disaster that would make Ichor fields sprout all across the realm. Those who controlled Elder Forges would have no shortage of fuel, however the crystals themselves began to destroy the environment. Countless regions were overrun by the crystals and making it difficult to sustain life.

In addition to the various strains of Ichor, a few other rare resources are also gathered for various uses

Appearance Name Description
Rockred.jpg Mantle A Reddish rock, Crystaline in shape

One of the more rare materials, however it's demand isn't great given that it is an extremely efficient material when used for one thing, War. Weapon cores in guns, primers in grenades and other uses. One small crystal of Redrock can supply an entire platoon with small arms

Mantle is the principle element in the creation of Firearms

Rockdblue.jpg Kobalt A Dark Blue rock, Crystaline in shape

Like Mantle, Kobalt is less common. It's uses haven't been entirely investigated. For now it's primary use is that of force shields. Allowing Vehicles, Bunkers, Elite soldiers and when in great quantity, entire starships to project a shield to compliment it's defenses.

The First Echelon Controls a dominating stake in Kobalt after it seized several Kobalt fields and refineries in the Alpha Cluster.

Kobalt is the principle element in the creation of Shield tek

Rockmblue.jpg Beryl A Light Blue rock, Crystaline in shape

Beryl is used to apply defensive properties to ABS. It's what seperates a Slope on someone's house, to a Slope of tank armor. It's necessary in the creation of Fortified structures, vehicles, and body armor.

Beryl is the principle element in the creation of Armor

Rockdgreen.jpg Galatz A Dark Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Used to create medical devices, to help stave off death from injured Minifigs, But cannot be used to help a minifig that has already croaked.

Galatz is the principle element in the creation of Medicine

Rockgreen.jpg Tibinium A Bright Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Tibinium is perhaps the most important substance of the rare materials simply due to it's range of applications. It is considered to be a Matter Maniuplator, and can be combined with ABS to form briks and tools of almost any shape. Although to gain functions a forge may require other materials

Tibinium is the principle element in the creation of Rapid construction devices and ABS Nanoforges

Rocknegreen.jpg Neon A Yellowish Green rock, Crystaline in shape

Sometimes called "Neon Green". Neon is probably the most common of the "rare materials" It has a singular purpose; Power. "Neon Green" as it's often referred to is used as a catalyst in power generators for everything including Vehicles, Homes, and even powers Nanoforges

While very common. The Syndicate directley or indirectley controls a monopoly of Neon, Their Energy concern provides them with a huge source of revenue and trade

The Realm's leading currency is an energy backed credit. Directley linked to the supply of Neon.

Neon is the principle element in generating power

Rockpink.jpg Amethyst A Pink rock, Crystaline in shape

Also known as Telecrystals. Used in Teleportation devices for both minifigs and material. Extremely valuable and useful. While originally a rare and valuable commodity, became even more valuable in the post-collapse era as many L-Gates were destroyed or looted

Amethyst is the principle element in the creation of teleportation devices

Rockpurple.png Vortek A Purple rock, Conical in shape

Vortek is a mystical and some would say, magikal rock. It's used in many appliances and electronics. It adds function to briks. Turning static imitations into functional power tools. Making Computers and Robots function. It's one of the more important, and thankfully more common materials.

Vortek is the principle element in the creation of advanced devices and machinery

Glowstud.jpg Monolithium Small chunks of white material that glow in the dark

Monolithium is a strange element. In it's natural state it glows in the dark, but it can be used as a primary material in making stealth tek that renders the user partially or completely invisible to the naked eye. Even stranger is that it can also be used to create Stealth detection systems.

Monolithium is one of the rarest Materials. Alongside Chrome and Ultracyte

Monolithium is the principle element in the creation of Cloaking Tek

Rockchrome.jpg Chrome A Shiny reflective rock, Crystaline in shape

Chrome is a valuable rare material that is used to improve the effects of other materials like Mantle, Beryl and Vortek. It makes gun cores stronger, Armor plating tougher, and function cores in computers and devices work smoother. It also looks cool.


In terms of Worldbuilding, Mir takes a number of Video Games as its source of inspiration, in no particular order it includes Space Station 13, The Elder Scrolls, Planetside, Fallout, Command and Conquer, and STALKER