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Corporate Alliance
Tek Level 7
Area of operations unknown
First Echelon, Black Legion
Notable People
Leader: Shadow Council

A Private Military Contractor equipped and employed by the Syndikat

The Syndikat, sometimes spelled "Syndicate" is an alliance of Corporations and businesses dealing in both Legal and Illegal fronts.

Syndicate Color Code
Primary Secondary Tertiary Transparent (Vehicle) Transparent (Weapon) Faction Identifier
Dark Gray Red N/A Smoked Red Dark Gray


Ethos & Objectives



The Syndikat's military specialty is Stealth and Speed. They try to ambush their enemies at every given chance, and when they fail to do so, they try to either overwhelm them with fast maneuvers, or hasty retreats

The Syndikat controls a number of Private Military Companies made up of veterans defecting from other groups for a hefty paycheck. In addition to their Uniformed PMCs, they are also known to have occasional street gangs on the payroll to guard the more clandestine assets of their Conglomerate. They also field a number of custom military vehicles, but prefer to use civilian grade transport.

Syndikat Contractor
Syn1.jpg Sometimes erroneously referred to as "Mercs" Contractors are employees of the Syndikat owned PMC outfits that provide security for both the group's assets as well as it's high ranking employees. Syndikat PMCs are quite infamous for their flagrant abuse of the laws in municipalities. When they are on task, they will do whatever they have been paid to do, even if that means cold blooded murder of people threatening company property, or getting into gunfights with any authorities trying to investigate the Syndikat's illegal activities.
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Soldier: D6/6"/4/4cp/Small Gun
    • Assaulter: D6/7"/4cp/Light Automatic
    • Gunner: D6/5"/4/4cp/Heavy Automatic
    • CT-Demolitions: D6/5"/4/6CP/Small Gun & Launched Explosive MK1
Syndikat Operator
Syn2.jpg Former special forces and elite troops that now work as the Syndikat's own crack units. They are generally adept at stealth
  • Variants Stats in Skill/Move/Armor/CP/Weapons, Refer to the Index for weapon stats
    • Veteran Soldier: D8/6"/4/5cp/Small Gun, Thrown Explosive MK1
  • Sniper: D8/6"/4/5cp/Sniper Gun