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Canadian Trailer Park Supervisor, Goes by Charon on the discord

The cruder, more vulgar and less classy version of RedRover.
Hoardes massive amounts of minifigs and vehicles, never does anything with them. shit tier brikwarrior 0/10
Had the misfortune of knowing Whiteagle before either became a member of the brikwars community.

Wastes time on the wiki when he's bored. Frequentley breaks the website with huge uploads

Original creator of a number of factions and a lot of Cameos, Has a tendancy to "Kanon Reset" every few years when things get boring

Between 2011 and 2018, All content was considered to be apart of the Gold Sector Era. All relevant links can be found within
After 2019 started, All Content was rearranged into a new chapter known as the Monolith Battleplates era, all relevant info can be found within

Bubba and Jed were fighting over who gets to fuck the pig again.