My BrikwaRPG Playtest (Gametime)

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My BrikwaRPG Playtest (Gametime)
Forum Battle

Campaign: N/A

Started: August 2013

Finished: Ongoing

Hosted By: BrickSyd

Silverdream - Vera Zhrkvsk

Scratch - Space Detective

alphafalcon541 - Post Apoc Survivor

Lord Mercat - Flash Maxwell

Kalvinator - Mosm the (Almost) Redeemed

Falk - Jaras Kyfi

Lawmaster - Garth Sneakyheadkiller

mgb519 - Carlos Indiana Devine

Alex - Hunters

Colette - The Yellow Electric Rat

Forum Threads
Forum Thread

This is an ongoing RPG play test using BrickSyd's rules. It has been running for almost two years now and is into the second part of the quest. This Story has had space battles and spirit possession and all manner of random acts of violence. The players have acted true to the nature of Brikwars.

My BrikwaRGP Playtest (Gametime): Turn Archive

Presentation and Sign-Up

Heroes Approach

Turn One

Turn Two

Turn Three

Turn Four

Turn Five

Turn Six

Turn Seven

Turn Eight

Turn Nine

Turn Ten

Turn Eleven