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The Oktopustika

Oktopustika Variation


Originally sacred to worshippers of BrikThulhu, the Oktopustika symbol has been co-opted by many factions dedicated to sowing hatred and strife between minifigs. It represents the ultimate opposition to Peace, justice, and stability.

Since being taken up by the Space Nazis faction, the Oktopustika has come to be more closely associated with the belief that all Peaches must be exterminated in the most painful and humiliating way possible, and so remains popular with anti-Peach factions like the forces of BleyWatch and the Akkadian Empire.

In its physical incarnation, the Oktopustika talisman is a powerful Artifakt of Pre-Creation with the power to summon evil monstrosities and to incite irrational Hatred in all who view it. It was held by Shaun Soulless Sullivan over the monster-filled The Rainbow Mines of Carapithia IX, until his defeat at the hands of Piltogg in BR 2,010.