The Four Rums

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The Four Rums
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The Hill
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The Common Room

The Four Rums

The Four Rums, or Rody's Bar as it is sometimes colloquially called by regulars, is the most central gathering place in the whole of the BrikVerse. It is situated atop The Hill, upon which also plays out perhaps the BrikVerse's most central and well known Eternal Battle, the King of the Hill. By some twist of fate, The Hill is unaffected by the BrikVersal Rekonstruktion Reality and so takes its place among the extraordinarily rare locations that exist consistently and chronologically through space time. BrikWarriors, Minifigs, and other creatures can enter The Hill normally from any Rekonstruktion but time within the Hilltop Kingdom flows abnormally, proceeding in a straight, predictable line. So, too, is Rody's Bar similarly affected and thus it has become a spacetime hub for all the denizens of the BrikVerse, from any Rekonstruktion or Retkonstruktion.

Four Rums Characteristics

The Four Rums is constructed largely of an indestructible Orange Transparent variant. This has multiple beneficial effects for the establishment. Foremost, it allows the building to remain standing in the midst of a warzone, unscarred and unperturbed. But the OT encasement also dulls the unbelievable noise from outside, allowing conversation to flourish in a place where it would otherwise be impossible to be heard above the din. Since many of the walls are see-through, the OT construction further provides patrons with entertaining viewscreens to the action outside.

Inside, several large screen televisions hang from the walls in most of the bar's many rooms, displaying channels from the Far-Ums Network. Most of them are tuned to the Battle Plates of Ragnablok. There are rumors aplenty that conspiratorially place Rody as the true face behind the Far-Ums mysterious Administrators but no one really believes that. Of course, naysayers can't deny the extreme likelihood that the bar's owner is getting one hell of a fancy pants kickback from the entertainment giant. One need only look around at the bar's impossibly expensive construction, furnishings, and accouterments to ease doubts on that score.

The establishment runs a brisk trade in all manner of goods and subsidiary contract services. With its vast reach into all manner of Rekonstruktions, patrons can find virtually anything they're looking for there. Except, generally, a solid meal. Somehow, its all still just bar food. Although a cult following of patrons swears by Rody's famous grease burgers. The bar maintains several private, V.I.P. rooms for use in its various dealings, as well as for patrons with dealings of their own. Four Rums rents the rooms for reasonable fees and, in exchange, provides electronic and physical security of varying degrees.

During the month of March in each BR, Maniac Beer changes the color Transparency of the bar to Green.

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Four Rums Community

The Four Rums is, necessarily, an often rowdy place. It has a loud, sometimes aggressive, atmosphere fueled by the drunken boasts of BrikWarriors and Minifigs and the sights and sounds of endless battle blaring from every direction. Stories are exchanged, arguments are bantered back and forth, and otherwise deadly enemies share drinks and discuss the finer points of nothing in particular. By far the most important room in the place is the Common Room which, for all its massive size, still feels homey and comfortable. Four Rums patrons and employees form a relatively tight community. The turnover rate for employees is extremely low, many of them veterans of the trade, and many of the patrons are regulars. Even regulars who are pulled away by the demands of the multiverses often return to later become regulars once more.

Four Rums Notables

There are a handful of particularly notable employees and patrons at the Four Rums. Guys and gals one might see occupying a great deal of attention with their braggart stories, people one might want to talk to in order to obtain very rare and questionable items or services, and a few others who are just always there and know everyone's name. The following list calls these familiar faces out and is always expanding.

  • Stubby, the Four Rums Head Janitor.

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