Maniac Beer

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Maniac Beer (TM)

The defenses of Goatse Bunker were not enough to protect this keg of Maniac Beer

While most Immortals prefer Venuvian Red, a fortified and distilled type of super brandy, the Maniacs prefer a manly drink that has a kick like a thermal nuclear grenade to the balls. It is not known the exact mix of the elixir that is Maniac Beer, but what IS known is that lots of things tend to melt when exposed to it, and that it can be extremely volatile when mistreated or not contained properly or if shot. But nothing gets you drunker... NOTHING. It is the ultimate in alcoholic beverages bar none. It is also understood that certain effects, some even unexpected and beneficial, can be obtained by drinking Maniac Beer.


Due to the reality warping abilities of this tasty beverage it has been proven by clever people in white coats who work in labs and are far smarter than you or I that hallucinations aren't caused by Maniac Beer, this really is happening to you, no shit.

The only mortal supplier of Maniac Beer other than the Immortals are the Briktopians, as Apollyon (played by Solvess) recently won a lucrative year's supply of this beverage during a forum battle for keeping a promise to Warhead. This contract allows the Briktopian Star Nation to sell off 2% of this supply making them the only other major exporter in existance of Maniac Beer. Obviously since they have an abundance of the most alcoholic beverage known to exist they have not only become rich but very, very, very drunk. Some believe that once the year is up the Immortals will invade and wipe out any hung over survivors remaining. Just a thought.