Opener on Vígríðr Prime

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Opener at Vígríðr Prime

Vígríðr Prime,

Fimbulvetr City,

Day 39 of Ragnablok, 1600 Hours…

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview A 001.png

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview B 002.png

The Dwarves of the broken Jörmangandr clan, having barely survived the apocalypse that swept through the Devoid Sector in the form of a green tide, have pieced together their best and brightest and sent them ahead in what was called the Lazarus Initiative. Now, it is called Valbrand’s Charge. Equipped with the creation and destruction energies of their lost Plot Device SHIP surging through their veins and their weapons, they hope to gain some measure of revenge on the endless horde of Ragnablok. The endtimes have come but Dwarves aren’t put down easy.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview C 003.png

Commander Valbrand: “There they are at last! Fire! Let the bastards know we’ve arrived!”

The Einherjar take up position and get the horde’s attention.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview D 004.png

Grunt: “It’s dem Dorfs, Bawz! Dem wot we slaughtered on dat big ship! Dey ain’t stay ded!”

BigBawwz ShoGunn: “Well, wot you standin’ around for, ya git? Light em up, Waaauggh!”

The gruntz and the BigBoy turn and begin firing wildly, despite being out of range.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview E 005.png

To the south are ruins which each contain Crates.

Crates are useful things that can be used to do one of two of the following things: 1) Call in Reinforcements or 2) Discover an Heroic Artifakt if you haven’t discovered one already.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview F 006.png

To the North are ruins which each contain a Golden Loot Chest left behind by accident by the sweeping Brootal Hordes.

Claim the chest and get a prize, be it a new weapon or a piece of armor. It’s a roll of the dice but you might get something good.


Opener at Vígríðr Prime Grim Turn1a 007.png

One of the Einherjar takes off in a…flash? Well, I wouldn’t want to be standing in his path, that’s for sure. He hops the (lucky) break in the wall and huffs it out into the middle of the street.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Grim Turn1b 008.png

His fellows aren’t so quick off the start line, filled as they are with that old dwarven cautiousness. They move more slowly in their heavy armor through the building to fortify their position as they watch for the coming green tide.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Grim Turn1c 009.png

Commander Valbrand wastes no time in exploiting the available resources, choosing the path of greed. Only other dwarves would understand, so go stuff it if you don’t like it. They’re going to be in this fight a long time and having a Heroic Artifakt like this one, JordfødtHammarr (a Size 3 Grants User Compensating Hammer), is only going to make things easier. Besides, the Hammer was forged by the dwarves for battle. The more smiting it sees, the more glory its creators receive.

These crates are now marked Blue and may not be used by the Grim anymore.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Broot Turn1a 010.png

The Brootalz sweep outward in a line, spreading out as they come. One or two among their number aim to overtake the crates in the ruins but climbing the wall slows them down just enough that they aren’t able to reach them this turn.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Broot Turn1b 011.png

ShoGunn does his best naruto sprint impersonation and gains the golden chest. Inside he finds: a Size 2 Brootal ‘Eavy Gun which, by design, also doubles as a size 2 Chainsword.

The Chest is now empty.

Opener at Vígríðr Prime Overview Turn1a 012.png








GRIM : JordfødtHammarr





Opener on Vígríðr Prime
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