Organization of Lost Dimensions

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Organization of Lost Dimensions
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TL 6
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Notable People

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Some O.L.D. ground forces.


Whenever the Universe is Retconstructed, a few pieces of the past are thrown out into the black void, never to be seen again. Well, mostly. Some of these lost fragments of the Universe clumped together into what has become known as the Lost Dimensions. The Lost Dimensions (LDs from here on) consist of a number of loosely joined patches of space-time filled with only a few dozen stars, a hundred or so planets, and a smattering of large asteroid fields. The civilizations of the LDs were mostly of the pre-industrial variety until relatively recently, when the invention of gunpowder by a crazed alchemist led to a massive arms race that culminated in the star-faring factions of the Unification Wars.

Once space travel had become widely available, the dominant factions on each planet took it upon themselves to crush everyone else and become supreme overlords. Thus began the first of the nine Unification Wars. There was the predictably huge amount of destruction that one would expect from any self-respecting minifig civilization. The only reason the Unification Wars ended was because something rather unexpected occurred.

The Mailstorm

The inhabitants of the LDs were gleefully murdering each other with large-caliber weapons, when they were rudely interrupted by the emergence of a space-time anomaly right in the middle of their isolated piece of the Universe. Everyone dropped what they were doing to see what this thing was, hoping that it might lead to a humorously large superweapon. Instead, their scientists told them that it was a quasi-pseudo-semi-transdimensional wormgate. After a quick beating, the scientists decided they had better speak "normal-person talk" and said that it was a tunnel to another Universe. Specifically, the rest of the Universe. This tunnel was highly unstable and chaotic and almost as unpredictable as the postal system, and so it was named the Mailstorm. Needless to say, everyone was very excited about having an entirely new (to them) Universe to fight over.

The Organization

While most of the factions were busy celebrating the discovery of the Mailstorm with copious amounts of alcohol and cake, the leaders of the three biggest factions met in a stereotypically smokey backroom. After hours of highly classified haggling, they forged an alliance with the sole purpose of united the LDs so that they could effectively invade this new and ridiculously huge frontier. The next day, while everyone else was hungover, they slaughtered their enemies and created the Organization.

Politically speaking, the Organization functions as an oligarchy composed of the highly educated, highly skilled, and/or highly murderous which allows little political freedoms. Outside of the realm of politics, however, its citizens are pretty much allowed to do what they want. The law only exists to prevent rebellion, Disorganization, and interruptions of war production. This suits most people, and those whom it doesn't suit quickly vanish.

[TL;DR: Kinda Utopian unless you are interested in public policy]


Order and Chaos are meaningless. The true axis of the Universe is that of Complexity and Simplicity. Things that are too complex are dumb and boring. Things that are too Simple are dumb and boring. One cannot be effective unless they have elements of both. The perfect medium of these two is Organization.

An excellent example of this philosophy is BrikWars itself. BrikWars 2001 was too complex. QuikWars is too simple. BrikWars 2010 will hopefully be the perfect medium.

The Expeditionary Force

In order to gauge what they are up against, the leaders of the Organization of Lost Dimensions have sent the Expeditionary Force to explore the Universe beyond the Mailstorm.

The Hammerhead, flagship of the O.L.D.

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