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A Short History of the PedoNuker

PedoNuker's True Form

PedoNuker was an early Far-Ums anorak that aggravated his way into Far-Ums mythology.

A shapeshifter, PedoNuker is able to change his form to impersonate a variety of people. Although not his true form, he most commonly appears as President Austin, the leader of Nyphilis. Following the ruin of Nyphilis, he spent a long period of time in the form of a beluga.

Basic form: PandoraNuker

On the Far-Ums, PedoNuker first appeared as PandoraNuker, as he tried to rule-lawyer his way into winning King of the Hill. He produced a forum battle whose entire story premise decided to take the Immortal War and ruin it. After being banned, he asked for a second chance, and did exactly the same thing again. Somewhere during all this, a rather handsome devil came up with the nickname Pedonuker, and it stuck.

The Pedonuker form was inevitably banhammered, and abandoned the Far-Ums to haunt the Czat, tormenting the inhabitants daily for months.

First Transformation: Beluga

Pedonuker eventually returned to the Far-Ums in the form of beluga, revealing his weird liking for belugas (later revealed to be Colette's Mom's weird liking for belugas) and starting a pointless war with the NSST. Beluga eventually degraded down into a shithole of pure, refined butthurt and anorakishness. This led to stubby awarding him with a (censored) beluga porn banner. This in turn led to his ultimate rage, and made him abandon the beluga form.

Second Transformation: rekuNarodnaP

A minor alt known as rekuNarodnaP appeared and feebly attempted to jack the art contest, but was deleted by stubby for not being entertaining enough.

Final Form: Colette

In his current form of Colette, Pedonuker is relatively tame compared to his previous incarnations but many inhabitants of the Far-Ums continue to carry a grudge.

The PedoNuker Clones

Some PedoNuker clones in his President Austin form, as well as Fedonuker and Warhead.

FedoNuker has recently begun cloning PedoNuker in the billions. Because FedoNuker is a broken reflection of Warhead, and Warhead hasn't seen Pedo's true form, all of the clones are stuck in "President Austin" mode. There are billions of them spread around the galaxy, and though weaker, less vile, and not immortal like the original, they are still capable of driving Warhead crazy.

One of Fedonuker's acolytes has captured an Anal Disruptor and he may be secretly mass-producing it for the Pedonuker army. Silverdream has vowed to stop such action if true.