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Perwar Sector
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Perwar is a subsystem located on the edge of the Brikverse, boasting numerous planets and civilizations. It has been relative unnoticed by other factions and forces, but the same could be said about the other way around – considering Perwar is far from the most peaceful of places in the galaxy.

Sector History

The Rise and Fall of Unytron

Perwar was originally mapped out and conquered by the distant descendants of DSMs, the FutureOns. It was them who established outposts and terraformed many of the previously inhospitable planets into modern tek colonies. The FutureOns were also responsible for establishing planetary infrastructure via the long lost technology of monorails. These allowed rapid transportation of goods and people –later on, with the discovery of Warp Rail Drives, this method of transport was extended to an interplanetary level.

Under the FutureOns, Perwar thrived – however, the FutureOns found that the sector may just become too busy for their liking. After all, many other spacefaring factions were interested to set foot on a newly colonized sector, not to mention the inhabitants on planets which were already claimed before the FutureOn expansion. Terrified by the potential competition, the FutureOn chose to reform and strengthen the grip around the sector – thus the FutureOn colonies were reformed as Unytron Star Empire.

The Unytron, after a brief wardrobe change, began to employ isolationist policies: trade bans, severing diplomatic relations, often even resorting to violence in order to drive off those who they deemed unfit to be a part of their carefully planned little paradise. Such an event was the extortion of the Magnetrons, a popular tribe of spacefaring nomads who specialized in trade and logistics. The Unytron centralization was swift, and it left the sector cut off from most of the Brikverse.

However, severing all cords with the outside world also rendered the Unytron blind to the appearance of crime syndicates on the fringe of the sector, such as Blacktron Nugen and Spyrius Robotech. Previously, these two organizations operated separately and their impact on the sector was minimal, thanks to the FutureOn Space Police. However, being pushed out simultaneously from the sector has proven to be a serious mistake, as now the two cornered foes plotted together on how to take revenge on the Unytron.

As it turned out, BNG and SR complimented each other rather well: BNG having excellent spacecraft while SR providing heavy ground support. Soon their plan and forces were ready to attack. BNG starfleets attacked multiple fringe world colonies at the same time – shortly after Unytron anti-air and other ground forces arrived to fight them back, only to run into the Maimtron robots of SR. This surprise two-pronged attack caught the Unytron off-guard and they were easily defeated. To make matters worse, now the BNG/SR alliance also had access to craft that could be used with the Warp Rail Drive – enabling them to launch a direct attack straight into the heart of the Unytron Empire, aptly named Unytron Prime.

The siege of Unytron Prime was a fierce and bloody battle, with zounds of enemy forces suddenly materializing within various railports and supply depots all over Unytron Prime. The planetary defense force could not risk maintaining the Warp Rail Drive in fear of not knowing whether friend or foe would appear on the other side; consequently, it was shut down, albeit too late. The Unytron were losing control over the situation, which lead them to anger and despair.

In the final stages of the siege, with the BNG/SR alliance gaining the upper hand, the Unytron High Command had to realize that they could not hold Unytron Prime, but they would not let the sector be taken over by new despots. As an act of atonement for their misguided actions, High Command activated a protocol that was never before executed on a reformed planet – Self Destruction.

Thus the BNG/SR alliance was robbed from their victory right before their hour of triumph – the shattering of Unytron Prime was a terrible cataclysm that claimed the lives of millions, but it did not wipe out the invaders completely. Nevertheless, they were seriously weakened after, with losing 80% of their forces, and forced to scavenge and set up ramshackle bases on the gargantuan chunks of debris that remained from the planet afterwards, which became to be known as the Dead Rocks.

Chaos and the foundation of the United Systems


Planets of interest

Victus Prime, the new main planet and seat of power in the sector after the destruction of Unitron

Jotunn-IV, a frozen wasteland colonized by Iceworlder descendants from Krysto

The Dead Rocks, several large asteroids which are the remains of planet Unytron Prime, inhabited by Blacktron and Spyrius.


Mechator-I, a former industrial planet turned into a giant manufacturing plant and base of operation of the Steel Legion

T'urul, verdant jungle planet ruled by the Garuda

The inhabitants and factions

Currently the majority of planets within the sector under minifig command are united by a loose alliance, also known as the United Perwar Federation (pending). Members of the alliance have sworn to remain vigilant against any sort of intergalactic menace that may rear its head on the sector. Instead of individual armies on each planet, the Federation maintains a unified defense force, known as the Galactic Patrol. They represent the main armed forces on most planets, and are also one of the strongest forces to reckon within the sector. The Galactic Patrol itself has many subdivisions: - Marine Corps - Ranger Corps - Aerial Defense Unit - Space Police - Mechanized Forces … and so on and so forth.


The Iceworlders are the descendants of an expedition launched from Krysto; currently they inhabit Jotun IV. They are feared for their unique 'permafrost' warheads, which are anti-thermonuclear missiles designed to rapidly drain away heat from a targeted area and turn it into a frozen wasteland. They are allied with the GP.

Blacktron NuGen

BNG are the descendants of the old Blackton faction; they excel at spacecrafts but lack in ground units. Their numbers have significantly diminished after the battle for Unitron. Currently they inhabit the asteroids of Dead Rocks, and are allied with Spyrius out of necessity. They are viewed as enemies and outlaws by the GP.

Spyrius Robotics

SR used to be a shady teknological corporation, focusing on giant mecha, to the detriment of their spaceforce. Ever since the fall of Unitron, the faction is just a shadow of its former glory. Instead of brute strength, they specialize in espionage and subtlety, which they have mastered to the point of even being capable of sneaking giant mecha past planetary defenses. They share the asteroids of Dead Rocks along the BNG and are allied with them as a means to survive. They are considered enemies and are outlawed by the GP.

Unitron Refugees

The survivors of the once great Unitron Empire are now pitied by many. Originally they were the rulers of Perwar, their home planet being a burgeoning haven of commerce with a vast monorail system running through the entire planet. After the fall of Unitron, during which 98% of the population died, their presence became an insignificant relic of old times. They seek to restore their once great monorails, however they usually just end up getting caught in the crossfire of various conflicts.

The Steel Legion - A robotic army disillusioned in their former minifig masters, their prime directive is to fight until a worthy opponent utterly defeats them; thus showing that minifigs are worthy to exist.

Explorien science teams - Neutral scientists who often get into trouble because of their curiosity.

The Garuda - A race of noble avian warriors.

The Tengu - The dark counterparts of the Garuda.

The currently invading Bl'argh Space Empire

Insectoid scout fleets

The inhabitants of Perwar are known to be diagnosed with ArtificiaL Data Disdain.