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(noun) 1. The grim and sadistic process of destroying something (or someone) in order to gain a perverse pleasure from viewing the object being annihilated. It can thus be likened to war, except usually the object of examination isn't capable of fighting back. The Scientist might also learn something in the process. Best performed drunk.

A Deadly Space Man performs horrible experiments on CLOan ABS. Modern Science Today, Science is practiced by all major factions. It is a major form of entertainment for the techno-nerds of the population and sometimes leads to the development of new weapons, as was the case with Clone Orange Transparent. Modern Science came about with the culmination of the indescribably horrible events that took place at Hospital 555 in G.R. 1,976. The Deadly Spaceman who was created there realized that he was subject of one of the most awesomely horrific experiments ever performed, and that was sweet. So he passed this insane desire on to his brethren who have been performing Science ever since.