Scythian Parnassus Banking Corporation

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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Lord Mansfield
Country: Great Scythian Empire
SCYEX: SPBC 42.81 -0.78 (-1.79%)

"The galaxy's local bank"

The Scythian Parnassus Banking Corporation, or SPBC, is the largest multinational bank in the known BrikVerse by assets held. Originally established to finance the early days of the Scythian Empire's expansion into interstellar space, the SPBC has since evolved into the primary financial power of the empire. Like other major Scythian companies, SPBC is a mixture of private and state-sponsored enterprise- unlike in a typical corporation, the Scythian Emperor himself directly appoints a Lord to the position of CEO, although the Board of Directors is empowered to fire him.

The SPBC's investment activities have traditionally been characterized by cautious and conservative regard for long-term profit, although recent behavior in the 2004 BrikVerse Financial Krisis has called this into question. Its traditional banking activities serve as the depository and lending institution for many billions, if not trillions, of minifigs across the Nehellium Galaxy. It also operates debit and credit card services which are commonly used through the Scythian Empire.

The SPBC is notorious for its offshoring of large accounts to evade taxes. The company also recently came under fire for accusations of money laundering for various groups, including the Space Pirates, Space Mafia, and OASIS, and was fined $1.9 trillion USD by the USA government for its actions related to Space Mafia drug trafficking. A Scythian Office of Naval Intelligence investigation is currently underway on the matter.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: Æ40.2 trillion 2.62%
Profits: Æ9.56 trillion 5.80%
Total Assets: Æ1.58 quadrillion
Total Shareholder Equity: Æ107.3 trillion
Market Value: Æ157.7 trillion