Sun Engineering Corporation

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Distinctions: Fortune 666
CEO: Dr. Shang
Country: Meritocratic Republic of Trattoria
TRX: SUN 956.92 +25.09 (2.55%)

"To err is minifig; to perfect, robotic."

The Sun Engineering Corporation is a leader in the galactic robotics industry as well as a key military contractor in Trattoria. Founded many years ago by the visionary Dr. Sun as a venture to sell automated vacuum cleaners, the Sun Engineering Corporation has since evolved and diversified to become the household name it is today.

Sun Engineering Corporation produces a wide variety of hospitality robots, automated laborers, and security drones as well as Trattoria's signature humanoid police robots. Sun introduced the gold-plated bodyguard robot, one of their most well-known offerings, as a replacement for Trattoria's increasingly obsolete minifig Secret Service. It incorporated some of the latest in Trattorian technology, including miniature Lancelot shields and antimatter generators. The move also marked a rally for Sekai Union stock and the price of gold in commodity exchanges. Sun also holds several military contracts to produce ground combat robots as well as the feared, state-of-the-art Pascal unmanned aerial drones. The latter has marked a key component of Trattoria's strategy in Operation Dominion's Call and has been instrumental in several NATO victories.

In a joint venture with the Alltimate Corporation, Sun Engineering Corporation iterated on its civilian bodyguard robot design to produce a combat variant. This variant was purchased by the M-Throne Empire for combat trials and possible incorporation into their armed forces.

In late G.R. 2016, Sun Engineering Corporation acquired Prisma Industries as a subsidiary and used them to contract out several robot designs to the Republic of Sheodar as a proof of concept of an automated military to show the Trattorian Legislature.

The Sun Engineering Corporation has repeatedly lobbied the Trattorian Legislature to phase out the outdated minifig soldier program and replace it with an entirely automated combat force. In G.R. 2017, they finally got their wish when the Trattorian Legislature finally passed the Army Automation Appropriations And Authorization Act (A6) which lifted centuries-old restrictions on military drones dating back from the AI Rebellion and flung the gates wide open for Sun to contract and sell numerous robotic weapons platforms to the Trattorian Armed Forces Department. These included the Laplace drone hovertank as well as the S1 robot infantry, resulting in one of the greatest stock rallies Sun had ever seen and a titanic increase in revenue.

Key Financials (Amount) (% change)
Revenues: ₮136.0 trillion 27.1%
Profits: ₮37.0 trillion 3.1%
Total Assets: ₮83.4 trillion
Total Shareholder Equity: ₮19.3 trillion
Market Value: ₮471.4 trillion